Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Say it "ain't" so ~

I'm shocked and saddened that the Reynolds Company has decided to discontinue my favorite Plastic Wrap. Not only was it available in so many different colors ~ pink, purple, blue or green ~ it actually worked. I've looked in several different stores for it ~ even Wal-mart but couldn't find it anywhere. Finally, today I looked at the Reynolds website and that's how I found out that it had been discontinued. PLEASE ~ "Say it ain't so" How could this happen? The quality of this plastic wrap far exceeds any of the others out on the market. I know because I've been forced to use the other inadequate brands of plastic wrap this last month. I'm going to miss this bright colored wrap ~ wish I had know I would have bought a case or two of it. If you see any for sale ~ please let me know. Do you think it would make a difference if we emailed and called the Reynolds Company?

I was thrilled to see that they have designed some new beautiful paper Baking Cups. Isn't this Black Damask pretty?

Doesn't this Cupcake look elegant? I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks....... hop right over here for the recipe. Okay ~ so I know I wouldn't like this particular recipe because it has coffee in it. Guess that's why they call them ~ Chocolate Cappuccino Black Tie Cupcakes. I'll be baking mine without any coffee............ maybe I'll add liquor instead. I can't tell you how upset I am about my colored plastic wrap ~ I really LOVED that product.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Confessions of a Fabric Fanatic ~

My Sister from Atlanta was in town last week to enjoy our Fall weather which was in the 90's. We went Fabric and Furniture shopping and had Lunch several days while she was here. I have become the biggest Fabric Fanatic ~ I really don't know what's wrong with me. I can resist buying shoes and clothes ~ but I become possessed when I step into a Fabric Store. My Sister has started making quilts and she wanted to visit some of our local Quilt Shops. She loves the Batik fabric ~ which isn't really my fav. ~ so I can resist the Batiks anyway.

I thought the Halloween fabric (pictured above) was so adorable. It's called Scary Night by Laurie Godin and is made by the Northcott Fabric Company. I also purchased a few fat quarters of rosebud fabric which satisfies my craving for purchasing fabric ~ without buying a whole yard. I really need to get my sewing machine out of storage and make sure that it works before I buy another scrap of fabric.

This bright and colorful fabric (above) is called "I Love You Zoo" by Kari Pearson and Quilting Treasures. Since I purchased two yards of this Zoo fabric ~ I think I'll put one yard for sale in my Etsy Shop. Just need to take a few more pics in the bright sunlight of the various animals featured on this fabric.

AND this fabric (pictured above) is called "Black Swan". I knew the second I saw it that it would look ultra Fabulous in our Living Room. Fortunately ~ it was on sale because it's rather pricey. I hope I have enough to make a small curtain for our Bookcase. I know it sounds odd to make a curtain for a Bookcase ~ but we have two bookcases in our Living Room and the smaller one looks better with a mini curtain. Don't worry ~ I'll take before and after pictures and you'll agree that it needs to be covered up.

This last week went by so quickly. My Bunnies took turns staying home from school and I just got all out of sync. When they're home ~ I can't play my tunes really loud or put my feet up and watch "my stories" ~ feels like they're always spying on me. LOL

Beach Bunny has Bronchitis ~ well that's MY diagnosis. The Doctor thinks that she has Asthma ~ but her cough sounds a lot like SomeBunny with Bronchitis. Regardless, she's much better and she's (hopefully) going to school in the morning.

Then ~ Baby Bunny injured her Ankle at her School Basketball Game last week and her team lost again. She only has 3 more Basketball games and she's hoping that her ankle will be well enough to play this coming week.
Hope your Monday is Marvelous!!!

"Hoppy" Fall Y'all ~

Today is the first day of Fall ~ even though here in Florida it was quite hot and didn't feel like Fall at all. However, in celebration of the Fall Season ~ I have a new Bunny Blog Banner designed by the extremely talented "Tiffany Jane". I LOVE this new Blog Banner (pictured above) ~ could it be any cuter?? Those two bunnies sitting in the Pumpkin Carriage make me smile ~ they're absolutely adorable. She has another Bunny/Pumpkin Blog Banner similar to this one ~ as well as several other Fall Blog Banner designs over in her Etsy Shop ~ if you're interested. Here's the link to Tiffany Jane's Etsy Shop ~ just hop right here.

AND ~ this is the Gorgeous Fall Banner that she made for my Etsy Shop. I really wish that Etsy allowed larger Banners ~ so you could see all the little details on EveryBunny's Banners (especially mine). Don't forget to hop here for Tiffany Jane's Etsy Shop and hop right here for her Gorgeous website ~ Beyond the Vintage Path. You're going to love the Banner she designed for her own website ~ it has bunnies on it too.

Thanks again Tiffany ~ I truly love both of my Fabulous Bunny Banners!!

I need to go and also decorate my Etsy Shop ~ Bunnykins Boutique ~ for the first day of Fall. I'll be stocking it with TONS of new (and vintage) items in the next few weeks. I have lots to do on my website and also in my Etsy Shop ~ just not enough energy.

Still can't believe that I'm on time for something and that I changed into my Fall Banner on the actual First Day of Fall ~ not halfway through the Season. Does this mean that we might decorate for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving? Probably not ~ but a Bunny can dream.

"Hoppy" Fall ~ Y'all !!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bunnykins' Been Baking!!!

Bunnykins' been berry berry busy baking blueberries!! Yes ~ I've made Blueberry Muffins every single day this past week. I'm using a new technique and the little bunnies eat them almost faster than I can make them. Of course ~ I've had a few of them myself and they are so delicious. Hey wait a minute ~ maybe that's why I've gained 5 pounds this past week ........

The picture above shows a few of the Bluberry Muffins that I baked ~ just so you can see how pretty they were. Bree from Desperate Housewives would be so jealous of these delectable Blueberry Muffins. I need to put some in a Basket and take them to a Neighbor ~ love doing things like that. So, listed below are a few tips for the absolutely perfect batch of Bluberry Muffins.

1) Use your favorite store bought mix or homemade recipe

2) Use non-stick spray or muffin cups for the pan

3) Preheat oven to 425 degrees

4) Batter needs to be thick ~ if it's too thin then the muffins will spill over the top of the pan and not create a nice dome.

4) Fill muffin cups to the top with batter ~ not 2/3 full like most recipes instruct. If there is not enough batter to fill all of the cups then fill the empty ones with water. Caution ~ don't need to tell you that the water will be extremely HOT after baking ~ so be careful when removing pan from oven.

5) Most important step ~ Bake at 425 degrees for 6 minutes ~ then turn to 375 degrees for 14 minutes. This will create a burst of steam inside the Muffin that will create a nice dome.

6) Muffins are done when golden brown or when toothpick comes out clean.

7) Cool Muffins 5 - 8 minutes before taking them out of the pan.

Please note ~ oven temps vary and you might want to reduce the temperature slightly (especially if you use a dark coated pan). I've been using 415 degrees and then 365 degrees since I have a dark coated pan. I don't have the link where I saw these tips ~ so email me if you know it and I'll add it to this Blog Post.

Have you seen these Brownie Pans that make the Perfect Brownies so that each one is an edge piece? The "edge pieces" are my favorite ~ don't really care for the middle pieces ~ only the edge ones. This pan is made by Bakers Edge. You can hop right over here to order one of these Fabulous Brownie Edge Pans.

They also have a Lasagna Pan!!!! LOVE the way the noodles and layers stay neatly stacked regardless of how many portions are removed. The Lasagna also bakes more consistently because more heat is circulated to the pan's middle, where food typically takes longer to bake.

So ~ this weekend we'll have lots of Bluberry Muffins, Brownie Edges and tons of Lasagna.

Then ~ Monday I'll start my new diet. It's a super easy diet and I don't have to track points or count calories or measure anything. I'm just going to eat like a Queen for Breakfast, like a Princess for Lunch and like a Pauper for Dinner. AND ~ take a nice long walk everyday.

Monday, September 14, 2009

"It's All About Me" Blog Swap

The Gorgeous and amazingly talented Natasha Burns ALWAYS has the most Fabulous ideas!! She is hosting another Event over on her Blog ~ but this one is "All About Me". It's a Blog Swap with an interesting and fun twist ~ instead of swapping with a partner ~ you make something for yourself. Here are a few of the details as listed on Natasha's Blog:

"This is a swap/challenge/party all rolled into one. But a "swap" with a difference.
You see, you won't be assigned a swap partner to mail anything to. Your swap "partner" will be YOU!

The idea of this is that you create, for fun's sake. You will make something for yourself to keep and enjoy. You'll do the project you have been saying you will do. You'll try out that new "thing" you've been wanting to try out.
It will be all about you."

I have tons of ideas for my contribution to this novel Swap and I'm so thrilled that Natasha had this idea. Now ~ if I can just decide which one of my many Projects that I want to start and/or finish........ In the meantime, just hop right over here to check out the details of this Swap ~ you've got plenty of time (swap/share date is 10/22/09).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy Preparing and Organizing ~

I've been busy preparing for our Sunday School class tomorrow. My friend ~ Peggy and I teach the class of 2 and 3 year olds at our Church ~ they're so adorable. I taught for about 25 years and then took a few years off. I had forgotten the types of crafts and games that this age can do ~ things that are age appropriate. Fortunately ~ we have excellent Sunday School Curriculum and the Lessons are easy to plan.

I was shocked and quite saddened to find out that SomeBunny had thrown out ALL of the Large Bible Story Pictures that the Church has had for oh probably 100 years. Our Church had tons of Gorgeous Poster Pictures that I've used for many years and now they're gone. You know the saying ~ one man's treasure is another man's trash. I know they must have looked old and worn ~ like trash but I loved the way they looked rather authentic. Well, I did find this one image (above) of "Jesus and the Children" which I love. I spent several hours at Church looking in every closet and cabinet ~ maybe I'll find a few more of these Beautiful Pictures when I'm looking for something else. I'm going to check on Ebay ~ you can find anything and everything there.

I've also been working on my Ebay Store, Etsy Shop and website. I just need to finalize a few things on each of these sites. I have lots of ideas ~ just not much energy. There has been a feeling of "Fall" in the air these last 2 days and I've put a HUGE dent in my "To Do" list.

Printer Update ~ yes, it was a fatal message that I received on my Printer. I called Customer Support and I thought they would "talk me through" how to fix it. However, it's such a serious issue that they're sending me a brand new Printer for free. I just have to wait 3 days for it to arrive.

Email Update ~ Okay so I've lost all of my email from the last 8 months. I can't remember but 2 emails that were on my Computer that I might need. I'm sure for the next 3 years ~ I'll look for something and then realize that it's LOST forever. It's not Carbonite's fault ~ I don't think they back up Email programs. I know I need to switch over to a "web based" email account ~ then I wouldn't have to worry about this issue.

Picture Update ~ ALL of my pictures have been restored back onto my Computer thanks to Carbonite!!! I'm not the sharpest tool in the box ~ so I was restoring each image/picture one at a time. THEN ~ I saw the Carbonite ad on TV and it said that with 2 clicks you can restore all of your documents/pictures back onto your Computer. So, I looked and sure enough ~ there it was the "button" you click on to restore ALL of your files back to your Computer. It took a while ~ but I could walk away and not double click on each one of hundreds of files. I'm such a Slow Silly Bunny ~ but I'm loving my Carbonite!!

Organizing ~ I've been organizing all of my craft supplies so that I can make some cards for the new section in my Etsy Shop ~ Peter's Posh Paperie. I'm always looking for "Thinking of You" Cards to send and so I'm going to make some for me AND a few for my new Etsy Shop.

Basketball ~ Baby Bunny (who's 12 now) is really enjoying playing on her School's Basketball Team. She's the Point Guard (I think that what it's called) and they've already played two games. They lost the first one ~ but won the second Home Game and Baby Bunny scored several baskets. She has two games this coming week and I hope they do well in both of them. If they don't win ~ the Coach says they'll have practice on Friday. Maybe I should call her Basketball Bunny or Bouncing Bunny or Rebound Bunny.

Enjoy your weekend ~

Monday, September 7, 2009

One Fatal Error is too many ~

Looks like I'm going to end up hand writing all of my "messages" for a while. How many fatal errors can one have in a day? Well, just one fatal error is way too many ~ but four fatal errors is RIDICULOUS!! First ~ all of my emails were returned with fatal errors and I was accused of sending spam mail so now I'm blocked/banned from emailing. At least I can receive emails ~ just can't send them out right now. After reading several "help" sections on my email account ~ I found out that I can request to be removed from the "blocked" list. I'll know in 12 hours if they removed me from the "black" blocked list or black hole where all my emails are currently residing.

Then ~ Beach Bunny had a paper to print that was due tomorrow (of course). So, my BRAND NEW printer was giving error messages and her document was printing with light lines on it. I installed a new ink cartridge (which aren't cheap) and it's still not working but there is a new error message to contact CS that the ink pads are old and need replacing. What ink pads?? It doesn't even mention anything about ink pads in the Owner's Manual ~ so I'll have to contact Customer Service in the morning.

Then ~ just found out this afternoon that my website has a MAJOR internal error that I don't even know how to fix. Of course, since it's a Holiday weekend ~ I'll have to wait until Tuesday before I can contact CS. I've read lots of the help sections on my host's website ~ but still can't find how to fix it.

Then ~ I needed to run a quick errand to get Milk for Breakfast and a RED light came on saying that my tire pressure was low. I'm hoping that I don't have a nail in my tire and that it isn't flat when I rush out of the house in the morning. At the very least ~ I'll have to put some air in the tire because it does look low.

I think maybe I should be living back in the Victorian Era ~ when technology didn't rule EveryBunny's life. Would I be happier? Probably not!!! There are so many modern conveniences that I just couldn't live without. Hopefully ~ it won't take all day to repair all of my errors and that they're not really fatal.

More Halloween Treats ~

I LOVE this Gorgeous Painting by Sylvia. Of course ~ I adore all of her artwork and have purchased a few priceless Bunny Paintings from her over the years. She has some new original paintings in her Ebay Store featuring Witches, Ghosts, Pumpkins, etc. They're extremely affordable and most of them are under $25.00 with free shipping. Some of them are prints for under $10.00 and once you put them in a frame ~ it's difficult to tell an original painting from a quality print. You can hop right over here to visit her Ebay Store.

I think this is so adorable ~ a Beach Witch sunbathing with her Black Cat and Broom close by. You know Florida and other tropical areas have Witches too. It's always way too hot here on Halloween to wear a long black dress. You can purchase BOTH of these in the ACEO size for $13.00 ~ lucky 13 and free shipping. So ~ Follow the Moon and purchase some Fabulous Art Work ~ hop right here to visit Sylvia's Store. Her Ebay ID is followthemoonart.

I have several Halloween Costumes that I need to get listed in my Ebay Store. The image above is Baby Bunny when she dressed as Cinderella a couple of years ago. It's difficult to tell ~ but the material on the dress is gorgeous and has glitter/sparkle on it. I'm also going to "throw in" the swarovski crystal crown since it's a little tarnished. If you're interested in a Beautiful Cinderella Dress for Halloween ~ just contact me and we'll barter. I'll probably list it this week ~ so don't wait too long.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why didn't I go to Paris???

All my Bunnies have gone out of town for the weekend and all day I wondered aloud ~ why didn't I go to Paris this weekend?? Then I would LOL (laugh out loud) like a crazy old rabbit ~ cause there are countless reasons why I didn't go to Paris. I was so busy getting the Bunnies ready for this Holiday weekend ~ that I didn't make ANY plans for myself. Of course ~ I couldn't afford to fly to Paris, Texas much less Paris, France. AND I won't even travel to Orlando by myself ~ much less fly overseas to another Country. Regardless ~ it was fun to dream about it and maybe one day ~ I'll just take off on an exciting Adventure ........ and go shopping in Orlando. I have to start out with small baby bunny steps (hops).

Instead of traveling to an exotic location ~ I worked on my new Etsy Shop. I've been trying to decide what to do with all of my Cards, Tags, Labels, Logos, etc. that have Bunnykins Boutique printed on them. Then ~ yesterday I decided I'd just list a few things in my Etsy Shop so that I can use everything that has Bunnykins Boutique on it. It looks rather easy to sell on Etsy and so I set up a few "sections" in my Shop. I'm just going to make a few crafty things and sell some of the items that I already have "in stock". I was surprised that the definition on Etsy for Vintage is anything at least 20 years old ~ which is anything before 1989 (seems like only yesterday). I had tons of fun setting up the sections ~ here's the breakdown.

Baby Bunny Bunting

Beatrix Pottery/China

Bunny Bling

Crafty Cottontail

Flopsys Fabrics

Le Lapin in Paris

Mopsys Boutique Bags

Peters Posh Paperies

Vintage Rabbit

The Briar Patch

You know the Story about Brer Rabbit and The Briar Patch ~ in it he says "you can BBQ me or skin me Mr. Fox, but whatever you do please don't throw me in the Briar Patch ~ anything but the Briar Patch." So ~ of course Brer Fox throws him in the Briar Patch right where Brer Rabbit was born and raised. It's always been one of our favorite stories along with all the other Brer Rabbit Tales. That's the idea behind the Section in my Etsy Shop entitled ~ "The Briar Patch". Where is the most "favorite-ist" place for a Bunny Rabbit ~ in the Briar Patch naturally. So, that's where all of my Sale items will be ~ cause EveryBunny loves a Sale!!!

My tagline/slogan is:

Bunnykins Boutique ~ where it's always Spring!!!

I've already started taking pictures of a few products and it's going to be so much easier on Etsy than listing on eBay where you have to use HTML. Although ~ there will be a few items that don't meet the Etsy criteria and they'll have to be on my website or in my eBay Store.

I know exactly what you're thinking ~ why is she opening another site when she already has two existing "sites" that need tons of TLC? There is a "method to my madness" ~ I AM in the process of sprucing up my website and revamping it ~ so it's currently "down" for maintenance ~ but will reopen soon. As far as eBay is concerned ~ well the fees are still quite high and it's really a buyers market over there right now (in my humble opinion). I'll be listing items in my eBay Store that I can't list on Etsy.

Many years ago ~ we were driving through Georgia and I saw this Statue of Brer Rabbit. We just HAD to stop and take a picture of it. It's located in Eatonton, Georgia which is the birthplace of Joel Chandler Harris who was the Author of the "Uncle Remus Tales" starring Brer Rabbit.

Maybe I'll go on a road trip back to Eatonton and visit the Brer Rabbit Statue again ~ especially since I just found a FABULOUS place to stay. It's the Ritz Carlton at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia ~ which is about 30 minutes from downtown Eatonton. They have Champonship Golf, relaxing Spa, a shimmering Lake and quiet tranquility. The tagline/slogan for the Reynolds Plantation is ~ "life as it ought to be". They also had a Hunting Lodge years ago on the original Plantation called "Linger Longer". LOVE that name ~ Linger Longer and their slogan of "life as it ought to be" is perfect. Here's the link to the Ritz Carlton at the Reynolds Plantation ~ just hop right here. They even have Gorgeous Lakeside Cottages that you can rent. You've got to check out the pictures of the Suites, the Lakeside Cottages AND the Presidential House. I'm so "there".........

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Bunnies are giving me Gray Hares!!!

~ Beach Bunny and Baby Bunny ~

My little Bunnies are giving me Gray Hares!! Why can't they just get along. I've decided that they enjoy fighting and maybe they're just doing it to make me crazy. Tonight at Dinner they fought over Broccoli ~ which should make me "hoppy" because up until a week ago Beach Bunny wouldn't even try Broccoli. Now they're arguing over who has more Broccoli on their plate. Honestly ~ I never even dared to dream that this day would come. They thought that I was smiling because I had lost my mind ~ but I was just thrilled to see them gobble down Broccoli like it was Chocolate Cake. When Beach Bunny was a toddler ~ I read a Book about picky eaters and it said to continue putting vegetables in front of your picky eater and they'll finally eat them. Just goes to show you how stubborn Beach Bunny is ~ it only took 16 years of "introducing" Broccoli to her before she tried it.

Yesterday ~ I met with the 7th Grade Counselor to "plot out" Baby Bunny's future. We had to anwer a Questionaire that asked questions like:

"What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?"

I know that they're trying to get them to think about their future ~ but she's only 12. She also had to select her Career ~ I encouraged her to put down a Ballerina or Astronaut or even Indian Chief. She was of course mortified by my apathetic attitude toward the Questionaire and she selected Architect. I just wish they would let them be kids and not put so much pressure on them to decide their Career now. Of course ~ I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up and maybe if I had made a choice in 7th Grade ~ I'd actually have a Career today.

Then ~ Beach Bunny informs me that she's decided that she doesn't want to go to College. She's figured out exactly what will push me over the edge and get the biggest reaction from me and this is it. However, I didn't react this time and remained extremely calm. Her plan is to get a job somewhere and she'll just live in a Beachfront Condo (naturally). She thinks College is just going to be too hard for her. So, I explained to her how it wasn't much more difficult than the Honors Classes that she's taking now and that she would REALLY enjoy living in a Dorm and living the College Life. I'm hoping that this new School that she's attending will motivate her to WANT to go to College. Last year ~ all of the Seniors at this School went onto College.

She asked me what I majored in ~ which was Business. Then ~ she asked me what I remembered from my College days. Well, it was a really long time ago and what I remember the most is all the fun I had. AND I remember "Supply and Demand" from my Economics Class. I wanted to attend Univeristy of Florida ~ but my Father wanted all of his Daughters to go to "Girls only Colleges". So, 2 of us went to Agnes Scott and 2 of us went to Wesleyan in Macon, GA. I don't think he realized that we would still be around lots of boys. Well, I'll keep praying and try not to worry ~ I'm sure God has HUGE plans for her (just hope they include College). I know anything is possible ~ especially since she's eating Broccoli now.

I saw this funny Video the other day about Colleges/Universities and really enjoyed it. Father Guido Sarducci's theory is that five years after College Graduation ~ you can only remember about 5 minutes of knowledge. Don't know if that's true for EveryBunny ~ but I'm living proof that it's true for me. Of course, the "life lessons" that I learned were priceless and would fill volumes of Textbooks. (Hope my Mother doesn't read my Blog today). I didn't show this Video to Beach Bunny ~ I'll show it to her AFTER she Graduates from College.