Friday, August 21, 2009

Bad News ~ Good News!!

Photo courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

LOVE this picture ~ but it has absolutely nothing to do with this Post ~ except for the fact that my Computer crashed AGAIN. So, I'm on my laptop and this is about the only picture I have to use right now.

Yes ~ the bad news is that my Computer has crashed AGAIN for the third time since January. Guess I'm getting used to it because I didn't even shed one tear this time. We're now thinking that it must be an electrical outlet issue ~ since 3 Computer Drives have now become damaged. I'm going to have an electrician check our power outlets.
So, even though I'll have to re-install all of my programs and set everything up again ~ it'll be a fresh start.

It's like people who move often ~ they don't have a lot of excess and no junk. Wish I could have a fresh start with our Home ~ we either need to move or have a party. You know the deep clean that you do when you're getting ready for a party. Since you have to clean for both a "move" and a "party" ~ moving involves packing everything we own ~ so I guess it'll be easier to have a party.

Speaking of Parties ~ yesterday Baby Bunny said that I promised her last year that she could have a Halloween Party this year. AND not just a simple party ~ but a HUGE Spooky Haunted House Party where she could invite EveryBunny she's ever met. I vaguely remember discussing it ~ but has it been a year already? Halloween is my least favorite holiday too ~ maybe she'd be willing to wait and have a HUGE Spring Lawn Party with Croquet and tons of Bunny Decorations. The Good News is that Beach Bunny is doing really well in her new school. She's making good grades and LOVES her School ~ she's even making some new friends. Most importantly ~ she seems really really happy.

The other Good News is that Baby Bunny made the Basketball Team at her new School. They had tryouts every day this week and she was so nervous and concerned that she wouldn't make the Team. We feel bad for the girls that didn't make the Team ~ I know they must be very disappointed.

Hope your weekend is tons of fun!! We're going to do some Fall Cleaning and spend some time at the Beach. They are expecting 9 ft waves this weekend on the coast ~ due to Hurricane Bill and I'd like to get some pictures of the huge waves.

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