Monday, August 24, 2009

My latest Obsession ~ Scarves!!

My latest obsession started yesterday morning ~ when I couldn't decide on an outfit to wear to Church. The outfit that I had picked out the day before ~ now looked extremely unattractive. What was I thinking?!? (when I picked it out)!! Of course ~ I didn't have the "perfect" scarf to wear with my pants. It was my first day teaching the 2 year old Sunday School class and I really didn't want to wear a dress ~ especially when I knew I'd be playing with blocks and trucks. I was running out of time and so I had to wear my "go to" outfit which is black pants and a white shirt. I really needed a colorful scarf to dress up my outfit and also so that it looked like a different outfit from the one that I had worn last Sunday.

Then ~ Sunday afternoon I spent hours looking at scarves on Ebay and Etsy. I purchased the Ralph Lauren scarf (pictured above) because I just couldn't resist it. I've always been obsessed with animal print and this scarf has pink roses on it too. One of our Rooms is decorated in the Safari theme and I might frame this scarf and hang it on the wall. I'll wait and see how it looks in person ~ but I'd rather enjoy it as wall art rather than wear it occasionally. I think this Gorgeous Ralph Lauren Scarf with the sleeping Leopard would look stunning framed.

I already have this Talbots Scarf in my collection or I might be tempted to buy it. It's a gorgeous red with just a hint of fuschia and is 100% Silk. It would add a splash of color to lots of different outfits. You can hop over here to Ebay and "buy it now" for only $4.99. I'm not the Ebay Seller for this Scarf ~ but they do have a 100% feedback.

I almost bought this Talbots Halloween/Fall Scarf ~ but I just can't "face" Halloween yet. I was going to use it as a Table Runner in our Dining Room as part of our Halloweeen decorations. The length is 52 inches and it's made of silk. Just hop over here to see it "up close" ~ but hurry this Auction on Ebay ends soon.

I can't decide about this Talbots Black and White Silk Scarf. It features lots of different types of chairs. It's different ~ just don't know if I can "pull this style off". I envision a lady who owns an Antique Store wearing this lovely scarf. What do you think? Well, here's the link to check it out ~ just hop here. It was just listed on Ebay today for $7.00 with free shipping. Maybe it would make my "go to" black and white outfits look more elegant and refined.

Okay ~ so I spent at least an hour obsessing over this particular scarf that is listed on Ebay. It's a Talbots ~ naturally ~ but it's alot more money than I could justify paying. The "buy it now" price is $64.99 plus $6.45 shipping or you can make an offer on it. I was just so "drawn" to the print which has handbags and shoes on it. Of course, I love the color too ~ just not the price. Here's the link to this adorable scarf ~ just hop right here.

Here's a close-up (above) of the silk fabric with the pink "ribbon" border.

Then ~ I found this Scarf (pictured above) over on Etsy listed as "Vintage" without a Tag. Could it be a Talbots design? I studied the two fabrics side by side and they appear to be the exact same images of the shoes and handbags they are just positioned differently on the two scarves. AND this Scarf on Etsy doesn't have the pink "ribbon" border ~ but it's only $20.00 with free shipping. Here's the link to this cute scarf ~ just hop right here.
This is the Lilly Pulitzer 50th Anniversay Jubilee Edition Scarf that is currently sold out on their website. It was originally $50.00 and I've found it over on "The Preppy Outlet" website on sale for $25.00. You can hop right over here ~ if you'd like to purchase one of these Gorgeous Silk Scarves. Don't you just LOVE anything Lilly?

Since I purchased the Ralph Lauren Scarf which is pictured at the top of this post ~ I won't be able to buy any of the scarves listed above. I've far exceeded my "scarf money" for the week ~ so please feel free to buy any of these scarves. You would actually be doing me a favor ~ so that I won't be tempted to exceed my scarf quota.

You just can't have too many scarves. They have countless uses and in addition to wearing them around the neck ~ you can also wear them as belts. I tie them on purses, frame them as wall art and use them as table runners. I sometimes use scarves when I don't have a bow and tie them around my gift. They're also the perfect "liner" for Gift Baskets or as "reusable" wrapping paper for presents. Sometimes my wrapping paper (scarf) is even more popular than the gift inside. Scarves can really pull an outfit together ~ magically from drab to fab. Don't forget my motto ~

When in doubt ~ Scarf it!!
Be Chic and Tie One on!!!

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You have been busy Jayne! Great finds - love scarves!

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