Friday, August 28, 2009

Math isn't for EveryBunny!!

I love Math because it's "black and white" ~ no grey area. Writing is so difficult for me ~ putting my thoughts on "paper" and trying to sound eloquent. I'd much rather do a math problem than answer an essay question. Well ~ so I thought until Baby Bunny showed me her Math Homework. It was for her Algebra I honors class and I didn't have a clue whether her answers were correct or not. Of course ~ to be honest I haven't been able to help her with her Homework since she was in the 3rd Grade.

AND being stressed out ~ have you ever been so nervous that your mind goes blank. I have ~ countless times and it's an awful feeling. You just can't focus because you're so nervous. Well, if you haven't seen this Video of Patricia Heaton on the Millionaire TV Show ~ you simply must watch it. I can relate to her in this situation and yet I found it quite amusing.

Math isn't for EveryBunny!! She's a Fabulous and Funny Actress ~ she just was so nervous she couldn't focus on the question.

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