Monday, November 30, 2009

"Hoppy" Cyber Monday ~

There are so so many great deals today on various websites. However, I have exactly 3 minutes to type up this post ~

All of the products on
Fitz and Floyd are 15% off with free shipping. The "Lodge" Santa (pictured above) is one of my favorites and it's normaly $286.00 but on sale for about $100.00 after the discount. You know how much I LOVE owls and bunnies (even though one is a predator of the other). Well, there is the cutest little Bunny on the back of this figurine and of course ~ an owl on the front. You can hop right here to see it. You'll get the discount of 15% after you add your item to the shopping cart.

Just about all the major websites are offering free shipping. Then a lot of them are offering discounts in addtion. Talbots (20%), Land's End (up to 40%), Eddie Bauer, Brahmin (free shipping) and the list goes on and on.

You know how I love unique and eclectic jewelry. Samantha over on Etsy has all of her designs on sale 30 - 45% off. I LOVE this blue and brown bracelet ~ isn't it Gorgeous!??! You can hop right over here to see all of her lovely jewels. You'd better hurry though ~ this Bracelet won't be available forever.
Then to go with that Fabulous Bracelet ~ how about a Vera Bradley duffel??? These duffels are on sale for $40.00 (normally $80.00) and you get free shipping too. I bought the Kensington (pictured above) for Baby Bunny and the Capri Blue design for Beach Bunny. Don't you know they're going to be thrilled to get Duffels for Christmas??? Anyway ~ just hop right over here to see the designs that are on sale. I think the sale ends 12/02/09 ~ so don't wait too long.

Oh and the "Veras" (tote bags) are also on sale for $40.00 ~ if you'd rather have a Tote than a Duffel.

My 3 minutes are up ~ gotta dash and pick up Baby Bunny.........Please excuse any typos ~

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Which would you rather???

Which would you rather....... wear? This Ralph Lauren Black Dress ($150.00) ....... OR
Would you rather wear this Ralph Lauren Nautical Dress for a mere $1298.00???? That's right this dress (pictured above) is over $1,000.00. Maybe ~ if you needed a "flag" dress for an afternoon sail on your Yacht. No ~ sorry even then I wouldn't wear this dress. I would Rather wear the Ralph Lauren Black Dress ~ pictured at the top of this Posting.

Can you believe that the Black Dress is only $150.00???? Seems like a steal compared to the "flag" Regatta dress. They also have a pair of "Regatta" shorts for $598.00.
I like the skirt a little better than the dress ~ maybe because it's longer in length. However, it's still quite "high" at $998.00 (just under a $1,000.00). Oh ~ the many many things I could buy with a $1,000.00.

Seriously ~ they do have some great deals on the Ralph Lauren polo website and they're offering "free shipping" for a limited time. Just hop right here ~ if you're interested in the Black Dress.

AND ~ remember when I blogged about this Gorgeous Brahmin Wallet? I was planning on purchasing it as a gift to myself on my Birthday. Well, it's no longer available and I'm not "Hoppy" ~ but don't worry I'm sure I'll find something else. Guess they sold out of them. I'm calling the Company first thing in the morning and will let you know the status.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Hoppy" Thanksgiving!!

"Hoppy" Thanksgiving ~ Every Bunny!! Although, this hasn't been the best year ~ I'm counting my many blessings today. We have have so much to be thankful for and I know next year will be full of new adventures.

Stay tuned for more Bunny "Tails" ~

For now ~ I'm off to do a million and two things before the Thanksgiving Feast begins!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Almost EveryBunny is Welcome ~

I forgot to show you this "Button" that Tiffany Jane made for me. Isn't it adorable? And ~ she has some new Blog Banners over in her Etsy Shop ~ just hop right here to check them out.

Everybunny is Welcome here at my Bunny Chic Boutique Blog ~ but not at our Bunny Cottage.

Friday night we had to call 911 because SomeBunny was trying to break into our Bunny Cottage. We'll call him "John" ~ just for the sake of this "Tail". It seems that he was at the wrong address and thought he was at a Brothel ~ a Bunny Brothel. I guess he was confused because I have so many "nude" Bunny Statues in our Yard. The sign on our door says ~ Welcome to the Bunny Cottage..... NOT ..... Welcome to the
Playboy Bunny Mansion.

Seriously ~ Baby Bunny and I were like two scared Rabbits. "John" just kept ringing the door bell and trying to open the door. Thank goodness we have a wonderful Alarm System (Brinks/Broadview Security) and a ferocious Watchdog. Several policemen arrived here in no time.

The 911 Dispatcher was so kind and helpful. I really need to write a letter complimenting her to our Police Chief. All too often ~ people just take the time to complain and don't ever send letters of thanks. That extremely competent Dispatcher went above and beyond. Anyway ~ Baby Bunny saw "John" and got a fairly good description of what he was wearing, etc.

Fortunately ~ the policemen didn't believe that I looked like a "Madame". At the time ~ I was relieved that they didn't arrest me for the "World's Oldest Profession" ~ but now I'm a little offended. They didn't have to say it was totally ridiculous. Who looks amazing at 2:00 am???Long story ~ but it seems that there is a "Whorehouse" west of the (railroad) tracks that has a similar address. LOVELY!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tons of Randomness and Updates Soon ~

I've been at my Parents House all of last week helping my Mother get ready for Thanksgiving ~ so I'll be posting more about that later.

Also will be posting about the following ~

Lauren's 13th Birthday Party ~

New Flowers ~

Thanksgiving Decorations ~

Attempted Burglary at our Bunny Cottage ~

Bunny Chic Boutique Blog Giveaway ~

I was quite upset last week that someone left an unkind "Comment" on my Blog. They said that my Blog lacked "content" and that they wanted "more info" as to my posting about my Pumpkins with Panache.

Okay ~ so I'm over it now and if they had left an email address or any contact info ~ I would have recommended that they subscribe to "The Wall Street Journal" if they want "content". My Blog is ALL fluff ~ Bunny Fluff and nothing more. EveryBunny is welcome here ~ but please don't leave critical comments. This ole Bunny is thin skinned and will cry "at the drop of a hat".

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Handbags or Shoes ~ Decisions, Decisions....

And another year is just about over ~ so it's time to get a Calendar for 2010. Should I get 365 Days of Handbags or.........

365 Days of Shoes OR perhaps I should just get both of them ~ since I can't decide.

Before I started using the 365 Days of Handbags ~ I used to always purchase the 365 Days in Italy. This Italy Calendar usually sells out quickly ~ so if you're interested you need to order one very soon.

The pictures in the Italy Calendar are Gorgeous and of course ~ there is a different picture each and every day of the Year. These three Calendars (pictured above) are Wall Calendars and are quite large with lots of room to write your appointments and reminders for the week/month.

Decisions, Decisions ~ I think I'll get the Handbags Calendar again this Year.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pumpkins with Panache ~

Picture of the Day ~ Pumpkins with Panache!!

Word of the Day ~ Panache!!

Panache ~ distinctive and stylish elegance

So, I started with plain white pumpkins (pictured above) .............

Then I used Joy's idea of adding glitter and now my Pumpkins have Panache~~

Don't you just love glitter??? Everything looks better with Glitter!!! I used "white sparkle" glitter and Martha Stewart's "Fire Opal" Glitter. These pumpkins look even better in person ~ they really do sparkle and shine. Baby Bunny even commented on how much she liked them and that's a HUGE compliment.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another TDF Blog Banner by Tiffany Jane ~

(click on the image above to enlarge it)

This is my new Blog Header/Banner that Tiffany Jane over at Beyond the Vintage Path made me for the upcoming Holidays. I'm absolutely thrilled with the way that it turned out and couldn't wait to show it to EveryBunny. There are so many adorable details and I love all of the Bunnies that she included ~ especially my Beach Bunny and Baby Bunny.

It's like "I spy" ~ can you spot what is different between this Blog Header/Banner and the one pictured above? How am I going to decide which Banner to use? Which one do you like better? I think I'll use one for 2 weeks and then the other for 2 weeks.

Tiffany Jane has listed a few new items in her Etsy Shop ~ hop right here to see them. She sent me a "bunch of bunnies" by snail mail and I'll share them with you in a few days. I finally purchased batteries for my Camera ~ now I just need some sunlight.

You can get a Free and Fabulous Thanksgiving "Button" for your Blog ~ when you visit Tiffany's Blog . She's one in a million and I'm one lucky Bunny that our paths have crossed. I can't wait to see what my Valentine's Day Blog Banner/Header is going to look like.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Please pray for our Troops ~

Please pray for our Troops and pass it on..........

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Rose at Dawn ~ Broke by Noon!!

A-Rose at Dawn ~ Broke by Noon!! That's the name of a Nail Polish by OPI and also my new "Theme Song". It's an updated version of my previous theme song which was "Before it's earned ~ our money's all been spent" which is from the Sonny and Cher song entitled "I Got you Babe".

I've been having so much fun over on the Opi website "trying on" all of the different shades of Nail Polish. They have a new feature where you can "try on" the colors on a hand that you design. You can select the length of the fingernails and the skin tone ~ then you can try on over 200 different nail polishes. It's almost as addictive as "Spider Solitaire" ~ but more productive (maybe). Here are just a few of the names of their nail polishes ~ Conquist a dorable Color, Party in my Cabana, Baguette Me Not, Kiss on the Chic, Royal Flush Blush, Cozu-melted in the Sun.

This one is called "Lincoln Park after Dark" and is one of their most popular nail colors.

These two (pictured above) are from their DS line and have tons of sparkle. They have actual diamond dust as part of the ingredients. Can't wait to try one of these shades with the added sparkle.

I've been wearing the same shade of mauve colored polish for years ~ but I'm ready for a change. However, I can't quite get used to the darker shades or black polish on my nails. The fashion magazines say that the "new black" for Fall is green ~ but we'll see if that catches on.

There are a few things that I just can't live without and nail polish is in the top 5. I've worn nail polish almost my whole life and can give myself a manicure (basically just paint my nails) in under 15 minutes. I've been using Mod Mauve "Express Finish" by Maybelline (pictured above). The first coat really does dry in 50 seconds ~ then within 10 mintues the second coat is usually dry.

For at least 5 years ~ I wore Whimsy Pink by Loreal until they discontinued it. During that time ~ I received countless compliments from friends, family and even strangers on the street about my nail color. It was also a mauve/pink shade and looked really great with my skin tone. EveryBunny always wanted to know what the name of my nail polish was. Since I quit wearing it ~ NoBunny has even mentioned my nail color. Of course ~ I'm no longer "in vogue" since I'm not wearing a dark colored polish.

Don't forget to hop over to the OPI website and try on some nail polish. I'm going to be daring and buy a few "wild" shades and maybe I'll give a review. I might even start receiving compliments about my nail color again.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rose Ridge Creations

This is the new Quilted Coat that I purchased for Zoe's Birthday ~ which is today (by the way). Rhonda over at Rose Ridge Creations on Etsy designed and made it for our Yorkie ~ Zoe. I LOVE the way that it turned out with the embroidered "Z" and it has the softest lining. Zoe is so picky about her clothes and this is her latest most favorite design. She looks Fabulous in this adorable Dog Coat ~ I'll try and take pics this week and post them here..........just need to remember to get batteries for my Camera.

This is the "Human" Coat/Snugglie that is designed and made by Rhonda at Rose Ridge Creations. It looks so elegant, warm and extremely comfy ~ I need to get one for me. Maybe Zoe and I can have matching Coats.

AND this is a bag for a Walker or Wheelchair. I think this is the most gorgeous bag for a Walker and would make the perfect gift for SomeBunny in a Nursing Home. It was so difficult to find a gift for my Grandmother when she was in an assisted living facility ~ she would have LOVED this (Walker) Bag. These adorable Bags for a Walker are pretty ~ yet extremely practical. They really "dress up" and make a plain generic Walker look quite Elegant. There are several designs in Rhonda's Etsy Shop and she also has Diaper Bags, Tote Bags, Purses, Flannel Socks, etc. Hop right over here for her Etsy Shop and right over here to visit her Blog.

Happy 13th Birthday Baby Bunny!!

Baby Bunny with her friend ~ Bailey
Happy 13th Birthday to Baby Bunny!!! She's now a Teenager ~ although she's been "practicing" being a Teen for months now. Last week ~ she said I was being a "Control Freak" just because I asked if she had brushed her teeth and washed her face.

She got a new cell phone, money, gift cards, 2 pairs of jeans, a purse and 2 hoody sweatshirts. We went to out to Dinner and Beach Bunny even made her a Birthday Cake. I think she really enjoyed her 13th Birthday.

We're having another Birthday Party for her and she's invited a few of her friends. I wanted to have a Beach or Pool Party ~ but she was concerned about the weather. One year we had a Pool Party but it was rather cool and so no one wanted to go swimming. This year her Birthday Party will be indoors ~ I'll post more about it later.

As luck would have it ~ I didn't have the right batteries for my Camera ~ so I didn't get any pictures on her actual Birthday. I was rushing around (not paying attention to what I was doing) and put regular batteries instead of my rechargeable batteries in my battery charger. It was quite a mess with battery acid everywhere. I'll get Beach Bunny to help me take pictures at the party that we're having with Baby Bunny's friends.

So ~ on the morning of her Birthday ~ I thought I'd give Baby Bunny a special gift. I had an expensive ring that I'd been saving for years ~ but couldn't remember if I'd given it to her before or not. Well, she opened it and said "Isn't this the same ring that you gave me last Christmas?!!??" LOL It was so hilarious and extremely tacky on so many levels. Not only had I re-gifted but I re-gifted to the SAME person AND I had left the price tag on the ring. LOL At least it gave her something to talk about ~ she told all of her friends..... "My family is soooo Cheap they regifted my Christmas present to me again on my Birthday." Well ~ I wanted to give her a special gift that she'd always remember ~ I just would rather it not be memorable as a regift. I think I'll wrap it up and give it to her again THIS Christmas. LOL

Monday, November 2, 2009

Art by Melody Lea Lamb ~

This is a print that I just purchased from Melody Lea Lamb ~ entitled Duncan. I thought it would be the perfect addition to my Fall decor. Melody is so incredibly talented and I LOVE all of her artwork. I have bought lots of her prints and also some of her adorable Bunny Magnets. She also has countless other products that feature her artwork. Hop right over here to her website and right here for her Etsy Shop. You'll enjoy visiting her Blog ~ hop right here to check it out.

Isn't this Bunny in the pumpkin cute?

This painting/print of a Zebra is Simply Stunning!! The details on him are amazing!!!

Melody paints a variety of God's creatures ~ birds, bunnies, deer, cats, frogs, horses. You quite simply MUST check out her website ~ you'll be so glad that you did. She has so many Gorgeous Gifts ~ why not give Art this Year? "They" will love you for it.

AND ~ this Lovely Lady is "Victorian Bunny". I'm so thrilled with this original painting from Melody. I'm going to frame this Exquisite Work of Art and hang it in my Bedroom. It's truly a "Priceless Painting" and I'll treasure it Always and Forever.

Isn't this Bunny too too cute? This print as well as lots of other Fabulous prints by Melody are available on Etsy. I'm sure you'll find one or two to add to your Art Collection ~ hurry and hop right here.

It's really no surprise that Melody was selected to illustrate a Children's Book. The details about the Book and to purchase a copy of "Moonlight Memoirs" ~ hop right here. The young author of "Moonlight Memoirs" saw some of Melody's artwork on Ebay and the rest ~ as they say ~ is history.