Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Months until Halloween!!

Sew Gracious has their popular Halloween "baskets" back in stock ~ but you'd better hurry they sold out quickly last year. You can hop right over here to the Sew Gracious Etsy Store. They also have cute key fobs and trendy lanyards.

I said that it was way too early to even think about Halloween ~ but everywhere I went I saw the cutest Halloween items. It's just like when I decide to go on a diet ~ I usually gain 10 pounds because all I think about is food.

This is a Gorgeous Halloween Card made by Julie at Fabulous Finds Boutique. It's a Marie Antoinette inspired Halloween Card and she also has some Halloween Tags in her Etsy Store. You can hop right here to see this Chic Card and all of her other Fabulous designs.

These Beautiful Flowers are made out of fabric scraps ~ aren't they adorable? They're made by Tracy and you can hop right here to visit her Etsy Store ~ tracybdesigns. She has tons of adorable designs.

This framed piece of art was made by "The Material Girl" who also has a store over on Etsy. It's made of reclaimed items that have been recycled into this work of art. You can hop right over
here to see this Spider.

Pottery Barn Kids has lots of Halloween Trick or Treat Totes this year and they're offering free shipping. I think most of these Totes are $12.00 ~ except for the Shark which is $19.00. You can hop right over here to see them all. In addition to the Spider (pictured above) they also have the following:
Pumpkin, Ghost, Puppy, Bee, Skull, Banana, Ketchup, Shark, Alligator, Cat, Ladybug, Butterfly Tutu, Peacock Tutu and Fairy Princess Tutu.

Then I found these cute iron on appliques also on Etsy. They're only $3.00 each or right now she has 5 for $12.00 as an option. You can also choose your fabric for each of these appliques. Just hop right over here to visit Ella Ba Della's Etsy Store.

~ Witch's Shoes Iron On Applique ~

~ Cat Iron On Applique ~

~ Owl Iron On Applique ~

She also has a Turkey and Indian Appliques for Thanksgiving. I purchased an adorable pink gingham Bunny Applique from this Etsy Store ~ it arrived quickly and was so cute. She took great care to package it so that it wouldn't get damaged in shipping ~ LOVE my new sweet bunny applique.

What's wrong with Snail Mail?

Why can't we all just go back to Snail Mail? That's me up there in the picture ~ I'm always running to the Post Office Box with my letter at the last second. Sometimes our super sweet mailman will wait while I finish putting on the stamp and sealing my letter. He's been our mailman since 1998 ~ so he knows me quite well. He knows that I get "secret" packages that "we" don't want Mr. Bunny to know about. Any package that has a Paypal Label or an Ebay logo on it is a "secret package".

Do you think that this Computer era is just a fad or do you think it's going to continue? Wouldn't EveryBunny like to receive a nice lovely letter that you can hold in your hand rather than a plain"black and white" bland looking email?

Well, it seems like Computers are here to stay ~ so Mr. Bunny spent ALL day Saturday reinstalling everything back on my "new" Computer. It's really new now ~ since he had to install a new hard drive and all of my programs. I had no idea that it was going to take all day to get everything set up again. Poor Mr. Bunny ~ I know he would have rather played golf. I really appreciate that he spent his Saturday fixing my Computer ~ I would have never been able to figure everything out.

He had to install the new hard drive, Windows program, battery back-up/surge protector, printer, anti-virus program, email program and Microsoft word program. I'm still restoring all of my pictures and documents back onto my computer from Carbonite. I'll do a separate post about how I'm a lucky Bunny that I had I just want to make sure that everything is there before I sing their praises.

I'm not sure whether my emails were backed up on Carbonite ~ I haven't found them yet. So, if you've emailed me in the last 2 weeks ~ please email me again. If you'd like for me to send you a letter that you can hold in your hand ~ just send me your physical address. I have some Gorgeous new Stationary that I'd love to use.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Lovely Lilly Pulitzer Designs ~

I've always LOVED Lilly Pulitzer designs ~ each and every single one of them. However, I've never been able to afford any of them ~ even when they're on sale.

Well, I found an Etsy Store that features Fabulous handmade items made out of lovely Lilly Pulitzer fabric. Lynn Whelan designs and makes gorgeous "everyday" items that are TDF and yet affordable. She's a perfectionist and each of her designs is meticulously made with great attention to every little detail.

Here's a link to her Etsy Store ~ just hop right over here. And ~ here are some of her Gorgeous Designs:

~ Luggage Tags ~

~ Scarf ~

~ Drink Cozy ~

~ Pretty Flowers ~

I LOVE the colors in this Scarf which is entitled ~ Strawberries and Chocolate. This Patchwork design features fabrics from several popular designers. Doesn't this Scarf just scream FALL!!! AND ~ this scarf would go with so many different outfits.

She has tons more in her Etsy Store ~ hop right here and get you some Lovely Lilly.

Whimsical and Tres Chic Signs ~

Paula over at Castle and Cottage Signs made this Fabulous sign for me. It's a new sign that she made to look like a Vintage Antique sign. I wanted to have a crown, pink roses on it and rather distressed ~ so that it would match our 110+ year old "Chippy" Cottage. She still has to add the Glass Glitter on the Crown and add the wax to it ~ but I'm thrilled with the way it turned out. I can't wait to see it in person!!

Here is a closeup of the roses at the bottom of the sign. It also shows the color better which is a light sage green. Just hop right here to see all of the signs in her Etsy Store.

This Patisserie Sign is available on her website ~ Castle and Cottage Signs ~ hop right here to see her lovely website. This Gorgeous Sign is one of my favorites ~ so I've added it to my lengthy wish list. She also has lots of signs for Weddings, french inspired and cottage themed ~ they're all so unique and Tres Chic.

I needed a sign for our Garden Gate and I found this one over on the Terry's Village website. It's on sale for $9.99 and is so adorable ~ the perfect size (9" X 16"). It's difficult to find a Bunny sign that doesn't have "Happy Easter" on it. You can Hippity Hop right over here to order one of these signs for your Garden Gate.

Is it just me or do the Holidays come and go more quickly than they used to? In the good old days ~ I would decorate weeks ahead of a Holiday. This year ~ I think I decorated for the Fourth of July ON the morning of the 4th of July. Guess I should go ahead and put out my Labor Day Decorations tomorrow.

Do you know SomeBunny that still has their Christmas lights and/or Decorations up from last Christmas? This is the perfect year round sign for those of us who are living their life in "fast forward". AND that little Bunny is too CUTE!! This Sign is only $7.99 over at the Terry's Village website ~ hop here. I just found out that Terry's Village is a division of the Oriental Trading Company ~ which is celebrating it's 75th Anniversary.

Math isn't for EveryBunny!!

I love Math because it's "black and white" ~ no grey area. Writing is so difficult for me ~ putting my thoughts on "paper" and trying to sound eloquent. I'd much rather do a math problem than answer an essay question. Well ~ so I thought until Baby Bunny showed me her Math Homework. It was for her Algebra I honors class and I didn't have a clue whether her answers were correct or not. Of course ~ to be honest I haven't been able to help her with her Homework since she was in the 3rd Grade.

AND being stressed out ~ have you ever been so nervous that your mind goes blank. I have ~ countless times and it's an awful feeling. You just can't focus because you're so nervous. Well, if you haven't seen this Video of Patricia Heaton on the Millionaire TV Show ~ you simply must watch it. I can relate to her in this situation and yet I found it quite amusing.

Math isn't for EveryBunny!! She's a Fabulous and Funny Actress ~ she just was so nervous she couldn't focus on the question.

Godspeed Discovery ~

We're waiting for the Night Launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery ~ which is scheduled for 11:59 pm tonight. I LOVE night launches when the Shuttle lights up the sky and the Indian River!! I just don't know if I can stay awake until midnight ~ don't know why I'm so tired tonight. Guess I'll update my Blog while we wait ~ since I have tons of info to post.

The image above is from the Space Flight Now website. You can hop over here and read all the details about this launch.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cinnamon Sticks Jewelry Giveaway ~

Canela is having a Jewelry Giveaway over on her Blog ~ Cinnamon Sticks. She's also offering 20% off of the Necklace pictured above and free shipping for all of her Bloggers this week. To enter the Giveaway ~ you just need to leave her a comment and tell her which design is your favorite that she has in her Etsy Store. (I know ~ it's really difficult to pick just one!!) Also, if you Blog, Tweet or Facebook about her Giveaway ~ you'll get 3 additional entries. The Giveaway ends on Friday ~ 08/28/09 and the Lucky Winner will be announced on Sunday ~ 08/30/09. I hope that she'll put "Lucky Bunny" on my Necklace when I win it on Sunday!!!

I know EveryBunny would love to know which Cinnamon Sticks design is my fav. Well, today at this moment in time ~ her "triple" crown Necklace (pictured above) is my absolute favorite ~but honestly I LOVE ALL of her designs!! It's not too early to start your Christmas shopping ~ just too early to decorate for Halloween.

Hop on over to Canela's Etsy Store ~ Cinnamon Sticks and be prepared ~ you're going to fall in Love with all of her designs. Then ~ hop over and enter her Giveaway at the Cinnamon Sticks Boutique Blog.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My latest Obsession ~ Scarves!!

My latest obsession started yesterday morning ~ when I couldn't decide on an outfit to wear to Church. The outfit that I had picked out the day before ~ now looked extremely unattractive. What was I thinking?!? (when I picked it out)!! Of course ~ I didn't have the "perfect" scarf to wear with my pants. It was my first day teaching the 2 year old Sunday School class and I really didn't want to wear a dress ~ especially when I knew I'd be playing with blocks and trucks. I was running out of time and so I had to wear my "go to" outfit which is black pants and a white shirt. I really needed a colorful scarf to dress up my outfit and also so that it looked like a different outfit from the one that I had worn last Sunday.

Then ~ Sunday afternoon I spent hours looking at scarves on Ebay and Etsy. I purchased the Ralph Lauren scarf (pictured above) because I just couldn't resist it. I've always been obsessed with animal print and this scarf has pink roses on it too. One of our Rooms is decorated in the Safari theme and I might frame this scarf and hang it on the wall. I'll wait and see how it looks in person ~ but I'd rather enjoy it as wall art rather than wear it occasionally. I think this Gorgeous Ralph Lauren Scarf with the sleeping Leopard would look stunning framed.

I already have this Talbots Scarf in my collection or I might be tempted to buy it. It's a gorgeous red with just a hint of fuschia and is 100% Silk. It would add a splash of color to lots of different outfits. You can hop over here to Ebay and "buy it now" for only $4.99. I'm not the Ebay Seller for this Scarf ~ but they do have a 100% feedback.

I almost bought this Talbots Halloween/Fall Scarf ~ but I just can't "face" Halloween yet. I was going to use it as a Table Runner in our Dining Room as part of our Halloweeen decorations. The length is 52 inches and it's made of silk. Just hop over here to see it "up close" ~ but hurry this Auction on Ebay ends soon.

I can't decide about this Talbots Black and White Silk Scarf. It features lots of different types of chairs. It's different ~ just don't know if I can "pull this style off". I envision a lady who owns an Antique Store wearing this lovely scarf. What do you think? Well, here's the link to check it out ~ just hop here. It was just listed on Ebay today for $7.00 with free shipping. Maybe it would make my "go to" black and white outfits look more elegant and refined.

Okay ~ so I spent at least an hour obsessing over this particular scarf that is listed on Ebay. It's a Talbots ~ naturally ~ but it's alot more money than I could justify paying. The "buy it now" price is $64.99 plus $6.45 shipping or you can make an offer on it. I was just so "drawn" to the print which has handbags and shoes on it. Of course, I love the color too ~ just not the price. Here's the link to this adorable scarf ~ just hop right here.

Here's a close-up (above) of the silk fabric with the pink "ribbon" border.

Then ~ I found this Scarf (pictured above) over on Etsy listed as "Vintage" without a Tag. Could it be a Talbots design? I studied the two fabrics side by side and they appear to be the exact same images of the shoes and handbags they are just positioned differently on the two scarves. AND this Scarf on Etsy doesn't have the pink "ribbon" border ~ but it's only $20.00 with free shipping. Here's the link to this cute scarf ~ just hop right here.
This is the Lilly Pulitzer 50th Anniversay Jubilee Edition Scarf that is currently sold out on their website. It was originally $50.00 and I've found it over on "The Preppy Outlet" website on sale for $25.00. You can hop right over here ~ if you'd like to purchase one of these Gorgeous Silk Scarves. Don't you just LOVE anything Lilly?

Since I purchased the Ralph Lauren Scarf which is pictured at the top of this post ~ I won't be able to buy any of the scarves listed above. I've far exceeded my "scarf money" for the week ~ so please feel free to buy any of these scarves. You would actually be doing me a favor ~ so that I won't be tempted to exceed my scarf quota.

You just can't have too many scarves. They have countless uses and in addition to wearing them around the neck ~ you can also wear them as belts. I tie them on purses, frame them as wall art and use them as table runners. I sometimes use scarves when I don't have a bow and tie them around my gift. They're also the perfect "liner" for Gift Baskets or as "reusable" wrapping paper for presents. Sometimes my wrapping paper (scarf) is even more popular than the gift inside. Scarves can really pull an outfit together ~ magically from drab to fab. Don't forget my motto ~

When in doubt ~ Scarf it!!
Be Chic and Tie One on!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Legend of Wise Owl and Nervous Rabbit ~

We had a busy weekend with another Funeral, Basketball Shoe Shopping for Baby Bunny, Church and Dinner at Grandmother Rabbit's House. However, I did spend many hours "window shopping" over at Etsy. I have so many Fabulous Finds to share with you ~ but decided to just share a few each day.

This Owl Handbag/Tote (pictured above) was designed and made by Jan at Blissful Notions on Etsy. I'm in love with this fabric featuring two very Wise Owls ~ there is something very intriguing about it. I've purchased several items from Jan over at Blissful Notions and all of her designs are meticulously made.

I also purchased several of these adorable notepads from Blissful Notions. They're so unique, lightweight and the perfect size to slip into your handbag. Aren't those Vintage Buttons adorable? Wouldn't these make the perfect gift for SomeBunny Special ~ even yourself?

Jan has tons of lovely items in her Etsy Store ~ just hop right over here to see all of her Chic and Trendy designs. She is so sweet and even encouraged me to follow my dream of designing handbags/purses.

LOOK at this perfect Wedding Cake Topper that I found over on Etsy. I can assure you that if this was available 20 years ago ~ it would have been our Wedding Cake Topper.

Well, maybe this one ~ if my Mr. Bunny had anything to say about it.

You can even get one with an Owl and a Bunny Bride. Yes ~ the Groom was very Wise indeed to marry such a Sweet Bride. Sweet as in Tasty...... This Beautiful Bunny Bride really needs to put "trust" on a whole different level. Unfortunately ~ the life and death level. She had better sleep with one eye open all night.

The Bunny Bride even has a Bunny tail. If you're looking for a Cake Topper or just an interesting Figurine ~ hop right over here and check out these designs. She also has "Fantasy Bride" which is a Unicorn, Cat Bride and the Squirrel Bride has a huge tail.

I have laughed all day about these ~ you know I'm going to have get one for my Bunny collection.

Wise Owl and Nervous Rabbit

Indian Myth from "Native American Stories for Kids"

There is an old saying, "wise as an owl". People are always saying that, but the truth is, owls were not always wise.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the Everything-Maker was very busy, making all the animals and all the plants and all the rocks and caverns and everything else that covered the earth.
Owl had not yet been made. He had been given a voice. And two eyes. And a head and a body and strong wings. Owl was waiting his turn to be formed. "I want a long neck like Swan," Owl told the Everything-Maker. "I want red feathers like Cardinal and a beak like Hawk."
"Yes, yes," mumbled the Everything-Maker. "Whatever you want. But you must wait your turn." The Everything-Maker looked sharply at Owl. "Your eyes are open again. You know that no one is allowed to watch me work. Turn around and close your eyes. I have no time for you now. I am busy creating Rabbit."

The Everything-Maker turned his attention back to Rabbit who was shaking with nervousness. "And what do you want, little rabbit?" the Everything-Maker asked encouragingly.
"Long legs and ears," Rabbit spoke softly. "And fangs. Could I possibly have a fang or two? And claws. I would dearly love to have claws!"
The Everything-Maker smiled. "I think we could manage some claws and fangs." He smoothed Rabbit's long legs and ears.

"Silly Rabbit!" Owl hooted loudly. "Why don't you ask for something useful, like wisdom?"
"This is your last warning, Owl. Be quiet and wait your turn."
Owl twisted around and glared at the Everything-Maker. "You have to do it," he hooted. "You have to give us what we ask. I demand wisdom!"
"I warned you, Owl!" shouted the Everything-Maker. He shoved Owl's head down into his body, which made Owl's neck disappear. He gave Owl a shake, which made Owl's eyes widen in fright. He pulled Owl's ears until they stuck out from his head.
The Everything-Maker snapped his fingers. "I have made your ears big, the better to listen. I have made your eyes big, the better to see. I have made your neck short, the better to hold up your head. I have packed your head with wisdom, as you have asked. Now, use your wisdom and fly away before you lose what I have given."
Owl was no longer a fool. He flew quickly away, pouting and hooting.
The Everything-Maker turned back to Rabbit, smiling gently. "Claws," he reminded himself. But Rabbit was gone. Rabbit had hopped hurriedly away, too afraid of the Everything-Maker to stay for his fangs and claws.
As for Owl, Owl knew if he angered the Everything-Maker again, he would lose all that he had gained. Even today, Owl only comes out at night, when the Everything-Maker is fast asleep. As for Rabbit, his claws and fangs are waiting. Perhaps someday ...

This is one of my favorite pieces ~ it's a Cracker Cradle from the Fitz and Floyd Woodland Spring Collection. I think I've blogged about it before ~ but wanted to mention it again here because I now have four of them. It's been discontinued and you can probably find one over on Ebay or if you contact me directly ~ I might sell you one of mine. I have one in my bedroom that I use for receipts, etc. and one in my Studio/Office that holds post-it notes. AND I have two that are still in the original box ~ guess I'll put one for sale on my website.

Check back tomorrow for more Fabulous Finds from my window shopping excursion at Etsy.