Friday, April 25, 2008

Fingerprint Friday!!

Thanks to Pampering Beki for hosting "Fingerprint Friday" over on her Blog!!

I took these pictures earlier this week of a flower arrangement that I've been enjoying all week. Aren't these Roses absolutely Gorgeous? I thought they were an extremely unique arrangement and just couldn't resist purchasing them. Actually ~ I need a "flower fix" each week and look forward to picking out a little Bouquet for myself once or even twice a week.

Can you see all the many layers on each bloom ~ they look like rows and rows of delicate ruffles!! These Pink Roses are a "masterpiece" and "covered with the fingerprints of God".

Listed below is the inspiration behind Fingerprint Friday as Posted on Beki's Blog:

There is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman that says:

I can see the fingerprints of god
When I look at you
I can see the fingerprints of god
And I know its true
Youre a masterpiece
That all creation quietly applauds
And youre covered with the fingerprints of god

So look around you and see where YOU can see God's fingerprints. Is it in nature? Kids? Animals? Where do you see them?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fingerprints of God and "Drink" Necklace

I was in need of a little pampering ~ so I found the perfect "Bling" for this ole Bunny ~ a gorgeous Necklace from Beki over at Pampering Beki. It's called the "Drink" Necklace and is it ever Stunning!!! I wore it yesterday and received tons of compliments. The focal bead is a "Wild Chrysocolla" Bead and there are an eclectic mix of beads complimenting this Gorgeous TDF Pendant. It's a real "head turner" and has already brought me some good fortune and lots of luck.

This is Beki's "Mermaid Lagoon" Fringe Bracelet ~ don't you love the colors on this design? I think it would look so Fabulous with my new "Drink" Necklace (pictured above). You can read all about the "Mermaid Lagoon Fringe" by hopping right here. You'd better hurry ~ it's on Sale and I'm starting to obsess about it. Are you reading this Park? There are only 20 shopping days left until Mother's Day!!

I LOVE these Rose Pink Earrings ~ aren't they Beautiful? You can hop right here for a pair of these Stunningly Gorgeous earrings. Beki has a Store over on Etsy ~ "Pampering Beki" ~ hop right here for her Etsy Store that is full of Trendy and Chic Jewels.

~ Fingerprints of God ~

Every Friday Beki hosts "Fingerprint Friday" on her Blog. I'm taking my pictures today and getting my Blog Post ready early this week ~ because I ran out of time last week. It was Monday morning ~ then I blinked and when I opened my eyes ~ it was already Friday night. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

So, take some time this week and look around for "Fingerprints of God". Take a few pictures to share ~ it can be Nature, Kids, Animals, etc. Then ~ hop on over to Beki's Blog on Friday and share your Blog posting. I'll be looking for you and can't wait to see your "Fingerprints of God" photos.

(Any and all photos used for this specific Blog Post were courtesy of Pampering Beki.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Design and April in Paris ~

These are my newly designed Business Cards!! I can't tell you how much I LOVE them!! Didn't Trudy over at Wild Oak Design do a Fabulous job designing these Gorgeous Business Cards for me? She encompassed everything I wanted in this design ~ my Vintage Bunny holding the hat box, pink roses, polka dot ribbon, my slogan (Fabulous Gifts for Everybunny) and my special font. I spent literally hours trying to find the perfect font and stumbled upon this one ~ which features a Bunny shape for the Capital "B". Who knew that there were thousands of fonts available? I can't wait for my printed cards to arrive.

Ooh-Laa-Laa ....... April in Paris!! This is the latest Ebay Auction Template design that Trudy came up with. It's a Perfectly Pink Paris design and you can get one for your Boutique by hopping over here. I can't wait to list something on Ebay using this tres chic Pretty Pink Paris Template. It makes me wish I was spending April in Paris ~ well maybe next Year.

This week I'm working on "The Briarpatch" section of my website ~ Bunny Chic Boutique. It will feature lots of the extremely popular "Primitives" from "Primitives by Kathy". Also, I just received my Order of Organic Toys ~ so they will be added to my "Green Bunny Market" in the next few days.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Musical Bunnies!!

Every Bunny has a "Tale" ~ Part V

Aren't these Bunnies adorable? They aren't just Bunny figurines ~ they're musical bunnies and so they qualify as "functional art". I've always loved music boxes and had a Musical Jewelry Box when I was a little girl. You know the type with the tiny Ballerina that "magically" twirls around whenever you open the Jewelry Box. I guess it's considered Vintage now and I should have included a picture of it (even though it doesn't have a single Bunny on it).

The Bunnies on the left are the "Flopsy Bunnies" and the tune is "Everything is Beautiful". It features bunnies hopping around the base and the three Bunnies slowly twirl around.

Mrs. Rabbit (center) is holding her two babies and the tune is Rock A Bye Baby (of course). This Music "Box" is so unique because while the music is playing ~ the rocking chair actually rocks back and forth. I'm very intrigued by the "mechanics" on this one ~ so it's one of my favorites.

The one on the right is a familiar scene from "Peter Rabbit" and the tune is "You are my Sunshine". Peter Rabbit turns around as the music plays ~ he's so mischievous and he just can't stand still.

Show and Tell

Thanks to Kelli for hosting Show and Tell at her House.

Milo and Gabby

Milo and Gabby ~ just another Wink from God!

~ Milo and Gabby Pillow Purses ~

Milo and Gabby offer the most adorable Animal Shaped Pillowcases and Pillow Purses. I'm always looking for the perfect gift and these Fabulous Milo and Gabby Designs are the hottest products right now!

Steve and Karen are a husband/wife design team that designed these Fabulous Products ~ with more designs in production. The company of Milo and Gabby is named after two of their wonderful family pets ~Milo the little black Cat and a soft, cuddly Bunny named Gabby.

Milo and Gabby was the first Company that I approached when I opened my online Boutique ~ Bunny Chic Boutique. They were extremely encouraging and so willing to help me with various aspects of my Business. Their children critiqued my website and I was so thrilled that they loved it. Yes ~ I truly believe that "running into" Milo and Gabby on the Web was yet another "Wink from God".

The Milo and Gabby Pillow Purses (featured below) are the "must have" accessory for any sleepover ~ especially to Grandma's House. These Micro Fleece Animal Shaped Pillow Purses come with a removable cotton Pillow ~ just add a blankie and pj's. They're the perfect size for a quick trip in the Car or a nice long trip via Car/Train/Plane. By the way ~ you should NEVER use the pillows provided on airplanes!! That's a great idea ~ maybe I should open a Kiosk at the Orlando International Airport.......

The Plush Pillow Purses feature the Dog, Bunny, Cat and Pony ~ hop here for additional information about these Practical yet Posh Pillow Purses.

Isn't this Puppy adorable?

Could this Bunny Pillow Purse be any cuter?

~ Purrfect Kitty Cat Pillow Purse ~

What girl doesn't want a Pony? This pretty Pony is extremely low maintenance!

The adorable Animal Shaped Pillowcases are available in six different styles ~ Dinosaur, Bunny, Fish, Pony, Dog and Cat. They would also add the finishing touch to any Bedroom decor. Hop right here for more information on these Functional and Fabulous Pillowcases.

~ Dinosaur Shaped Pillowcase ~

~ Dog Shaped Pillowcase ~

~ Fish Shaped Pillowcase ~

~ Cat Shaped Pillowcase ~

~ Pony Shaped Pillowcase ~

~ Bunny Shaped Pillowcase ~

Don't forget to hop by my Blog tomorrow ~ I'll be visiting Kelli's House for Show and Tell. I can't wait to Share another Story in my Series entitled ~ Every Bunny has a "Tale".

Until Manana ~ Sweet Dreams!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break and Sweet 16

~ Spring Break ~

This week is Spring Break for us ~ but it's cloudy and looks like rain. So, Pictures ~ especially Beach Pictures will have to be put off until tomorrow. The weather could be better ~ but we're making the best of it and enjoying the breeze. Park cleaned off the Front Porch over the weekend and even rearranged the Wicker Furniture ~ so that now "we can seat 10 comfortably". Yes, he's wanting to entertain again ...... *sigh* double *sigh*..... So, stay tuned ~ there's usually a Crisis and most definitely Chaos whenever we attempt to entertain.

Today ~ Lauren has Basketball Practice. They are working really hard preparing for their first Tournament this weekend. Oh and Lauren broke her finger at practice the other day ~ so she's playing with a splint. The good news ~ she's getting really good shooting and dribbling with her left hand. Hopefully ~ Friday morning ~ the Doctor will clear her to play in the Tournament. Don't worry ~ I'll take tons of pictures.

It's so difficult to accept the fact that Alexandra will be 16 in a few weeks. We've been planning a "simple" Sweet 16 party and I guess the theme is "extremely informal". I'm a little disappointed that she doesn't want treat bags, adorable invitations or cute decorations.

When I hear this particular song on the Radio ~ I can't help but think of Alexandra. It's the latest song by Rodney Adkins ~ "Cleaning this Gun". The Video below features that Song with the "Crew" from Seventh Heaven. Now, Seventh Heaven USED to be Alexandra's favorite show ~ it's been replaced by "The Hills" and "Lost".

So, this Video is dedicated to each and every boy out there that is even thinking about dating our Daughter. Enjoy the Video ~ you know what to do ~ click on the little triangle below.....

Just like the Song says ~ "Yeah, we thinks she's something else ~ she's her Daddy's girl, her Mama's World.......

Oh MY Gosh!! Daddy has a GUN ~ Are you kidding me?

Zoe doesn't like Boys & she bites~she'll protect Alexandra!

(Any and all pictures were used without my Daughter's knowledge or consent.)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

When God Winks ~

This is a picture of Slovenia ~ isn't it absolutely Gorgeous?

Have you ever thought of someone and then the phone rings and it's actually that person calling you? Have you ever opened a Book or Magazine and found information that is timely with your current situation or a project that you're working on? Have you ever "run into" an old friend at a time when it seemed much more than a coincidence? There are probably so many times that incidents are much more than mere coincidences ~ they are actually times when God is winking at us. We (I) just need to be more aware of these precious winks from God.

During the "One World One Heart" Blog Event I visited a charming and beautiful Blog. It was in two languages and so I was intrigued as to the other language and what part of the World the Blogger lived. I read the name of the Country outloud ~ "Slovenia". Well, Lauren was in total shock and disbelief when she heard the name ~ Slovenia. Amazingly, that day at School ~ her Teacher had given each Student the name of a Country for an International Studies Project. Can you believe that Lauren was assigned the Country of Slovenia?

Honestly, I had never heard of Slovenia ~ but then Geography is not my best Subject. I do however know lots of completely useless information ~ like all the words to the theme song from Gilligan's Island.

So, I emailed Anja and asked if she'd be willing to help Lauren with her Project. Anja was so extremely kind and said she'd love to answer questions about Slovenia. Lauren and I are both looking forward to learning more about Anja's Beautiful Country ~ Slovenia. Hop over here to check out Anja's Fabulous Blog.

When I went to get the link for Anja's Blog ~ I noticed that she's posted instructions for a cute Jean Bucket. I've been looking eveywhere for a tutorial/pattern similar to this easy and adorable Jean Bucket. I can't wait to try and make one. And so ~ once again God has winked at me .....

"The most important thing she'd learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one." -Jill Churchhill

The above Quote is posted on Anja's Blog ~ don't you love it?

Slovenia is a young a republic, only about 15 years old, part of the former Yugoslavia. It's just east of Italy and south of Austria with spectacular mountains, the Julian Alps, which are just perfect for hiking. The people are friendly, the country is immaculate, the food is wonderful. The relative unanimity of the region has made it a unique and untouched location, unlike anywhere else in Europe.

This is the description of Slovenia from the website ~ Bill Russell's Mountain Tours. You can click here for information about an unforgetable hiking trip through Slovenia. I'd love to visit Slovenia ~ just don't think I would survive a Hiking Tour.

I LOVE this picture of Lauren that was actually taken several years ago.

This picture of Lauren reminds me of a 1940's starlet.

Have you ever had an incident where you felt it was just a little bit more than a conincidence ~ possibly a wink from God? I'd love to hear about it ~ you can post a comment or email me using the link on the "side bar".

Don't forget to visit Drobtinice (Anja's Blog) ~ she always has interesting info and tons of vivid and colorful photos ~ just hop here.

Thanks for visiting my Blog!! Please come again soon ~ you're always welcome here!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Every Bunny has a "Tale" ~ Part IV

DeLys (my BFF) and I went out to Lunch and shopping one day. I found this Beautiful figurine (on the right) in a local Antique Store. It looked so much like a Lladro figurine ~ but I couldn't quite make out the name on the bottom of it. I was thrilled because it was priced under $10.00. Well, let me tell you ~ I couldn't buy it fast enough.

It was actually a Casades figurine ~ made in Spain. I found another one (on the left) on Ebay that I thought would be a perfect match. It doesn't really matter to me whether they are authentic Llardo or Casades or from the Dollar Store ~ I love these lovely figurines.

They remind me of my two girls Alexandra (on the right) and Lauren (on the left). I'm just hoping that one day they'll appreciate them. I have a re-occurring nightmare that they plan on having a "Bunch of Bunnies" Estate Sale after I'm gone.

Show and Tell

~ Thanks to Kelli for hosting "Show and Tell" ~

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

And the Winner is..........

Sarah ~ the Gypsy Mermaid!! Congratulations to The Gypsy Mermaid ~ your new Green Bunny Market Tote Bag is on it's way to you.

Thanks to everyone that participated in my Blog Giveaway. I really appreciate each and every comment that was left on my Blog. Don't worry if you didn't win ~ I can't wait to start the next Bunny Chic Boutique Giveaway.

Please hop on over to The Gypsy Mermaid's Blog ~ it's so adorable!! Hop right
here to check it out.

Sarah's organizing a Fabulous Swap entitled ~ "The Gypsy Mermaid's Enchanted Swap". You can check it out by hopping over here. It sounds like tons of fun and the Movie "Enchanted" is the inspiration behind the Swap. I can't wait to see this cute Movie ~ Sarah gives it one Mermaid Fin "Up".