Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hurry Spring!!!

Hurry Spring!! I've been in such a Funk lately...... guess it's just the Winter Blues!! I'm really looking forward to Spring this year and only 48 Days until Easter. I've already started decorating for the Easter Season. Of course ~ we always have a few Bunnies throughout the House. You know that Bunnies aren't just for Easter anymore!!! Mr. Bunny just realized the other day ~ that we have at least one Bunny in each room of our Cottage. I think next week that I'll continue with my Series ~ "Every Bunny has a Tale". I've really missed doing that Series of Tales!

I'm still having Computer issues ~ which I won't bore you with and I've been watching a lot of News on TV. So, between those two downers ~ I've got a bad case of the Blues!! Next week I'm going to be focusing on my website ~ I have TONS of new Fabulous products to list and I might even list a few items on Ebay.

Pottery Barn Kids is featuring Beatrix Potter products this Year for their Easter line. These are the adorable placemats that are now available on their website.

They also have a set of four dinner plates with different scenes and lovely Linen Napkins.

Of course ~ I'll need this adorable Tablecloth too!!!

I was so excited when Google had this icon for Beatrix Potter's Birthday back in July. I meant to do a little Blog Posting about it back in July ~ guess you now know exactly how far behind I am with my "To Do" List........

Does anybody else have things on their list that are 6 months old? Will I EVER get caught up? Okay ~ I know the answer to that..... yet another reason that I'm Blue!!

So, today I've been repeating this quote by Beatrix Potter...

Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest.

Beatrix Potter

AND ~ these are so cute!!! I LOVE this sweet little Bunny House and the Car Basket.... too Cute!! I might even like the car better than the Bunny shaped Basket. Hop right over to Pottery Barn Kids for these Easter Baskets.

Of course ~ if you'd like an Easter Basket that just screams Spring ~ hop right over here. This bright and cheerful Basket is available in Pam's Etsy Store ~ Sew Gracious. Don't you love these colors? You could use this Basket for Spring, Summer and beyond. This Gorgeous Fabric is timeless and these Baskets are meticulously handmade. I think this is exactly what I need to make the Blues disappear.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Hoppy" Valentines Day ~

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny are going out for Dinner to celebrate Red Heart Day. We hope you and yours have a "Hoppy" Valentine's Day. I've featured a few of our Valentine's Day Decorations below. Of course ~ I'm looking forward to putting Bunnies Everywhere to celebrate Easter. However, as you know ~ Bunnies aren't just for Easter.......

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Lily Eden Blog Giveaway ~

There is a Fabulous Giveaway going on over at My Lily Eden's Blog. It's actually Seven Days of Giveaways and this is Day 4 ~ so you'd better hurry and hop right over here. Don't you love the Header (pictured above) that she has on her Blog? I always enjoy visiting her Blog and I know you'll Love it too.

These are the adorable heart tags that I bought from her Etsy Store ~ Lemon Tree Studio. I LOVE all of her cute hand made products. She's so incredibly talented and I can't wait to see what she designs for Easter. Hopefully ~ there will be lots and lots of bunnies in her Etsy Store soon. *hint*hint*

Isn't this bright and colorful fabric adorable? I also bought it from her Etsy Store ~ Lemon Tree Studio.

And these are some Owl Tags that she made ~ hop right here to see them.

Don't forget to enter the 7 Day Giveaway on the
My Lily Eden Blog.

Bunny-rific News ~

I fixed my email program today and I think all 4 of my email addresses are working now. It only took me five hours and I had to hack into one of my email accounts ~ but at least they're FINALLY all working. Of course, I have different passwords for each account and I had written down one of the passwords incorrectly using a "Capital letter" instead of "lower case". Now, I have several hundred emails to read ~ so I'll be busy with that tomorrow.

Also ~ I have some beautiful new products for my website ~ so I'll start listing them on Bunny Chic Boutique in the next few days.

Monday, February 9, 2009

365 Chic Handbags ~

I'm really enjoying my new Calendar for 2009 ~ 365 Days of Handbags. It features a different and sometimes extremely unique Handbag for each day of the Year. For the past 7 years I've alternated between 365 Days in Italy and 365 Days in France. This Year when I saw this Calendar ~ I knew it was time for a change. Change is really difficult for me ~ but I'm so glad that I purchased this Calendar.

Speaking of Handbags ~ this is the latest design made by Pam over at Sew Gracious on Etsy. You know how I love the pink and green color combo AND Pam's Tote Bags are always meticulously made with lots of attention to the details. It's obvious that she loves sewing ~ all of her fabulous products are absolutely flawless and sew adorable.

AND speaking of adorable ~ look how cute this little Hello Kitty Treat Bag is. It's also available in Pam's Etsy Store ~ Sew Gracious.

AND she also designed and made this fabric Easter Basket....... Easter will be here before you know it. I LOVE Spring and can't wait for it to arrive!!

Pam has just added these Trendy and Chic Lanyards over in her Etsy Store ~ Sew Gracious. They're available in several different fabrics.

Unfortunately ~ my Computer is STILL sick and let me tell you I am SO OVER IT!! Mr. Bunny worked on it for several hours this weekend and it still has issues. He did recover most of my pictures ~ but my Email Program is still MIA. I don't have web based email ~ my incredimail email program was set up on my Computer and it's not showing up. I'll call "Support" tomorrow and see if they can help me. If you emailed me ~ I probably didn't receive it and apologize for not replying. Hopefully ~ I can recover all of my emails and reply to them soon.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's not supposed to be that way~but it happened anyway!!

The image above WAS my Wallpaper for my Computer before it's untimely demise. The reason that I got a new Computer was because my old one was getting ready to crash. Then, after only 1 month my expensive new PC crashes after it had lulled me into a false sense of security. It lead me to believe that I had enough memory for a lifetime of photos and countless files. It's just not supposed to be that way..... you don't expect a brand new Computer to crash. However, it had a defective hard drive and the computer tech was unable to save ANY of my photos or files.... they're gone forever!! All the work that I did on my new product ~ Bunny Bless You ~ is gone forever!! So, I'll have to start over ~ which will delay the launch date.

If I could turn back time.....

I would have contacted immediately so that they could assist me with transferring my Carbonite Account to my new Computer. I thought I had plenty of time to get it set up on my new Computer. I'm regretting that I procrastinated calling them. Unfortunately ~ I've lost one month of work. PLEASE ~ if you don't have a current backup for your Computer files, photos, etc. ~ sign up with Don't wait ~ do it now!! Trust me ~ you never know when your Computer might crash!! Even a brand new one...... It's just not supposed to be that way~~~but it happened anyway!!!

We have not one, not two ~ but three Great Horned Owls that "talk" back and forth to each other every night ~ RIGHT outside our Bedroom window. It's enough to scare any little Bunny to death and they're keeping me up at night. I'd love to know what they're saying to each other. Owls are extremely fascinating ~ even though they're predators of Bunnies.

P.S. I should have my new Computer set up again in a few days. It's back to the factory settings and once I load all of my programs ~ I'll be in business and this nightmare will be a distant memory. Hopefully ~ I've learned a valuable lesson about procrastination ~ time will tell.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Irony upon Irony upon Irony ~

Irony ~ my life at present is full of Irony......

Santa brought me a new Computer for Christmas because my old Computer was just about a heartbeat away from Crashing. I had used up all the Memory on my old Computer with Games, Music, Pictures and Junk. My new Computer ~ top of the line ~ and with enough memory for 90,000 Pictures!!! Ironically ~ it crashed last week.
Late one night last week ~ I posted on this very Blog about my Hero June Cleaver and how I so wanted to be more like her. Right after I published that Post ~ my brand new fancy Computer crashed. A wink from God with an answer to my prayer for a simpler life or perhaps subtle irony.

After I recovered from the shock of how this could happen ~ I then spent what seemed like a day and a half on the telephone with Customer Support. Diagnosis ~ Defective Hard Drive. So, hopefully the Computer Tech is burning the midnight oil at this very moment ~ transferring all my "stuff" over to the new Hard Drive. I'll know in the morning if he was able to save all my pictures and documents.

Ironically ~ this is my 100th Post!! So, for my 100th Post ~ instead of having a Giveaway or a huge celebration ~ I'm posting about my Computer Woes. I'm using my Daughter's laptop and don't even have access to any of my pictures or my email.
So ~
If you have emailed me and I haven't responded yet ~ please email me again after Wednesday (2/04/09). I only have access to one of my four email accounts. You can always leave a comment for me here.
~ Bunny Blessings ~