Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Posh Bunny Princess ~

I'm loving the way that this Graphic turned out ~ it's the Header Graphic for Posh Bunny Princess. I couldn't decide which crown she should wear ~ so I put them in her hands as if she can't decide either. LOL She makes me smile too!! You can hop right over here to see her featured on the Bunny Chic Boutique Home Page.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bunny Bling ~

I just finished making the Heading/Graphic for Bunny Bling. Thanks so much to Lindsey Erickson for allowing me to use one of her Gorgeous Bracelets as the "Poster Child" for Bunny Bling. I'm going to add products to this Category first ~ so check back soon. I'll have TONS of Fabulous Bunny Bling on my website soon.

Le Lapin in Paris ~

I'm working my Bunny Tail off ~ trying to get the Home Page of my website updated. I also have about 80 products to photograph and load on my Bunny Chic Boutique website. The image above was made by Tiffany Jane and I just LOVE the way it turned out. Le Lapin in Paris is going to be one of the Categories on my "redecorated" website. I still have several Categories to list on the home page ~ but I'm almost done redesigning it. For the Home Page, I decided to go with just pictures ~ instead of text. Every picture (hopefully) will describe each Category and then you can just click on the picture/graphic and it will take you to that specific Category.

This is the actual image that Tiffany made for me and I added the text and frame around it. It makes me smile and is one of my favorite images on the BCB home page. You can check out Tiffany's designs by hopping over here and you can see my website over here. Just keep in mind ~ I still have TONS more to do on my website. I'll post new products here ~ when they're listed on my website. I have lots of items for Vintage Rabbit, Adorable wall art for Whimsical Walls, Bunny Bling and so many other items. In addition, I'll be posting about life here in the Bunny Cottage between product postings. Can you tell that I'm feeling better? I'm off to ship a few items that sold on Ebay and Etsy. Thanks to Melanie in Ohio for buying the Carnival Glass Oval Bowl ~ you're going to LOVE it.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cinderella Dress/Costume

~ Baby Bunny as Cinderella ~

Sold ~ Cinderella Dress is no longer available!!

We're also going to sell Baby Bunny's Cinderella Costume. It's one of my favorite Halloween Costumes ~ but it's time to pass it on to Some Bunny that will enjoy it. So ~ if you're interested in a Gorgeous Cinderella Dress/Costume that sparkles and shines..... just email me or leave me a comment.

Bedroom Re-Decorating ~

~ Click on Image to Enlarge ~

The Re-decoration of my Bedroom is almost complete. I'm waiting for a few more items that are on back order and I also need to finish making the Curtains. Then ~ I can post a few pictures of everything.

The Fabric Panel (featured above) is one of the main focal points of the Room. The color scheme is pink and green ~ even though the picture above looks a little more purple. This Panel is from the "Castles and Carriages" Collection from South Sea Imports. I was so thrilled when I saw this PERFECT panel ~ featuring a Bunny Princess. Do you know how difficult it is to find fabric with a Bunny Princess on it? I bought several (5) ~ so if you're looking for one ~ just email me.

I cut the panel apart and framed the center panel in a standard "stock" Poster Frame from Target. It fit perfectly in the 18" x 24" frame which was only about $15.00. Then I embellished the "glass" with fabric rosebuds.

I love the words on the large center panel ~ it says:

"I dream of Castles, Magical Horses, Crowns and Carriages, a Handsome Prince and Living Happily Ever After".

Next ~ I cut out each of the smaller fabric panels (bunny, frog, castle and horse) and mounted them each on foam poster board. I just cut the foam poster board into four pieces ~ the size of the panels (approx. 13 x 13) then used spray adhesive to mount them. Since our walls are thick dense bead board ~ it's really difficult to "drive a nail". So, I decided rather than framing the smaller panels in a traditional (heavy) frame ~ I'd mount the four panels on something light so that I can hang them with "poster tape".

DeGrazia Figurine ~ Beautiful Burden

There are 3 Dressers, a Vanity, 2 large nightstands and a bookcase in the Bedroom. So, there are a lot of flat places for collectables. One of the Dressers (the highest one) is home to my DeGrazia figurine collection. I might move the collection to another room ~ but I like the fact that they're up high. They don't really fit in with the pink and green bunny theme of the room ~ but they look okay all together in the corner. I know ~ I'm extremely Eclectic............

Old Skool Shirt for Back to School ~

Baby Bunny has decided that she doesn't like pink ~ can you imagine? So ~ even though this shirt still fits her ~ I'm selling it on Ebay. I found a cute Auction Template in my files that I bought about 3 years ago. I've just spent 2 hours editing and listing this Shirt on Ebay with a low starting price of $2.99. I love the way the listing turned out ~ but wish I hadn't spent so much time working on it.

The Brand name is "Old Skool" and the shirt features a Crown with Wings and rhinestone type embellishments. The size is Juniors Large or Ladies ~ Small and the fabric is 100% Cotton. The Auction/Listing ends on Saturday (08/28/10) ~ just hop right
here to see the Ebay Listing for this trendy shirt.

Border Fine Arts ~ Beatrix Potter Tableau

~ Click on Image (above) to Enlarge ~
This is such an adorable Tableau featuring Peter Rabbit and Friends. It's handmade and hand painted ~ the Artist is Richard Wawrzestaand and it is made by Border Fine Arts in Scotland. The Tableau is entitled ~ Tale of Ginger and Pickles from the Beatrix Potter Story of the same name. It's a Limited Edition and it is Number 195 out of 2000. The weight is substantial and the measurements are approx. ~ 9"(w) x 6"(d) x 7" (h).

I've decided to sell this Gorgeous Figurine and will be listing it on Ebay in approximately one week. First ~ I wanted to post about here on my Bunny Blog ~ just in case Some Bunny would be interested in this rare Tableau. You can email me by clicking on the link over on my sidebar------------>
OR by leaving a comment down below this posting. When I list it on Ebay ~ it will have a Reserve commensurate with it's limited availability.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Black and White Damask Comforter ~

The Black and White Comforter that we purchased from Ebay wasn't soft or comfy ~ so I won't be providing a link for that set. However, I found this Black and White Damask Comforter online at Walmart.com and Beach Bunny LOVES it. I loved the price ($54.98) and it's even reversible ~ as shown in the "stock" picture above. You can hop right over here to read the details and it's available in Full and King size. It looks Fabulous in Beach Bunny's Black and White Bedroom. She thinks this Comforter could be a little softer ~ but keep in mind she IS the Princess from "The Princess and the Pea" Story.

New Etsy Banner ~

(click on image to enlarge)
I couldn't resist this new Etsy Banner that Tiffany Jane made ~ it's entitled "Travels in Paris". Don't you LOVE the Banner and the name? She's so incredibly talented and her artwork and designs are absolutely Gorgeous!! I'll be changing into my Fall Blog Banner that Tiffany made for me very soon ~ can't believe that it's almost Fall. *sigh* You must check out Tiffany's website, her Blog and her Etsy Shop.

I'll be adding new items and putting old items on sale in my Etsy Shop this weekend. Please hop right over here to check out my Etsy Shop ~ Bunnykins Boutique.

Finally ~ I think my Blog spacing is fixed after I spent countless hours working on it. There is still a few things I want to change and "spruce up" ~ but it looks much better.

Playmobil Birthday Party Set ~ 5511

This is the last Playmobil Birthday Party Set that we have available. It's been discontinued and it's getting really difficult to find this adorable Playmobil set.

We've just listed it on Ebay ~ so you can hop over here if you're interested in bidding on it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog Maintenance ~

I'm working on my Blog ~ it appears to be "off" center. Please check back for LOTS of news and a few reviews!!