Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zoe Update ~

We took Zoe to our regular Vet and he said that she's doing excellent. He reviewed the X-rays that were taken last week and commented about how she was "full of bones". He said: "You are really lucky ~ this could have easily resulted in a $4,000.00 Surgery". So ~ I've decided to invest in a new Garbage Container for our Kitchen. The cost of a Zoe proof garbage can is so minor compared to emergency surgery and we can't take the chance of this happening again.

I LOVE my Blue Kitchen Trash Can ~ it's such a gorgeous shade of blue and of course it's been discontinued. I bet you've never met AnyBunny who loves their garbage can. It's just so difficult to find a cobalt blue garbage can ~ but I'll continue my quest on the web.

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Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Jayne:
Glad to hear your good news. Williams-Sonoma used to have the cobalt blue ones. You had to step on a pedal to open the lid. Perhaps they still have them?