Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leopard or Ocelot?

Shoe Design ~ A

Shoe Design ~ B

Look Closely at the pictures of the two shoes above ~ can you tell which one is Leopard print and which one is Ocelot print? Can you tell which pair of shoes is $29.99 and which pair is $168.00? I LOVE animal print and I'm thrilled that it will be in "Vogue" again this Fall/Winter.

Okay ~ here are the answers with links to purchase either Shoe Design A or B or both:

Shoe Design A ~ Yes ~ that's a Leopard Print and it's available at for only $29.99 ~ just hop right over here to read the great reviews about this Fabulous Flat. These shoes have received the highest rating of "5 red stars" and will sell out quickly ~ so if you're interested you'd better hurry.

Shoe Design B ~ If you guessed it was the Ocelot print, then you're correct!! These are available at and they can be yours for a mere $168.00 (plus shipping).

So, if you decide to purchase the Leopard shoes from Target ~ just imagine all of the accessories you can buy with the $138.01 that you'll save.

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