Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Schools for the Bunnies ~

Wow ~ the Summer Vacation went by so incredibly fast. We didn't do even half of the fun things that I had planned. Well, we still have the weekends for trips to the Beach and mini vacations. The Bunnies were sad that School started this week and yet excited to get back into a routine. They just aren't too thrilled with all of the homework that they got on the first day of School.

~ Beach Bunny and Baby Bunny ~

Baby Bunny (who's 12 now) started Middle School and is actually enjoying the challenge. We applied and she was accepted at three different schools. It was a really difficult decision ~ but we encouraged her to attend the "blue ribbon" school that is closer to our house rather than the International Baccalaureate School where most of her friends are going. She's trying out for the Basketball Team next week and hopefully ~ she'll make the team. If not, then she'll join the Girls Golf Team. She just can't be on both Teams because they have practice at the same time everyday.

And Beach Bunny is also attending a new school ~ yes ANOTHER new School for Beach Bunny. She is a Junior this Year and was miserable at the Public High School last year ~ even though they offered dual enrollment. We thought that she would enjoy taking College classes at the local Community College. She could receive college credits at the same time as receiving high school credits and it was a FREE program. Anyway, there is just too much crime at this particular Public School ~ her safety was a major concern ~ as well as her happiness.

At the 11th hour ~ we decided to see if we could get her into a Private School. So, last week we toured several Private Schools, applied to one and had to obtain recommendations from several of her previous Teachers. In less than 2 days ~ we completed the lengthy and complex Application process and she was accepted. Of course, the Tuition is outrageous and I'll probably have to sell one of my Kidneys. However, the most important thing is that she LOVES her new School and comes home everyday HOPPY!!

This was yet another God Wink for us. The Director of Admissions at the Private School was someone that I had gone to High School with. So, we were almost immediately accepted and didn't have to go before the Admissions Board for approval. I was so concerned that Beach Bunny would have to go on a waiting list until they had an opening. I was even considering Home Schooling if we couldn't get her into a Private School. You read my Blog ~ you know what a disaster that would be. LOL

It's ironic ~ last year Baby Bunny wore uniforms (no flip flops) and Beach Bunny could wear anything she wanted and flip flops. This year ~ Beach Bunny is wearing uniforms and Baby Bunny is loving wearing anything she wants and is especially thrilled with wearing flip flops. Beach Bunny is hating her new school shoes and misses all of her flip flops. I know it's so difficult for her to wear uniforms again after 4 years of wearing anything she wanted to.

Beach Bunny is taking Photography at her new School and we went shopping tonight for a new Camera. She had done some research and checked with her Teacher about the specs that she needed for the class. We really didn't spend too much time picking one out ~ but we both liked this one because it look sharp and we both love the color blue:

This is the Kodak Easyshare M340 Digital Camera that we purchased. You can hop over here to read more about it. The shade of Blue in person is a little darker than pictured here. We really didn't spend too much time looking at all the cameras. In fact, I think I've spent more time picking out a pack of hamburger meat than we did picking out this new camera. Well, she's thrilled with it and I hoping she'll learn a lot in her Photography class and help me with my pictures.

Now that both of my Bunnies are about the same height ~ we've had several people ask if they were twins. Beach Bunny (pictured on the left) is FIVE years older than Baby Bunny (right) AND Baby Bunny is taller. I've REALLY got to think of another name for Baby Bunny (who's 12) ~ especially since she's taller than me now.

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Natasha Burns said...

Well that is great news about your Beach Bunny and Baby Bunny!

How is Zoe doing? How is the search for the Zoe Proof Garbage Can coming along? I can imagine you going into a store and asking for a Zoe Proof Garbage Can!