Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gift Ideas ~ Part 2

I saw these adorable hats and scarves for Wine Bottles and thought they would really "dress up" a Wine Bottle. It adds a "layer" of cuteness to gifting a Bottle of Wine. You can hop right here ~ to purchase one ($10.00 each).

Alexandra95062 over on Ebay is having a sale on some of her jewels. You know how much I love all of her designs. I've bragged ~ I mean blogged about my Alexandra95062 Collection several times previously on my Bunny Blog. You can hop right here to purchase this Gorgeous Boro Blue Bracelet ~ it's currently on sale for $64.00.

I have one of these Chimes from "Dinner Time Chimes" and LOVE it. They are made from repurposed silver place settings and have the prettiest tone. They are lovely to look at and the sound that they make is even lovelier. You can hop right here to their Etsy Shop.

AND ~ for my latest obsession with Owls..... Dinner Time Chimes also makes these adorable Owls. Too Cute!!!

You can purchase two Owls for $7.00 ~ just hop right here.

Who doesn't love a Lilly?? Lynn over at lwhelan on Etsy makes these pretty and preppy Aprons out of Lilly Pulitzer fabric. Just hop right here for some lovely Lilly.

This Lilly Patchwork Scarf that Lynn designed is so Gorgeous!! Hop right here for lots of Lilly by Lynn of lwhelan.
FINALLY ~ The perfect Storage Container for left-over food. I'm so ready to throw out all of my stained and pitted storage containers. I'd LOVE to find a few of these under my Christmas Tree (without any left over food in them). As you know ~ you can't warm up tomato products in plastic containers ~ because it will ruin them. So ~ Pyrex has designed these glass containers with two different types of lids. It features a glass lid for reheating and a plastic lid for storage. You can hop right here to the Pyrex website ~ where this Container is on sale for $6.99. They have various sizes ~ but I like the rectangle shape since it takes up less space in the Refrigerator and Cabinet than the round ones.
Caution ~ Not EveryBunny would want to receive a Storage Container as a Gift. Well, unless it was filled to the top with exquisite jewelry. Gifting Storage Containers might be in the household appliance category ~ like a Vacuum Cleaner, Iron or pots and pans.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Gift Ideas ~ Part One

Here are just a few gifts ideas. I'll post more later......

This "White Turquoise" Necklace ($30.00) is on Etsy at Polished Two.

I thought that this "Heroes" Soldered Pin ($10.00) was so lovely. It's also on Etsy at Brynwoodneedleworks.

Pam at Sew Gracious has lots of great items that would make perfect gifts. I LOVE her Organizer Baskets ($18.00) and just wait until you see the custom design that I've ordered from her. It's going to be Purr-fect.... and will look so adorable in my Safari themed room. I'll post pics of them when they arrive. Organization never looked so good.

Julie at Fabulous Finds Boutique has several of these Frames that she made and they're all Gorgeous!!

If you know someone that has arthritis or doesn't have any strength in their hands ~ this is the perfect gift. It's the Black and Decker Lids Off Jar Opener ~ which is electrical. You can hop right here to Amazon ~ if you're interested.

This would be the perfect gift for my Mother ~ EXCEPT she already has it. **sigh** She LOVES it and uses it quite often. She gave us all a demonstration on Sunday and we were quite impressed with it. Here's the write-up from the Black and Decker website.

The days of struggling with tightly sealed jar lids are over. Opening jar lids has never been quicker or easier! Simply depress the handle and the Black & Decker Lids Off™ Jar Opener Deluxe opens virtually any size jar in one simple operation. Its compact design makes the Black & Decker Lids Off™ Jar Opener Deluxe easy to store; and its stylish black and stainless-steel exterior complements any kitchen d├ęcor.

Christmas Preparation Update ~
Our Christmas Tree is up and has lights ~ but not any ornaments. However, there are at least 16 Storage Boxes in our Living Room with Christmas Decorations spilling out of each and every one of them. I don't know what's wrong with me ~ I can't seem to finish one single task. Every room in our house needs cleaning (some worse than others) and I haven't even started the Christmas shopping.

I spent most of today looking for the perfect Christmas Cards to send and went to about every store in the area. I found some I liked ~ but I just looked at them again and now I'm not sure. Funny ~ I wanted them to be different and unique ~ however, maybe they're too different. I'll scan them tomorrow so you can see what I mean. (They're pink and green instead of red and green). I could have hand made some cards in the time that I've spent shopping for them.

It seems like I take one tiny baby step forward and three GIANT steps back. There were so many things I wanted to accomplish today ~ but it's now 12:00 and so everything will get transferred over to my "To Do" list for tomorrow.

I wasn't going to mention the "Cheetah" Woods situtation on my Blog. However, this morning on Regis and Kelly ~ they mentioned a "remix" about the "Cheetah's" voice mail message and how it was surprisingly well done. So, I was curious and think this might be the one they were referring to. So ~ here's Tiger Wood's Voice Mail Message with Music.........

Friday, December 4, 2009

"Hoppy" Birthday to Me ~

I had an absolutely Fabulous Birthday today ~ even though it rained all day. I ran a few errands and then went shopping and found a few houses for my Reindeerville Village. Have I posted about this adorable collection before? This is the "Reindeer Flight School" (pictured above) and it features several pieces with the Reindeer climbing the ladder and then jumping off the roof and landing........

here..... on a mattress. It's really looks much better in person with the snow that has glitter on it. This Village series was designed by Heather Goldminc and was made by the Blue Sky Clayworks Company in 2005. Of course, now it's almost impossible to find it ~ it's not even available currently on Ebay.

Since it was my Birthday and obviously my lucky day ~ I found two Reindeer Houses to add to my Collection. AND ~ they were on sale!!! This is "Blitzen's House of Pancakes" (pictured above)...................

And ~ this is "Prancer's Hot Chocolate Stand" (pictured above). I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to have stumbled upon these "hard to find" pieces for my Reindeerville. I'm beyond thrilled and can't wait to set up my Reindeerville Village.

I still need to find "Donner's Reindeer Games Toy Shop", "Welcome to Reindeerville" Centerpiece, "Comet and Vixen's Cozy Hotel", "Cupid's Tree Lot" and "Dasher and Dancer's Fire Station". If you happen to know where I can purchase any of these ~ please contact me.

Then ~ the Bunnies gave me this lovely Lilly Pulitzer 2010 Agenda. I make a daily "To Do" List and also keep a "line a day" diary ~ so this is the perfect gift. It doesn't get any better than a Lilly ~ does it? I was actually going to order this exact Agenda ~ but just hadn't done it yet. If you're interested in getting one for yourself or SomeBunny on your Christmas list ~ order it now. They've sold out of these on the Lilly website ~ but you can probably find it at a Lilly Retail Store. LOVE this Agenda and it even includes Stickers. Great title too ~ Time Flies ~ Time really does Fly.

They also gave me this Lilly Pulitzer note cube ~ which is another great gift idea. The Lilly website has so many great gifts ~ especially in their stationary section. You can hop right here to visit the Lilly website.

Then ~ this afternoon Tiffany Jane sent me this Christmas Banner for my Etsy Shop. She's so extremely talented and I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out. Oops ~ that's actually the Christmas Banner that she made for my website. Guess I'm old now and too tired to think straight ~ the other Banner is very similar and just as Gorgeous as this one is. I'm one Lucky Bunny that I met Tiffany "Beyond the Vintage Path". If you're interested in one of her designs or a Custom Banner ~ just hop right here or hop right here to visit her Blog.

We're going to put up our Christmas Tree tomorrow ~ should be tons of fun decorating our Cottage for Christmas. Aren't you glad that my Birthday Week is finally over? Next week I need to start shopping for Christmas. Do you have any favorite gift ideas that you'd like to share?

Where Women Create Giveaway ~

The "Where Women Create" Blog is also having a "12 Days of Christmas" Giveaway. This Fabulous and oh so adorable Owl Tote was made by Trish of "Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs" and is part of the Giveway for Day 4. You can hop right over here to enter and you have until 12/12/09 to enter ALL of the daily Giveaways. I wonder if she would add a cute little Bunny to this Tote ~ if I happen to win.


Fresh and Fun Giveaway ~

There is a Fabulous "12 Days of Christmas" Giveaway over on the Fresh and Fun Blog. Aren't these earrings Gorgeous!?!? Just hop right here to enter.............

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lost in the Translation ~

My Mother and I didn't go to lunch and shopping as planned today ~ we'll go tomorrow instead. I had a couple of men working in the yard today ~ pulling weeds, trimming, etc. They take ALOT of breaks when I'm home ~ so I don't imagine they'd get too much work done with me gone.

They pulled all the weeds around our Oak trees/Palm Trees and so I decided to buy some pretty Impatiens for them to plant. You know just another little Birthday present for myself ~ since I've decided to spoil myself with gifts this Year. If I don't ~ who will?

I bought lots of different colored Impatiens and gave very specific instructions as to where I wanted them planted. OR ~ so I thought...... Well, guess I gave way too many details ~ because when I checked on the progress...... they had planted the flowers on just one side of the trees. AND ~ it wasn't on the "street" side of the trees ~ it was on the side toward the house. You can't even see the flowers from the street ~ just when you look out the windows of our House. I didn't say anything ~ because it was time for them to leave. Guess ~ I'll have them plant flowers on the OTHER side of the trees next week. *sigh*

I know I ramble on and on and give them too many details and useless information ~ but I'm just trying to clairfy. Instead ~ something gets "lost in the translation". This isn't the first time that they have done something completely opposite to what I wanted. Our woodland fern is just now FINALLY growing back after they pulled it all up. I just wanted them to trim it back off of the flower bed border and instead they took it all out. Every single piece of Woodland Fern was gone and the flower bed was completely barren. I walked around the corner of the house and there was nothing left ~ it had the "sorched earth" look. I was so shocked and mumbled something about what happened to all of the Fern. They offered to plant it back~ but I'm paying them by the hour and I knew it would grow back eventually.

I can't figure out if I give too many details that NoBunny could possibly remember it all or if they think "it" would look better their way or maybe they're intentionally doing the opposite because I'm a woman and couldn't possibly know anything. The Yard does look much better than it did and whatever they get done is one less thing that I have to do.

It reminds me of the scene from the Movie ~ "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House". It's a really great Movie that was made in 1948 and one of my favorite movies starring Cary Grant and Myrna Loy. I think you'll really enjoy this clip ~ it's only about 2 minutes in length.

I'm glad to know that it's not just me that has this problem. If you've never seen this Movie ~ I think you'd really enjoy it especially if you've ever worked with a Contractor to build your (Dream) House. Every Christmas ~ I enjoy watching "The Bishop's Wife" also starring Cary Grant and Loretta Young is absolutely Stunning in this Movie.

Isabella the Bunny takes a Chance ~

"Isabella was a perfectly happy bunny sitting there, gazing up at the nightsky , until she realized she wanted to get closer to the moon . Impossible! unless she took a chance...."

The Owls are back outside tonight and they sound really close ~ like they're sitting on my window sill. I'm enjoying listening to them "talking/hooting" back and forth to each other.

I found this beautiful print (pictured above) over on Etsy. This is going to be another Birthday present for moi. It's entitled ~ "Isabella takes a Chance"...........

You can hop right here ~ to check out all of the various artwork by this extremely talented (self taught) artist.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birthday Celebration ~

I'm celebrating my Birthday all week long. My BFF and I went out to lunch today and also did some shopping. Our Fathers were best friends and grew up together ~ so we've know each other all of our "young" lives. Her family moved next door to us when she was about 5 and we've always been best friends. We had so much fun today (as always) and she gave me so many Fabulous gifts.

I love this "Birthday Girl" gift set (pictured above) from Philosphy ~ such a great gift for this Birthday Girl.

Then ~ she gave me a Gift Certificate to LaBella Spa ~ so that I can spend the day there pampering myself.

And ~ she also gave me a beautiful leather bound Daily Devotional Book by Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's Daughter).

We always go to Lunch at Cafe Margaux ~ which is a little quaint French/European Restaurant. The outside courtyard (pictured above) is lovely and today was gorgeous ~ but we always dine inside.

I LOVE all of my gifts and had such a Fabulous Day with my BFF.

Then ~ when I came home ~ this Gorgeous Bracelet was in my mailbox. Isn't this the prettiest Pearl Bracelet you've ever seen? I LOVE this design and I'm so "Hoppy" that I decided to order it for one of my Birthday presents. Simple Elements Design has lots of amazing jewels in her Etsy Shop ~ just hop right here.

Tomorrow ~ for Day 2 of my Birthday Celebration ~ my Mother is taking me to Lunch and shopping. If the weather is nice ~ we'll probably go to "The Avenue" in Viera. They have a Talbots and my Mother likes the Belk Lindsey stores.

I wanted to buy this Tunic from Talbots online ~ but they sold out of my size. All that was left was a size 20 in the color orange. I seriously considered buying the size 20 ~ having it altered and dyeing it from orange to black. However, my Mother convinced me that it was nearly impossible to alter a size 20 down to my size. It's difficult to see in this photo ~ but the fabric is dupioni silk and this Tunic features a roll neck with an embroidered design around the bottom. So, maybe I'll be a lucky bunny and find this trendy tunic in our local Talbots. Wish me luck.......