Sunday, August 23, 2009

Legend of Wise Owl and Nervous Rabbit ~

We had a busy weekend with another Funeral, Basketball Shoe Shopping for Baby Bunny, Church and Dinner at Grandmother Rabbit's House. However, I did spend many hours "window shopping" over at Etsy. I have so many Fabulous Finds to share with you ~ but decided to just share a few each day.

This Owl Handbag/Tote (pictured above) was designed and made by Jan at Blissful Notions on Etsy. I'm in love with this fabric featuring two very Wise Owls ~ there is something very intriguing about it. I've purchased several items from Jan over at Blissful Notions and all of her designs are meticulously made.

I also purchased several of these adorable notepads from Blissful Notions. They're so unique, lightweight and the perfect size to slip into your handbag. Aren't those Vintage Buttons adorable? Wouldn't these make the perfect gift for SomeBunny Special ~ even yourself?

Jan has tons of lovely items in her Etsy Store ~ just hop right over here to see all of her Chic and Trendy designs. She is so sweet and even encouraged me to follow my dream of designing handbags/purses.

LOOK at this perfect Wedding Cake Topper that I found over on Etsy. I can assure you that if this was available 20 years ago ~ it would have been our Wedding Cake Topper.

Well, maybe this one ~ if my Mr. Bunny had anything to say about it.

You can even get one with an Owl and a Bunny Bride. Yes ~ the Groom was very Wise indeed to marry such a Sweet Bride. Sweet as in Tasty...... This Beautiful Bunny Bride really needs to put "trust" on a whole different level. Unfortunately ~ the life and death level. She had better sleep with one eye open all night.

The Bunny Bride even has a Bunny tail. If you're looking for a Cake Topper or just an interesting Figurine ~ hop right over here and check out these designs. She also has "Fantasy Bride" which is a Unicorn, Cat Bride and the Squirrel Bride has a huge tail.

I have laughed all day about these ~ you know I'm going to have get one for my Bunny collection.

Wise Owl and Nervous Rabbit

Indian Myth from "Native American Stories for Kids"

There is an old saying, "wise as an owl". People are always saying that, but the truth is, owls were not always wise.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the Everything-Maker was very busy, making all the animals and all the plants and all the rocks and caverns and everything else that covered the earth.
Owl had not yet been made. He had been given a voice. And two eyes. And a head and a body and strong wings. Owl was waiting his turn to be formed. "I want a long neck like Swan," Owl told the Everything-Maker. "I want red feathers like Cardinal and a beak like Hawk."
"Yes, yes," mumbled the Everything-Maker. "Whatever you want. But you must wait your turn." The Everything-Maker looked sharply at Owl. "Your eyes are open again. You know that no one is allowed to watch me work. Turn around and close your eyes. I have no time for you now. I am busy creating Rabbit."

The Everything-Maker turned his attention back to Rabbit who was shaking with nervousness. "And what do you want, little rabbit?" the Everything-Maker asked encouragingly.
"Long legs and ears," Rabbit spoke softly. "And fangs. Could I possibly have a fang or two? And claws. I would dearly love to have claws!"
The Everything-Maker smiled. "I think we could manage some claws and fangs." He smoothed Rabbit's long legs and ears.

"Silly Rabbit!" Owl hooted loudly. "Why don't you ask for something useful, like wisdom?"
"This is your last warning, Owl. Be quiet and wait your turn."
Owl twisted around and glared at the Everything-Maker. "You have to do it," he hooted. "You have to give us what we ask. I demand wisdom!"
"I warned you, Owl!" shouted the Everything-Maker. He shoved Owl's head down into his body, which made Owl's neck disappear. He gave Owl a shake, which made Owl's eyes widen in fright. He pulled Owl's ears until they stuck out from his head.
The Everything-Maker snapped his fingers. "I have made your ears big, the better to listen. I have made your eyes big, the better to see. I have made your neck short, the better to hold up your head. I have packed your head with wisdom, as you have asked. Now, use your wisdom and fly away before you lose what I have given."
Owl was no longer a fool. He flew quickly away, pouting and hooting.
The Everything-Maker turned back to Rabbit, smiling gently. "Claws," he reminded himself. But Rabbit was gone. Rabbit had hopped hurriedly away, too afraid of the Everything-Maker to stay for his fangs and claws.
As for Owl, Owl knew if he angered the Everything-Maker again, he would lose all that he had gained. Even today, Owl only comes out at night, when the Everything-Maker is fast asleep. As for Rabbit, his claws and fangs are waiting. Perhaps someday ...

This is one of my favorite pieces ~ it's a Cracker Cradle from the Fitz and Floyd Woodland Spring Collection. I think I've blogged about it before ~ but wanted to mention it again here because I now have four of them. It's been discontinued and you can probably find one over on Ebay or if you contact me directly ~ I might sell you one of mine. I have one in my bedroom that I use for receipts, etc. and one in my Studio/Office that holds post-it notes. AND I have two that are still in the original box ~ guess I'll put one for sale on my website.

Check back tomorrow for more Fabulous Finds from my window shopping excursion at Etsy.

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