Thursday, July 31, 2008

Small Town Southern Man

Today is my Father's Birthday ~ so I wanted to do a short Tribute to him. He was a Small Town Southern Man and when I heard Alan Jackson's new song by the same name ~ I knew that it would be the PERFECT song to describe him. He LOVED his family, his Church, his small town and he also loved "working on the land". He was a successful businessman and was the epitome of Integrity and Elegance ~ a true Southern Gentleman.

~ Mitchell Ellington ~
(Julian Mitchell Ellington)

1927 - 1995

He was a quiet man of few words ~ but when he spoke people listened ~ especially his four daughters. Well, I listened ~ but I didn't always "follow" his words of wisdom. Yes ~ I was "raised on the ways and gentle kindness of a Small Town Southern Man".

In his spare time ~ which he had so little of ~ he worked in the groves mowing. He found it relaxing and enjoyed "working on the land". We've been reading his "Daytimer" from a few years before he passed away and he had a lot "on his plate". We didn't realize it back then ~ I guess it's because he was so quiet and not a complainer ~ always extremely optimistic. He worked tirelessly managing TWO Companies simultaneously (a Ford Dealership AND a Construction Company) and also his Orange Grove. In addition to that ~ he was on numerous Committees at Church and on the City's Planning and Zoning Board.

I wanted to put together a Video with a slide show and Alan Jackson's song "Small Town Southern Man". So, since I was having "Computer issues" and couldn't figure out how to make one ~ Lauren's friend in CT made a Video for me and we have it showing on Youtube. It's very short ~ because I was limited to family pictures that my Sister had given me on a CD. My Scanner and my Computer aren't "talking to each other ~ for some reason. Thankfully ~ I had that precious CD of pictures to use for our Video.

Did you notice me in the "Easter Portrait" of the four daughters? I'm the one wearing the Easter Dress sitting on the tricycle with my hat lopsided on my head. I was such a "tom boy" and lived on my tricycle dawn to dusk. I usually wore a hard hat while riding my Tricycle ~ but I guess since it's Easter ~ I wore an Easter Bonnet. Wait until you see a picture of me in a hard hat ~ it's hilarious. Well, my family enjoys talking about my bright silver aluminum hard hat ~ so I might as well just post it on my Blog.

I think Manya did a Fabulous job on the Video and even added special effects including "waves" for the Beach scenes. Did I mention that Lauren's friend is only 10 years old? Please leave a comment ~ I know that she would really appreciate hearing your (positive) feedback about her Video. Of course, you know I treasure each and every comment that I receive!!

Any and all photos/images are used without my Mother's permission or even her knowledge ~ especially this one.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fabulous Fairy Tale Jewels ~

I'm thrilled to announce that I've been offered a position at Fairy Tale Jewels, LLC as the National Account Executive. Joanie is the Owner/Designer of Fairy Tale Jewels and I've known her for what seems like my whole life. We've become Fabulous Friends over the Years and she's ALWAYS been there for me through life's ups and downs ~ via email. I haven't met her "in person" yet ~ she's my "invisible fairy friend". We actually met on Ebay when I first became addicted to Boutique Bracelets and she gave me invaluable assistance when I started my website. She's an extremely talented jewelry designer and a savvy businesswoman. To say that I'm excited with this Fabulous opportunity is an understatement and I'll be FOREVER in her debt. This is yet another "wink from God" and I've been blessed beyond measure.

Joanie has almost finished redesigning her new website and it looks absolutely GORGEOUS!! It reminds me of the Anna Griffin Maime Fabric that I blogged about in a previous Post. There are still a few items that she's updating ~ just hop over here and check out her "new look" ~ it's a Magical Place!! Don't forget to visit her Blog so that you can read all about Joanie and her "Charmed Life".

As National Account Executive for FTJ ~ I'll be responsible for Wholesale and Dropship Accounts. So, if you're interested in opening a Wholesale and/or Dropship Account with Fairy Tale Jewels, please contact me. We're accepting new Accounts for "Brick and Mortar"' as well as "Online Boutique (Retailers)". You can fill out a Wholesale Inquiry by "flying" over here and we will send you the wholesale and/or dropship documents. The 2009 Fairy Tale Jewels (full color) 45 page Catalog will be available for "Brick and Mortar" Stores in October. The FTJ image CD for Wholesale and/or Dropship Online Retailers will be available in two weeks.

You can email me at Fairy Tale Jewels ~ just look for the little Fairy (pictured above) on my Blog side bar. I'd LOVE to assist you with ordering some Exquisite Handmade Childrens Jewelry for your Boutique. She's also in the process of designing new "Mommy Jewelry" ~ so be sure and check her website often.

Fairy Tale Jewels has just what you're looking for ~ Personalized Jewelry, Birthday Presents, First Communion, Baptism, Christmas, Graduation Gifts, Wedding Jewelry, Pearl Necklaces, Pearl Bracelets and of course, Princess Jewelry. The following are just a few of the Gorgeous Products that Fairy Tale Jewels offers:

Don't tell Joanie ~ but I bought this Anklet for myself and wear it as a Bracelet!! I LOVE it and the bells make it so unique!!

All of the products from Fairy Tale Jewels come with a "100% Pixie Promise Guarantee".

~ $100.00 Jewelry Giveaway ~

Fairy Tale Jewels is having a Fabulous GIVEAWAY for a $100.00 Gift Certificate to Just leave me a Comment (1 entry per person) on this Blog Posting and I'll enter your name in the Giveaway.

However, if you Post on your Blog about this $100.00 Fairy Tale Jewels Giveaway and provide a link back to this Posting~ then you'll receive 7 additional entries for a total of 8 entries. Please don't forget to let me know when you've posted about this Giveaway ~ so that I can give you the "extra credit" for it.

A random drawing will be held on Monday, August 4, 2008 at 12:00 midnight (EST) and the winner will be announced on Tuesday, August 5, 2008.

There are a TON of other Fabulous Giveaways over at "The Bloggy Giveaways Carnival" ~ just hop right over here to see the "countless" Giveaways featured there.

~ Additional Giveaway for $150.00 in Jewels ~

Not only did Joanie (Owner of Fairy Tale Jewels) generously donate the $100.00 Gift Certificate for my Giveaway ~ she's having a Giveaway over on her Blog. So, after you leave a Comment on my Blog ~ please "fly" over and visit her Blog. She's giving away a "Diva Glam Package" of Childrens Jewelry from Fairy Tale Jewels ~ worth $150.00. That's right $150.00 worth of Jewelry ~ now isn't that Fabulous!?!! Hop over here to leave Joanie a Comment for her Fairy Tale Jewels Giveaway.

Now, it's official ~ I'm a "Bunny Fairy".......

Bunny Blessings and Fairy Wishes!!

~ Jayne ~

Beach Bunny ~

Well ~ this little Bunny has been on Vacation for the past week!! We've had the best time relaxing by the Pool ~ walking on the Beach and doing absolutely NOTHING!! It's been so much fun and I'm glad that we took this "spur of the moment" Vacation!! For once, I packed really light ~ mainly because I was so busy ~ that I didn't have time to pack too much. I didn't even have a chance to check and see what the girls packed. This is the first Year that they have packed their own stuff and they did a great job ~ thankfully!!

I'll admit the first two days that we were at the Beach was a blur ~ but by the end of our week ~ I finally felt refreshed. The Ocean Air really cleared the fluff from this "ole Bunny's" head and I'm ready for the busy ~ busy week ahead of me. Can't wait to work my (Bunny) tail off ~

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alexandra95062 ~ TDF Jewels!!

I LOVE everything about this Bracelet ~ the color (Blue), the design, the Lampwork Focal Bead, the bangles, the gorgeous detailed silver beads ~ everything!! It was designed by Alexandra of Alexandra95062 Designs. You can purchase it on my website (Bunny Chic Boutique) by hopping right here.

This is just one of my favorite Bracelets designed by Alexandra95062 ~ but all of her designs are my favorite. This Bracelet is Stunningly Gorgeous and pictures just don't do it justice!! I find myself wearing this one quite often and always receive tons of compliments.

Of course ~ since I LOVE all of her designs ~ I decided to start a Collection and purchase as many of her Exquisite Bracelets as I can afford. As of today ~ I have 25 Bracelets in my Alexandra95062 collection. I would rather spend money on these priceless jewels than on food or gas or just about anything. :) I'm just trying to stimulate the Economy ~ SomeBunny's got to do it.

She's so extremely talented and we've become really great friends ~ actually she's my BFF (Bunny Friends Forever)!! Alexandra also makes most of the Lampwork beads that are featured in her designs. Doesn't she create the most Fabulous Bracelets ~ they are simply irresistible!! A couple of the Bracelets pictured below are for sale in her Ebay Store and a few of the designs are available at my
Bunny Chic Boutique website.

Lapis and Gold ~ Don't you LOVE these lampwork beads and the lapis is so vibrant!!

I tried to take a picture of this and of course, it didn't turn out. This Bracelet (pictured above) is one of the first Bracelets that I purchased from Alexandra. I LOVE the color combination that she used and there are so many Beautiful beads featured in this design. I'm considering selling it because I've never worn it ~ so if you're interested ~ please contact me. I hate to part with it ~ but it seems a shame to have something so Gorgeous just sitting in a jewelry box.

Doesn't this Bunny look like she's saying ~ "I can't believe she just put a Bracelet around my Neck!!" AND just look how this little Bunny is giving me the "eye roll"!! Too Funny!! So sorry about the "bad photo" ~ photography is not my gift ~ but I had to include a Bunny somewhere in this Blog posting. :)

Another Gorgeous design with Boro Beads!! These particular beads look "drop dead Gorgeous" in person and especially in the Sunlight.

I really LOVE these designs with the bangle style bracelet and the focal beads with tons of Sterling Silver.

Oh and this one is also TDF!! So Stunningly Gorgeous!!

Don't you LOVE Turquoise and Red (Coral) together? This is yet another one of my favorites!!

AND this one is extremely unique!!! EveryBunny LOVES this Bracelet and I always receive tons of compliments whenever I wear it!!

This one is quite Elegant and really dresses up a pair of Jeans and a T-Shirt!!

This is another Stunning Design by Alexandra95062 and it's available over in her Ebay Store. You can check it out by hopping over here. It features some Gorgeous Boro Beads and lots of Bali Sterling Silver.

Here's a closeup of the Boro Beads which were made by Pat Hazdovac.
Here's another Bracelet that she has in her Ebay Store ~ it's the Caribbean Cooler. The Lampwork Beads were made by Alexandra ~ just hop over here for more details.

This is "Raku in the Sky" and it's on my website. Hop over here to read the details about this priceless jewel.

AND ~ last but certainly not least ~ this is Navajo Princess Shimmering Sand. It's also available on my website ~ just hop over here for more information and to purchase this jewel.

Alexandra usually lists new designs on Ebay weekly ~ so hop by her
Ebay Store often. You can also find some of her designs in the "Bunny Bling" section of my website where she also has a Store ~ please hop over here.

Please Note ~ most of the photos used in this Blog are courtesy of Alexandra95062.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Anna Griffin Fabric ~

Isn't this Anna Griffin fabric absolutely Gorgeous? It's from the Maime collection by the Fabulous Anna Griffin. I LOVE all of her designs and she has the most gorgeous products. She will be offering gift wrap on her website soon and I can't wait to purchase a ton of that. Fabric, Scrapbooking supplies, Office Essentials, Invitations, Notecards, Tote Bags and the list goes on and on.

Anyway, Lauren and I went fabric shopping today and I just had to buy this PERFECT pink and green Anna Griffin Maime fabric (pictured above). LOVE the colors, the design and it's so soft. I had the best time looking at all the fabric and Lauren ~ well, she was ready to leave before we walked into the Store. :) Lauren said that I shouldn't buy the fabric unless I knew exactly what I was going to make with it. Can't I just buy fabric because it's Stunningly Gorgeous? Well, don't worry ~ I'm sure I'll make something Fabulous with this TDF design.

I also bought the cutest most adorable tiny little pin cushion made out of a lovely silk fabric. It's in the shape of a little house with lots of details and you wear it around your neck. It's so adorable ~ I'll post a picture of it tomorrow.

This is another Gorgeous ~ no it's an Exquisite design by Anna Griffin. It's from the Blythe collection with a chocolate background and just look at those flowers ~ they almost appear like they're 3D. So, now I'm on a quest and I must find this "treasure" for my private "Stash". Guess I'd better go dust off my Sewing Machine.....

Don't forget to check out Anna Griffin's website by hopping over here. Her website is extremely elegant and she is a constant inspiration to me. I've decided to surround myself with all of her products......

"live the life you love ... (and you will).... love the life you live"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Hello Kitty" Purple Backpack ~

~ Back to School with Bunny Chic Boutique ~

I guess it's not too early to be listing "Back to School" items. So, if your daughter LOVES "Hello Kitty" and the color Purple ~ this is the perfect Backpack for her. There are tons of compartments (4 to be exact) ~ to hold all kinds of treasures and/or books and school supplies.

Hop over here to my Ebay Store to check out this adorable Hello Kitty Backpack ~ especially if you want a great deal. The bidding starts at .99 with "No Reserve" ~ but don't get caught napping 'cause the Auction ends next Thursday ~ 7/17/08.

Playmobil Birthday Party!!

I LOVE this Playmobil Birthday Party set and it's the perfect gift to take to a Birthday Party!! I bought a few of these sets several years ago ~ just to have on hand as Birthday presents. Well, since my daughters are now 11 and 16 years old ~ I don't think any of their friends would be too thrilled with this Playmobil set as a gift. So, I've listed it on Ebay with a starting bid of .99 and "No Reserve". Since it's a retired (rare) item ~ it'll be interesting to see how many bids it receives.

If you happen to know anyone that might be interested in this cute Playmobil Birthday Party Set (Number 5511) ~ please have them hop over here. The Auction will end soon ~ so you need to be "quick as a Bunny." Please note ~ I've decided to sell our last Playmobil Birthday Party Set and that Auction will end on August 26, 2010 ~ just hop right here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jewelry Giveaway ~

Do you remember me bragging ~ I mean blogging about my precious Peter Rabbit Bracelet from Canela of Cinnamon Sticks Boutique? I just love it and I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it.

Did you know that Canela has just opened her
Boutique on Etsy? AND ~ she's having a Fabulous giveaway for one of her hand stamped jewels on her new Blog. So ~ hop on over here and leave her a comment on the Blog Posting entitled "We're Open" to enter her Giveaway.

Canela is so talented and always has Trendy and Chic jewels ~ I love each and every one of her designs. She's such an inspiration to me as I struggle to find my niche in the World of Boutique. I'm constantly amazed at how much she gets done with 6 (six) young beautiful children, designing jewelry, her
Ebay Boutique, her Etsy Boutique, her new Blog and her youngest is a newborn. *Whew*

This is one of Canela's designs over in her Cinnamon Sticks Boutique. It's made with sea tumbled glass, fresh water pearls, hand stamped discs and silver sea charms all on a handmade silver forged chain. Simply Stunning ~ isn't it?

The five discs are hand stamped with the words sand, shells, waves, sunshine and seashore. The little sand dollars are actually gorgeous lampwork beads. Doesn't this Bracelet just scream ~ BEACH BUNNY ?!! If you look closely you'll see that it has my name written ALL over it. :)

Actually ~ the Fabulous Bracelet pictured below DOES have my name written all over it.

Isn't it PERFECT? Oh ~ how I love this extremely Elegant Bracelet with "Bunny Chic" stamped on the Silver Flower. This Bracelet has so many bright little Swarovski Crystal Beads and yet it's as light as air and oh so comfy to wear.

Here's a close-up photo of the "hand stamped" Bunny Chic logo. You can purchase your very own "Vibrant Blossom Stamped Sterling Silver Custom Bracelet" from Cinnamon Sticks Boutique by hopping over here.

Don't forget to post a Comment on Canela's new Blog ~ Cinnamon Sticks Boutique ~ for a chance to win a Hand Stamped Jewel. The drawing will be held on Monday, July 14, 2008.

Please note ~ any and all photos used in this Posting are courtesy of Cinnamon Sticks Boutique.