Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gifts from OWOH Giveaway

I had so much fun participating in the One World ~ One Heart Giveaway Event and visited so many interesting Blogs. I was the winner of several Gifts and would like to share with you a few of them. I've listed them in the order that I received them and I can't thank these three ladies (Chris, Barbe and Cyndi) enough for being so generous.

Isn't this Spooky "Haunted" Birdhouse a Scream? It is meticulously made and has so many unique features. I wish you could see it in person ~ since my photos just don't do it justice. I know that Chris over at Prism Trail spent many long hours designing and assembling this Fabulous OOAK Birdhouse.

The colors that she used were orange, black and purple. It even has wallpaper on the interior walls and a spider hanging on the front. She even made a Black Bird out of polymer clay for the perch on the front of this amazing Birdhouse. I've put it on the shelf right next to the Doll that Santa brought Alexandra for Christmas a few years ago.

Alexandra's Doll is from the Hollywood Movie Classics by Madame Alexander and represents the Movie ~ The Birds. I thought it so appropriate to put my new Haunted Birdhouse next to Tippi from that Scary Movie ~ The Birds. Those are three little black birds (with feathers) attached to her head, arm and coat. This doll makes me laugh every time I see it. Alexandra (who has never seen the Movie) thought it was a really bizarre gift from Santa. Maybe one day I'll let her see the Movie and then she'll appreciate the Doll a lot more.

Barbe Saint John spun this GORGEOUS Yarn for me. I wish you could see this amazing Hand Spun Yarn in person ~ the colors are so vibrant. It took my breathe away when I opened the package from her. She also sent a hand made card with a sweet little bird on it and included two Snickers. How did she know that Snickers are my favorite Candy?

This is one side of this Beautiful Yarn ~ aren't the colors just TDF!!

This is the other side of this colorful hand spun creation. Hop over here to get some of her Gorgeous Scrappy Cats Yarn!! She also has some really cool Yarn and Jewelry on Etsy ~ check it out here.

Cyndi from By Light of Moon sent this adorable Hat Magnet which she made with tiny hearts fabric. In addition, she included a sachet with a lovely Victorian image on it. She has an Etsy Store and you can purchase one of these cute Hat Magnets by hopping over here. Thanks so much Cyndi ~ I love this bright and cheery Hat!

May Easter Bring Thee Many Joys!!
~ Bunny Blessings ~

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Zoe and Bunny Books

~ Bunny Books ~

I can't believe that it's Sunday again!! This week went by really quick for me. Since it's less than a Month until Easter, I thought I would share with you a couple of my favorite Children's Books.

The first Book is entitled "Tops and Bottoms" by Janet Stevens. This well written Book is about a Hare and a Bear. Bear has lots of money and lots of land ~ and he's lazy. Hare has nothing but a hungry family ~ and he's smart. Hare is sure there's a way to share Bear's wealth, so he and Mrs. Hare cook up a plan.

Hare proposes that Bear donate land, Hare handle the labor, and they split the crop in half. All Bear has to do is choose the half he wants ~ tops or bottoms. Sleepy Bear takes tops but finds once the harvest is in that he's been tricked by clever Hare. The harvest was carrots ~ so Bear got the tops (stems) and Hare got the bottoms (the carrots).

Tops and Bottoms is an excellent choice for Easter or any other time Day of the Year.

I saw this adorable stuffed "Hare" (pictured above) in a Toy Store and recognized it immediately as the Hare from "Tops and Bottoms." It sits on our bookcase and never fails to make me smile ~ no matter how challenging my Day is.

Another Fabulous Book is "So Many Bunnies ~ A Bedtime ABC and Counting Book" by Rick Walton and Paige Miglio. I LOVE the pictures in this Book and the Rhyming Text which has the comforting familiarity of a Lullaby.

The Book even has a Bunny named Jane and she's wearing a Shabby Chic Outfit.

Isn't Xen so cute? He's wearing glasses and look at the way he's holding his pen.

I think that these are both Fabulous Books ~ even if they do feature Bunnies. As always, please check them out from your local Library before purchasing them.

~ Zoe ~

This is Zoe ~ our precious little Yorkie ~ we've had her for about five years now. She's so sweet and so smart ~ and oh so spoiled!! Amazingly, it's my Husband (Park) who spoils her the most AND he didn't even want a little yip yap dog. LOL

Zoe is wearing a gift that Terri made for her. It has Bunny Chic embroidered on it and the fabric is ultra Chic with paisleys and rosebuds. I just can't thank Terri enough for this adorable accessory that she sent Zoe.

Terri and I met during the incredible One World ~ One Heart Giveaway Event. We have a lot in common and we really "hit it off." I have several other things that Terri sent me and I'll post a lot more about those Fabulous items in the next few days. I'm sorry that my picture didn't turn out ~ but it's been cloudy all day and Zoe would not sit still. She just didn't like "facing away" from me ~ so that I could take a picture of her back.

I have received several Beautiful Gifts from the One World ~ One Heart Giveaway Event and will be posting about them this week. Hopefully the Sun WILL come out tomorrow and I can get all of my pictures taken.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Show & Tell ~ A Tale of Two Teapots

Show and Tell

Thanks to Kelli for inviting us to her House for Show and Tell.

Each and every Friday ~ I will feature one of my Bunnies and tell their Tale! This is the Second Story in my "intriguing" Series entitled ~ Every Bunny has a Tale!

~ A Tale of Two Teapots ~

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

A Tale of Two Cities

My Bunny Teapots have similarities and yet they are so very different ~ just like the Main Characters in "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens.

It was the Best of Times.......

A few months after Park and I were married ~ we went to Disney World. The Weather was absolutely Beautiful and it was a picture perfect Spring Day. We found this adorable Bunny Teapot in one of the Gift Shops. It was so adorable and I could use it every day. We were concerned about carrying it around Disney World all day, but the Salesclerk offered to have it sent to the Front Gate. All we had to do was pick it up on our way home. The entire Day was Magical ~ it was indeed the Best of Times.

It was the Worst of Times ~

So, we're driving Home, we're both completely exhausted and I remember my precious Bunny Teapot. It's still waiting for us at the Front Gate of Disney World. How could I have forgotten it? It was the worst feeling. However, we called Disney World and they were so nice to ship the Bunny Teapot to us.

It was the Best of Times...

We went to North Carolina on Vacation and I bought this Gorgeous Fitz & Floyd Old World Rabbit Teapot. Don't you love her Victorian outfit? I was thrilled with this new addition to my Bunny collection and we had the Best of Times in North Carolina.

It was the Worst of Times ~
We had to cut our Vacation short and return Home ~ due to a Hurricane off the Coast of Florida. We were desperately trying to get Home before they closed the Roads and Bridges. I was so stressed about the Hurricane and worried that we weren't going to make it home in time. Thankfully, the Hurricane turned away from Florida ~ but the car ride home was the Worst of Times.

This is a picture of my Mother when she was in High School. She "shared" with me today that "A Tale of Two Cities" was her favorite Book in High School. This picture was used without her knowledge or permission.

Hurry up Spring!!

I really LOVE Spring with Bunnies and Flowers everywhere. It is my favorite time of the Year! The Stores are featuring the new Spring Styles with bright Spring colors and even some Orange and Yellow this Year. Lilly Pulitzer not only has her signature Pink and Green ~ but also several Yellow and Blue outfits. My Kitchen is decorated in Blue and Yellow ~ so finally at least my Kitchen is "In Style."

I'm so excited about these adorable Doodle Bags that I just put up on my website today. They are such a Fabulous product and can even be personalized. They come with a mini chalkboard, 5 pieces of chalk, eraser, pad of paper, 10 washable crayons, and also features numerous pockets. All of this in a cute little zippered case.

The Pink Striped Bag is my personal favorite ~ but I love that they are also available in green camo for little boys. Wouldn't one of these make the perfect gift for Easter, Birthday or just about any occasion? You can read more about them by hopping over to my website here. However, don't delay because Easter will be here in about a month.

These Fabulous Doodle Bags are available in Red/Blue, Green Camo, Pink Stripe, Pink/Hot Pink and Pink Camo.

Doesn't this Bracelet just scream SPRING? It was made by Canela in California and I can't thank her enough for this gorgeous Bracelet. I just had to wear it today ~ since Spring is almost here. Lauren (my tween) thought it looked too babyish for someone that is so Vintage. I think she actually called me really, really OLD. However, Beatrix Potter/Peter Rabbit is timeless and Nobunny is ever too Vintage to wear it.

"Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest." Beatrix Potter

Please be sure and hop by my Bunny Blog tomorrow for "Every Bunny has a Tale."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hold the Lemon ~ Please!!

Have you seen the Commercial where the Mom opens the door for her Children with her Foot? I've been known to do exactly the same thing and have even used my coat sleeve, napkins, a shopping bag ~ anything to avoid touching the door handle. Yes, I'm a Germaphob!!

In Restaurants ~ I'm a Waitress/Waiter's worst Nightmare because I always have a whole litany of special requests ~ Dressing on the Side, No Onions, Light Sauce, Extra Butter, Extra Sour Cream and please NO lemon in my Tea. I try to make light of it by saying ~ "I'm on a Diet, please hold the Lemon" or "I'm saving room for Dessert, please hold the Lemon."

So, literally 4 out of 5 times when the Server brings my Tea ~ there is a huge Lemon Wedge in it. Sometimes, they'll even put 2 or 3 Lemon Wedges in my Tea and everyone else at the Table only has 1 Lemon Wedge. My Husband's Theory is that I have so many special requests that they can't possibly remember them all. However, they do remember something about Lemon in my Tea and so they put extra Wedges in there. Since I never have the nerve to send it back ~ I simply remove it while Park is saying ~ "A little Lemon won't kill you."

I was so shocked when I saw this Video and will now adamantly avoid Restaurant Lemon Wedges ~ with this scientific evidence as corroboration. What else have I "missed" that could be full of Disease causing Bacteria?

I think I will brush the Dust Bunnies off of my Cook Books and we'll start having quiet Dinners at Home.

Here's something to brighten your Day ~ meet "Bunny Sunshine." She is a plastic bag holder and the newest addition to my website. You can read more about her by hopping over here. I featured her Sister ~ Betsy Ross Bunny ~ in my Blog yesterday. They are both hand made in New Hampshire and are perfect for organizing plastic bags, sewing supplies, arts and crafts, etc.

Update ~ I've decided to rename my series of short stories that will be featured each Friday for Show and Tell at Kelli's House. The Series will now be entitled: "Every Bunny has a Tale" (Why didn't I think of that before?) I have enough Bunnies to feature a different one each Friday for at least a Year ~ each one of them has an interesting Tale to tell.

Monday, February 18, 2008

LOVE for our American Flag!

~ Happy President's Day!! ~
Don't you LOVE our American Flag? It is truly Vintage and it's one thing that has remained the same since 1776 ~ well except for the stars. We have decorated our House with Flags today for President's Day. I'm sitting here at the Computer watching our Flag waving in the breeze ~ it looks so Majestic and Beautiful. It is days like these that I really miss my Grandmother and my Great Aunt Margaret. They were both proud Members of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and Flag Day, President's Day, Fourth of July ~ we always had huge celebrations. Well, they seemed huge to me at the time ~ I think we actually just had lots of food, cake and ice cream. Oh and Flags everywhere!!

Since it's President's Day ~ I thought I would share with you three truly "timeless" quotes from Thomas Jefferson that really "speak" to me.

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."

"I cannot live without Books."

"Honesty is the first chapter in the Book of Wisdom."

I also wanted to give you an update regarding my online Boutique ~ Bunny Chic Boutique. I am completely revamping my website and will be offering more handmade unique items. I'm so excited about all the new fabulous items and the incredibly talented designers that I'll be featuring on
Bunny Chic Boutique ~ where you'll find Fabulous Gifts for Every Bunny!!

~ Betsy Ross Plastic Bag Holder ~

This is what I've just added to my Boutique this morning!! I'm so excited to offer several Bunny items hand made by Julie and Ruth in New Hampshire. Each and every Bunny is meticulously and lovingly hand made as well as all of their Beautiful Outfits. I can't thank Julie and Ruth enough for allowing me to feature their Fabulous products on my website. Isn't Betsy Ross ~ so adorable? I just adore Chic Organization!! If you'd like to read more about Betsy Ross Bunny ~ hop over here.

~ My Grandfather Frank Wooten (left) ~

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Decorating on a Dime ~ Literally a Dime!

~Bunny's Bedside Books ~

Sunday is a day of Rest, Reading and Reflection. I have always loved Books and wish that I had more time to relax and read. The stack of Books on my Bedside Table was out of control so while I was organizing them this afternoon ~ I took a few pictures.
My Husband suggested that we redecorate our Dining Room and turn it into an Office/Studio for me. I think he's worried because my Bunny Chic Boutique "Fluff" is starting to spill over into the rest of the House. He's trying desperately to contain my "Bunny Fluff."

So, I've been collecting books and getting ideas of how to organize our Dining Room so that we can still use it for occasional Dinners. Oh and my Budget for this fabulously redesigned Dining Room/Studio is ..... a Dime! I'll have to get very creative and extremely organized so that I can use my existing furniture and utilitze my jars, baskets, etc. for storage containers.

The Book on the left has gorgeous pictures of some amazing Design Studios of some Fabulous Designers like Dena Fishbein, April Cornell, Debbee Thibault and Sara Toliver. The Book on the right has some excellent storage ideas and shows you how to create a functional, inspiring space that lets you focus on crafting not clutter. "Where Women Create" and "Organizing Your Craft Space" are both by Jo Packman. Check your local Library ~ they might have these books available.

This is a picture of inside the "Where Women Create" Book and it features Dena Fishbein's Studio. Isn't it TDF and absolutely Gorgeous?!!

This is a picture is from the "Organizing Your Craft Space" Book and it features all types of clever storage ideas that I would never have thought of. I LOVE Books with lots of pictures and very little writing ~ so these are two of my favorite.

For my new Studio, I'm going to use our existing China Cabinets for my art and office supplies. I have so many unique baskets and tons of vintage jars ~ so I might be able to stay under Budget. I've generously offered my ENTIRE Redecorating Budget to my Daughter ~ if she would help me pack up everything in our China Cabinets. She's a tween now and so you can probably guess how excited she was to help with this "little" project. I should probably take before and after pictures ~ so that you can see the miraculous transformation. Yes ~ it's going to take a Miracle!!

Isn't this the cutest purse? It's the Posh Pink Poodle Princess Purse and I've just listed it on my online Boutique ~ Bunny Chic Boutique. You can check out this adorable purse by hopping here ~ but don't delay, I only have one in stock.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Show and Tell ~ The Good, the Bad and the Lovely!!

Show and Tell

I'm thrilled to be a part of this fun event which is held at Kelli's House each Friday. This is the first in my Series entitled "Every Bunny has a Tale".

~ The Good, the Bad and the Lovely! ~

The Good or "Life with Park and Jayne" ~

Shop Jayne Shop. See Jayne Shop. See the cute Bunny! Buy Jayne Buy! Look Park! Look at the Cute Bunny! Park says, "how much and where?" Jayne says, "$6.00 and the Garden." Park says "Yes Jayne Yes!" Jayne can keep the cute little Bunny. Good Buy ~ Jayne ~ Good Buy!!

The Bad ~

Oh my how this year has flown! I bought these Impatiens Flowers almost one year ago and never planted them. Isn’t that bad? It seems like it was just last month that I guessed at how many Trays of Flowers I would need to put around our Oak Trees. However, since I miscalculated and had several Trays of Flowers left over ~ I decided I would use them in Flower Pots around our Back Door but never got around to it. Sadly ~ all the other flowers around our Trees are long gone, but amazingly this Tray of neglected Flowers still remains. Hmm…sounds like some type of Science Experiment. Guess it’s really not that Bad after all.

The Lovely ~

Impatiens Flowers are so lovely and one of my favorite. It’s so nice to have a little color in our Front yard at this time of Year. They look Lovely from a distance ~ especially when you’re driving by @ 35 mph. Of course ~ the daily walkers can get a nice long look at the Good, the Bad and the Lovely.

Thanks for letting me share and next week will be Part 2 in the Series entitled "Every Bunny has a Tale."

Happy Valentine's Day

One World ~ One Heart Update!!

The winner of the Shabby Chic Clipboard is ...........

Ladybug of "Living in the Light I find"
So, it's true ~ Ladybugs really ARE Lucky because there were over 229 Comments/Entries!! Thank you to Every Bunny that entered and hop over again.
~ Happy Valentine's Day!! ~

I loved participating in the One World ~ One Heart Blog Giveaway and met so many amazingly talented and inspirational Bloggers. I'm so thankful to Lisa Oceandreamer for organizing this HUGE worldwide event. I'll post more comments in the next few days about some of the fabulous Bloggers that I met and a couple of fascinating stories about them ~ so please be sure to visit again soon!! I had so much fun that I'm already looking forward to the next Giveaway Event.

We'll pull a name out of a little Heart shaped box tonight after Dinner. I'm actually nervous about picking a Name for my First Giveaway ~ so I'm going to let my DD do the honors. Please check later tonight and I'll announce the winner.

I had such an overwhelming response to my Shabby Chic Clipboard Giveaway ~ 225 comments (entries) to date!! So, I've decided to offer these handmade Clipboards on my website for an affordable price. They will be available next week and I think they would make the perfect gift for a Special Teacher or even yourself. In the meantime ~ you can always email me if you would like one made with a specific theme. I do still have some of the lovely Dena Designs paper available and can make another one similar to my Shabby Chic Giveaway.

Can you guess which Valentine's Day decoration that I made? The one on the left or on the right of the Vase? LOL Please leave a comment ~ even if it's only a two word comment. I certainly got spoiled to have received 225 Fabulous Comments on my SECOND ever Post. I might be a Bloggin' Newbie ~ but I'm sure loving this marvelous Land of Blog!!