Monday, July 27, 2009

I have a Dream.......

I found some more Gorgeous Handbags on Etsy!! I've met so many talented designers on Etsy and some of them have become Fabulous Friends. So, I'm going to share with EveryBunny my Secret Dream...... My Dream is to become a Designer of Handbags!! I know it's a HUGE Fantasy considering that I'm so artistically challenged. However, I'm considering taking a few College classes ~ maybe Interior Design or Fashion Design or maybe simply a sewing class might help. Do they have offer those classes online?

Well, in the meantime you can check out all of these new Fabulous Finds on Etsy by hopping over here to visit Mary Kaiser LTD.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm in LOVE .... with a Maserati ~

I'm so in LOVE with this 2010 Maserati Spyder and it's only about $150,000.00. My Friend Barbara in CA told me that her husband wanted a Maserati. I wasn't familiar with this "Make" of car ~ so I googled it and the second I saw it...... I was totally in LOVE. Barbara's Husband has Excellent taste ~ in cars and especially by marrying Barbara.

This is the 2008 Maserati and I would even be "Hoppy" with a used one. It looks fast ~ doesn't it?

There are only about 15 days left until school starts and we haven't been on a Summer Vacation yet. We were going to have a Staycation ~ but I think it might be fun to have a spontaneous trip before school starts. So, next week I'm going to plan a spontaneous Family Vacation. I guess that's an oxymoron ~ to plan something when you want it to be spontaneous. I'm much better at planning than being spontaneous. I'll let you know where we decide to go ~ Baby Bunny wants to go to New York City or on a Disney Cruise. Any suggestions for the perfect Family Vacation?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've been dreading this Day ~ 7/23/09

I've been dreading this Day ~ 7/23/09 ~ for over a year. Today is the day that the Lease ended for my SUV. I was so concerned about what type of car Mr. Bunny would get for me this time. Four years ago ~ we couldn't afford the SUV that I had fallen in love with so we leased it. Mr. Bunny asked me at the time if we could afford it and I looked him straight in the eye and said "Yes". Well, that is "Yes ~ if you don't mind not having food, lights or water". I don't think he heard the last part.

So, for the last year I've been trying to decide what type of Car/SUV or Truck ~ that we could afford and that I would LOVE to drive. I've been seeing the car pictured above driving by our house several times a day. Of course, I considered it a sign that this should be my new car. Mr. Bunny said ~ we can't afford that it's probably $100,000.00. Well, it's $107,900.00 to be exact ~ can you believe that it's that expensive. How did he know how much that car cost? He didn't even want to go and take a test drive in it.
AND ~ these leather seats are an additional $3,500.00. I told him that I would get a job at TJ Maxx so that we could afford this car. He thought that was hilarious and said that a shopaholic shouldn't work in a Store ~ much less in TJ Maxx. He's right yet again ~ I would owe TJ Maxx so much money each week. It would be like an alcoholic working in a Liquor Store or a gambler working in a Casino. I would actually save him tons of money by NOT working in one of my favorite stores.

So, we found another SUV that I LOVE that cost a tiny fraction of the BMW M6 pictured above. My new car has all the options that I wanted and we can actually afford the payments this time. I'm not a spendthrift after all. My Mother always called me that and I never really knew what the word meant. I could tell by the tone of her voice and the way that she said it ~ that it wasn't a compliment. I finally looked up the meaning of Spendthrift ~ One who is extravagant and spends money recklessly or wastefully. I knew it was the opposite of frugal ~ but had no idea they would have my picture next to the word ~ Spendthrift. I prefer to be called Extravagant ~ it just sounds more sophisticated!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whatever will be ~ will be!!

Look to the future, because that is where you'll spend the rest of your life.

~ George Burns ~

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Mountain of Magazines ~

I absolutely adore Magazines and Books ~ but they had taken over our Master Bedroom. They were stacked next to my side of the bed and I had to pole vault over them every night to get into Bed. It was a depressing sight and I could never find the time to go through them and pull out the articles and pictures that I wanted to save. So, yesterday I just stacked them all up without even looking inside a single one. They are sitting by the back door on their way to the Recycling Center ~ all 48 inches of them. Can you imagine a Mountain of Magazines ~ 4 feet tall? I think this qualifies as an excessive amount of Magazines and that doesn't include the books that were mixed in with them.

I did keep all of the Books that I found and had even forgotten that I had bought some of them. I just didn't have anywhere to put them. So, I had to go through all the Books on several Bookshelves and make room for the new Books. Now, I also have a nice stack of Books that I'm donating to the Library ~ but it's not nearly as impressive as my Mountain of Magazines.

This is just part of the Stack of Magazines with a yard stick in front of them. They now offer curbside recycling for magazines in our area. However, I called them today and they said that I shouldn't tie them up ~ but just to put a few in our Recycling Bin each week. I was too embarrassed to tell them that I had several hundred magazines. Now, that I've decided to get rid of my Magazine collection ~ I don't want to look at them for another day ~ much less another Month. The Recycling Truck only comes once a week and I know he'll pass right by our house ~ if he sees this HUGE stack of Magazines.

This is another view of "The Mountain of Magazines" with Whiskers our Cat in the foreground. I probably shouldn't let anyone or anything near the Mountain ~ I'm afraid that the stack might come crashing down.

So ~ this is what my side of the Bed looks like now!! A few Books, a couple of Magazines and a clutter free space.

I forgot to take a Before Picture and had already carried all those hundreds of Magazines down the stairs. I seriously considered bringing them back up and re-positioning them for a staged "before" picture ~ but my knees vetoed that idea. I don't think I could ever re-create the horrible sight ~ even if I wanted to. AND ~ I'm not going to let the Magazines/Books/Shoes/Purses, etc. take over again.

Today ~ I went through and tried on every pair of pants, shorts and capris that I own. I considered sharing here with you how many pants, etc. that I have ~ but you wouldn't believe me and Mr. Bunny might decide to actually read my Blog. Just think of a very large number and then triple it and you're probably close. I was shocked at the excessiveness and exhausted from trying everything on. I've organized them all into four drawers ~ shorts, denim capris, dressy capris and a jeans drawer. Of course, all of the dressy pants went back into the Closet. AND ~ I have a HUGE stack of pants, etc. for Goodwill.

Tomorrow ~ I'm going to tackle my Wall of Shirts.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Pretty in Pink Designs ~

I just received 3 more Backpacks from Pretty In Pink Designs and I LOVE all three of them. They're so Gorgeous and turned out even better than I ever imagined they would. I'm so glad that I don't have to pick a favorite from these 3 Fabulous Designs ~ I don't think I could pick just one. AND ~ that's why I HAD to get all three. My Pretty in Pink Collection is multiplying by leaps and bounds ~ just like little bunnies.

You can visit Deanna's Etsy Store ~ prettyinpinkdesigns320 by hopping over
here and please be sure to visit her Blog by hopping over here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Revamp It Event ~

Natasha Burns is hosting a Fabulous "Revamp It" Event on 8/14/09 on her Blog. You just take an item from your Closet (or Goodwill) and "Revamp It" into something Fabulous!! It can be clothing, a hat, shoes, handbag, etc. ~ then get creative and transform it. She is also going to having a drawing from the participants for some of her Gorgeous Artwork. Hop right over here for all of the details and to visit Natasha Burns' Blog. I can't wait to see what EveryBunny comes up with ~ especially me since I'm artistically challenged.

Friday's Fabulous Finds ~

Isn't this the most Gorgeous Kitchen Towel? I purchased it from the Tallulah Sophie Etsy Store ~ hop over here to see her Etsy Store. It's even prettier in person and I LOVE this Chic Collage design. It makes me smile each and every time I use it. This is how I justified the purchase ~ so that I can save money by not using so many paper towels. Saving money ~ saving the environment and saving a tree or two at the same time.

Isn't this one cute with the Farm theme?

AND ~ this one features bright red cherries.

I considered having a Black and White Kitchen instead of Blue and White ~ this would really cheer up any Kitchen. LOVE the way this design turned out......and these Kitchen Towels are reasonably priced too.

These would make the perfect gift ~ even for yourself. She has lots of other adorable items in her Etsy Store ~ hop right here to see all of her Fabulous items.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home for Sale on Indian River in Florida ~

My Great Grandfather left Scotland in 1873 to travel around the World. He visited several Countries, lived in South America for 3 years and spent a year exploring Africa. However, he thought Florida and especially the banks of the Indian River "the prettiest place in the whole world."

This is a picture of my next door neighbor's house and it is for sale. If you're looking for a gorgeous home on the beautiful Indian River in Florida ~ then you should check out this amazing piece of real estate. It's a 4 bedroom 2 bath home that was built in 1903 (they don't make them like this anymore).

It is truly Gorgeous outside and inside ~ with all the modern conveniences. There is also a Cute Cottage, another 2 story house and a garage apartment that is included with this property ~ which can be used as rental income. You can read all the details by hopping over here. I'm really going to miss them ~ they have been the best neighbors that AnyBunny could ever want.

As Mr. Rogers used to say ~ "Won't you be my Neighbor?"

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood
A beautiful day for a neighbor
Would you be mine, Could you be mine

So, let's make the most of this beautiful day
Since we're together we might as well say

Would you be mine, could you be mine

Won't you be my neighbor
Won't you please, won't you please
Please won't you be my neighbor

I've decided to start my own little Wisteria Lane like on Desperate Housewives. Won't you be my Neighbor? ~ we'll have tons of fun..........

Just leave a comment or email me and let me know which Desperate Housewife you would like to be ~ Lynette, Gabrielle, Susan or Bree. I'm kind of a cross between Susan and Bree.

This is a view of my Neighbor's Dock out over the Indian River.

This is a view from my Neighbor's Dock ~ which shows the riverbank in front of our House.

This is a picture that my Great Grandfather took in 1905 of the tip (end) of Merritt Island, Florida ~ which is just across the river from us.

AND ~ this is what the tip (end) of Merritt Island, Florida looks like today. Same exact place approx. 104 years later and the view of the Indian River remains the same.

My Great Grandfather must have loved to travel ~ since he spent 11 years traveling around the World before arriving in Florida on July 4, 1884. I don't enjoy traveling for a host of reasons ~ but if you're a world traveler like my Great Grandfather.....

Here is a quote that I saw yesterday:

"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.
Then take half the clothes and twice the money."
—Susan Heller

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bunny Bless You Awards ~

I originally had this logo ~ Bunny Bless You ~ designed for a new product that I had developed. Unfortunately ~ it's going to cost more to manufacture my innovative new product than I could sell them for. Since we're currently not independently weathly ~ I can't afford to loose money on each item that we sell. Back to the drawing board.....

So, for now ~ I've decided to use my cute logo as an Award for acts of kindness. I LOVE "Random Acts of Kindness" ~ giving them and receiving them. When someone takes the time to thank me or encourage me ~ it really does make my day or actually my whole week.

The first Bunny Bless You Award goes to Barbara in California. Barbara took the time last week to email me and let me know how much she enjoyed my Blog. She has no idea how much it meant to me at a time when I needed a little encouragement. Thanks so much Barbara and "Bunny Bless You".

Then, Terri in CT emailed this quote to me about sea glass ~ but it can apply to many different aspects of life:

"What was once shattered or discarded becomes more glorious than it's original form. And in the right environment, time can heal even the deepest wounds."

She's always been so kind to me and sometimes emails me just to check and see how I'm doing. Terri ~ Thanks for always being there for me ~ "Bunny Bless You".

I LOVE visiting her Blog ~ Lavender Between the Cracks. She always has Lovely Pictures from her Travels and Garden, Fabulous Finds, TONS of yummy Recipes or instructions for Craft Projects. Her Home is absolutely Gorgeous and I always want whatever product she features ~ such as her Steam Mop, Stainless Garbage Can, Sewing Stand, April Cornel Bag, etc., etc. You can see her Beautiful Studio/Sewing Room by hopping right here ~ oh I'd love to have a room like that. I guess I need to learn how to sew first.

These are just two of the "God Winks" that I had last week. More to come.......

Friday, July 10, 2009

Framed Button Bunny ~

Well, as you probably have guessed ~ I LOVE Bunnies ~ but I also LOVE Buttons. So, when I saw this adorable framed Button Bunny ~ I just had to get a few of them for my website. I purchased them from "Primitives by Kathy". If you're interested or have any questions about this cute Button Bunny ~ just let me know. I'll have them listed this weekend on my website ~ Bunny Chic Boutique.

I've had quite a few people ask if we have a real Bunny. Well, we had one for about a week before it disappeared into our back yard. This is Beach Bunny 10 years ago ~ when she was 7 years old holding Flopsy Hoppity Cottontail Benjamin the Bunny. I'm sure that's one of the reasons he ran off ~ we each called the poor thing a different name. Of course ~ I'm sure that Whiskers (our Cat) or Zoe (our Dog) didn't have anything to do with it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello Kitty Bracelet ~

This Hello Kitty Bracelet is back in stock on my website. It is just the cutest bracelet and features 3 Hello Kitty Bells. This adorable bracelet is meticulously made by the talented Fortune*Cookiez. You can check it out by hopping over here to my website ~ Bunny Chic Boutique.

Two Giveaways ~

First Giveaway is over on Not Quite June Cleaver's Blog and it's for two lovely Aprons ~ one vintage and one homemade Apron. You can enter by leaving a comment for her by hopping over here. Please hurry ~ the Giveaway ends on Monday ~ 7/13/09. I LOVE her Blog and I'm so glad I found it by visiting Tina's Blog ~ The Garden Goose ~ which brings us to the second Giveaway.........

Don't you love this Wall Decal? Tina at The Garden Goose Blog is also having a Giveaway for her 500th Blog Post. The Giveaway is for $75.00 worth of vinyl decals that you can use to decorate your walls. There are tons of fabulous decals over on the WilsonGraphics Etsy Shop.

This is one of the Wall Decals from Wilson Graphics Etsy Shop and you know that it's on my wish list!! Actually there are several wall decals that I now have on my wish list.

Hop right over
here to enter her Giveaway for $75.00 worth of wall decals. You have until July 15th to enter her Giveaway. You're going to LOVE Tina's Blog ~ The Garden Goose ~ it's also one of my new favorites.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Style and Book Purses ~

My Style can be summed up in 3 words ~ Ralph Lauren, Cotton and Sleeveless. I have a closet full of sleeveless shirts and most of them are Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts. Of course, I don't wear anything but Cotton (in Florida) and luckily Denim is Cotton. I bought lots of Ralph Lauren Oxford Button Shirts for the little Bunnies too.

Unfortunately ~ since these shirts are associated with "my style", the bunnies have decided that they want their own cool style. What could be cooler than a Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirt? ~ literally these shirts are "cool" in every sense of the word.

So, I'm selling all of their shirts on Ebay. We have different colors and several different sizes ~ some NWT (new with tags) and some are EUC (excellent used condition). I couldn't even find them on the polo website ~ so guess they're not currently available. It's such a classic style ~ hope they don't discontinue them. You can hop right over here to my Ebay Store ~ if you're interested.

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to share my before and after pictures of my STACKS of Magazines and Books. Do I really want the Clean House TV Show knocking at my Door? How many Bunnies would they let me keep or would they want ALL of them for the Yard Sale?

In the meantime, I found these adorable Purses (Handbags) on Etsy. Isn't this the most clever idea? If you LOVE Books and you collect handbags or know SomeBunny who does ~ isn't this the perfect gift? You can hop right here to see this cute purse.

This is the inside of "The Wizard of Oz" Purse. The money doesn't come with the purse ~ I don't think. I travel so light these days and this is a great size for an evening out or a quick trip to the Store.

Wuthering Heights handbag ~

Inside view of Wuthering Heights ~

Alice in Wonderland ~

I think I have read every Nancy Drew book and some of them twice. Hop right here to get this adorable Nancy Drew Purse.

Inside view of the Nancy Drew purse ~ looks like it's extremely well-made.

Do you have a favorite book? The Sellers that I have featured here on my Bunny Blog will make a custom purse for you out of almost any book. You can send it to them or they will track it down for you.

~Where does my money go?? That's where my money goes!! ~

Do you remember the old Mitch Miller song ~ "That's where my money goes"? Well, MY money goes to buy my Beach Bunny Gas for her car. If you'd like to hear the song ~ just hop right here ~ it's entitled I've got Sixpence/I've been working on the railroad/That's where my money goes" all in one song.

This is what I told Beach Bunny the other day and yes ~ she rolled her eyes at me.

"I've got nopence to spend and nopence to lend and nopence to last me all my life."

AND ~ to make it worse ~ I sang it to her. My little bunnies don't like my style or my new theme song.