Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gingham, Stripes and Polka Dots ~ Oh my!!

I've been working for weeks on redecorating and cleaning 4 Bedrooms. I'd like to get at least one of them done before Summer is over. I didn't take "Before" Pictures because it was just too embarrassing ~ but we'll take some "after" pictures next week.

Baby Bunny (who's 13 now) wanted Purple, Turquoise and Green in her room. We were having a difficult time finding a Comforter and I was trying to talk her into pink and green. I already had tons of stuff that we could use ~ but sadly she doesn't like pink.

Finally ~ we were walking up and down the aisles at Target and she saw a Comforter she loved. However, it only came in Twin size and she has a King bed. So, we bought two Comforters and I'm going to sew them together into a King sized Comforter. The Comforter is striped and has Turquoise, Lavender, Purple and bright Green color combo. The Purple stripe is also polka dotted. It was a really great deal ~ since it was a "bed in a bag" with Pillow Shams, Sheets and Pillowcases. We used the twin purple polka dotted sheets on her two twin sized Bed Springs and then the Pillow Shams are actually square ~ so we used one of them on her night stand.

Then ~ I found the Polka Dotted Curtains (pictured above) at Pottery Barn Teen and we're going to use a different color polka dot (except pink) for each of her windows. We also ordered the multi polka dot curtains ~ which are really cute. In fact ~ we might just use the multi polka dot curtains on all of her windows.

We also got some of these adorable canvas Storage Boxes for her Room from Pottery Barn Teen. I LOVE that they have a lid for them ~ so that you can hid the clutter. Aren't they cute? She can hid lots of things in them and hopefully keep her room clean. She just needs a home for everything and then her room will be spotless ~ right???

Baby Bunny also needed a nice lamp ~ so we bought the one (featured above) with the Turquoise shade. It's also from Pottery Barn Teen. I just hope that it's bright enough.

I also purchased some lavender gingham items from Pottery Barn Kids ~ which were on sale. I actually used Window Valances for her Dresser Scarf and Vanity Scarf ~ they fit perfectly.

Then for Beach Bunny's Room ~ she wanted Black and White. The nice thing about the colors Black and White ~ it's so much easier to find things that match. We mixed and matched Swirls, Damask and Zebra. This is her Comforter (pictured above) and I purchased it on Ebay.

This is her Shower Curtain and we purchased a few items that have zebra print on them. I was so thrilled that she actually liked the HUGE Audrey Hepburn (black and white) Canvas that I purchased for her Room. Then she had fun decorating her other (white) Bedroom Wall with peel and stick wall stickers which are black swirls and crowns.

Then ~ of course ~ we wanted to get an Organizer Basket from Sew Gracious. It's going to look so Gorgeous in Beach Bunny's Bathroom. I found a few other items at TJ Maxx and a couple of things that I had in storage. She LOVES her new room and it looks very dramatic ~ but extremely Elegant.

I'm also working on the Guest Room/Art Studio/Sewing Room. The walls are dark Mahogany wood and since I wouldn't dream of painting them ~ I'm going to "work with them". I've decided to decorate this multi-use room with several different types of Brown and Blue Paisley Fabrics. We've been using it for a Storage Room ~ but it's time to declutter and reorganize it.

And so ~ I'm putting all of the pink/green decor in my room. I also moved a few more bunnies in there ~ since No Bunny wanted them in their room. It's quickly becoming very eclectic in there. I might have to re-think the design for my room. At least I won't have to spend any Money to redecorate it.

Pictures to follow ~ there just won't be any "Before" images.