Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blue, Yellow and a touch of Green ~

I LOVE this fabric which is the P. Kaufmann Cottontail Blue Toile Fabric!! Our Kitchen is blue and white with some yellow and a little green ~ so I thought this bunny fabric would look adorable as Kitchen Curtains. Mr. Bunny was against it and although I love this print ~ I decided to go with......

This fabric (pictured above) is the Waverly Imperial Dress in Porcelain. It looks gorgeous in our blue and white kitchen ~ even though it doesn't have any bunnies on it. Guess I could applique a few on there ~ wonder if Mr. Bunny would notice. So, after I had ordered the fabric to make the curtains (and we have 5 windows and two doors w/windows in our Kitchen) ~ I found curtains made from this fabric online. If you're looking for this fabric ~ email me and I'll sell you a yard or two at a great price.

I found these little bunnies on Etsy ~ arent' they cute? They're little battenburg lace bunnies and you can see them by hopping right here. I'm not sure about sewing them onto our Kitchen Curtains ~ but they'll look sweet wherever I decide to put them. I'd love to sew one on the back pocket of Mr. Bunny's Jeans or on the back of one of his dress shirts. LOL

Then ~ I found these Gorgeous napkins over at the Purple Flower Fairy's Etsy Store. She's having a sale right now and has so many Shabby Chic, Paris Chic and Chippy Chic items in her Etsy Store. I really do LOVE these napkins and there are 6 of them ~ two of each design. They're a soft linen and feature a hem stitch with the lovely embroidered flowers. They match our dishes perfectly......

I got these Palermo dishes from Pier One Imports many many years ago. The ones pictured above are available over on Ebay right now ~ just hop right here. This Ebay listing isn't mine ~ I wouldn't part with my set of Palermo.

My good friend Alexandra just listed these Fabulous Beads over on Ebay. She makes lampwork beads as well as absolutely Gorgeous Bracelets. You probably remember when I did a Blog post featuring some of her designs ~ if not ~ just hop here. I check her store every morning and was excited to see some yellow and blue ones listed today~ so I had to include them in this post. Her Ebay listing is for these 40 beautiful beads (pictured above) and the starting bid ~ a ridiculously low $9.99. Please hop right here to see them "up close and personal".

Today is the perfect day for a Picnic ~ so I hope your Day is Yellow and Blue with a touch of Green. A bright Sunny Day with a clear blue sky and soft green grass ~ that is what is wished for you today.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Wedding and a Funeral ~

We've been invited to a Wedding and since the Bride is a distant cousin of Mr. Bunny ~ we don't know the couple very well. They live in North Carolina and I've only met the Bride once ~ briefly at a Family Reunion. I LOVE this dress ~ found it over at here.

I have no idea what we can send as a Wedding Gift. We won't be able to attend the Wedding ~ but I did want to send something. So, after much thought and hours of shopping ~ I've decided the perfect gift is a Crystal Vase.
This is a large Waterford Crystal vase ~ but I might send a pretty little crystal bud vase instead. Do you have a favorite gift that you received? Mr. Bunny doesn't want to send a gift card and said not sending a gift would be better than sending a gift card.

I'm going to a Funeral today and I'm hoping that I can still fit into my little Black Dress. It's been a few months since I wore it and I've been eating a LOT of ice cream and other desserts. Of course ~ it NEVER looked like this on me.

I'm going to miss Mary Jo ~ she was the epitome of elegance. She ALWAYS wore gloves, hat and a Chanel Suit to Church even in the middle of Summer. Her skin was absolutely lovely ~ without a single wrinkle and she was 93 years old when she died last week. She didn't look 93 ~ she looked like she was in her 60's. She reminded me a little of Nancy Reagan ~ same size, same suits, etc. She is one of the few people that I know that had white carpet in her Condo and it looked stunning with her gorgeous Antique furniture. Everything about her was elegant!! She always drove a Cadillac and bought a new one every two years.

I was driving home from the Funeral today and this song by Alan Jackson started playing on the Radio. It was a God Wink for me ~ especially this part of the song:

She flew up to Heaven on the wings of angels

By the clouds and stars and passed where no one sees

And she walks with Jesus and her loved ones waiting

And I know she's smiling saying

Don't worry 'bout me

Her beloved husband and their only child (a daughter) both preceded her in death. So, for several years she's talked about how anxious she is to get to heaven to be with them. Her daughter was very young when she died and then her husband died 6 months later. She didn't have any surviving relatives and considered the members of our church "her family".

This afternoon ~ I need to hop over to Talbots. They're having a HUGE sale and offering FREE shipping ~ with no minimum. I need to purchase a few more sheath dresses ~ they're my absolute fav and I'm trying to get one in every color. Here's a link to a Linen Sheath dress that's on sale ~ just hop right here. The free shipping ends on 6/30/09 ~ so you need to hop on over there today!! See you at Talbots!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fabulous Designs by Pretty in Pink ~

My Tres Chic Handbag from Pretty in Pink Designs

I'm always stalking ~ I mean visiting the Blog of Angie of Angelica Grace Designs several times a day. Angie always features the most Fabulous Finds and one day she featured Deanna and a few of the designs that she had made. Deanna has an Etsy Shop (that I also Stalk ~ I mean visit) throughout the Day. Her Shop is prettyinpink320 on Etsy and you can hop right here to visit it.

You can visit Angie's Blog ~ Angelica Grace Designs ~ by clicking on the logo above or you can hop right here. Today is Angie's Birthday ~ so hop on over there and wish her a Happy Birthday. Her Blog always has Fabulous Finds, Trendy Angelica Grace Designs and lots of Gorgeous Pictures (that she also takes herself). In addition to being a trendy Designer and professional photographer ~ she's also an extremely gifted writer.

Thanks Angie ~ for featuring Deanna on your Blog. I'm in love with all of her designs!!

This is a Custom Backpack that Deanna made for me. I can't begin to tell you how much I LOVE the way that it turned out. It looks Fabulous in the picture ~ but even better in person.

This is the back of the backpack ~ isn't it adorable?

This is another Bag that Deanna of prettyinpink320 custom designed for me. I have an outfit picked out for Church tomorrow that compliments this Gorgeous Bag perfectly. You know I'm going to get tons of compliments. It's even prettier in person.

This is an image of the back of the Handbag. Deanna's handbags are so extremely well made and a little eclectic ~ which is just my style. She's making another Backpack for me and I'll post a picture of it when it's finished. It's going to be a lighter color and perfect for these hot Summer months.

Deanna doesn't know this yet ~ but I think I'm going to see if she can make a backpack for me similar to this Ava Rose one. It's one that she's made in the past ~ so I'm hoping that she still has some of this fabric left.

Or maybe a handbag similar to this one. I can't decide ~ but would probably use a backpack more.

I almost ordered one similar to this Cowboy one ~ but I think I like the Ava Rose fabric better and would probably use a backpack style more often. I do love this design though and might have to add it to my collection. It would look great with a pair of jeans and maybe we'll go to the Silver Spurs Rodeo this year.

She also makes these Gorgeous Pillows. I love anything that has a bird with a crown on it. I'm going to design a new logo that has a Bunny wearing a crown. It's going to be tres adorable ~ le lapin in paris.

She also makes these chic little wristlets ~ they're the perfect size especially for running a quick errand. I absolutely adore the fabrics that she used in this design.

This handbag is another Stunningly Gorgeous design. It would make the perfect accessory for Summer and would match any and every outfit in my closet.

AND this Amy Butler / Sis Boom Fabric patchwork is another one of my favs.

I'm also in love with these Ruffle Handbags. This one is listed in the prettyinpink320 Etsy Store ~ just hop right here.

And this one is in her Etsy Store too ~ it's called the Sis Boom Ruffly Delight ~hop right here to see the listing for it.

This is the back view of the Sis Boom Ruffly Delight.

This Haute Handbag is made with Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabrics is currently available by hopping right here.

AND this is the interior fabric (zebra print) which was used for the Haute Handbag featured above. Don't forget ~ if you're interested in this trendy bag ~ you better hurry over here.

So ~ if you like being Tres Chic and who doesn't ~ just hop like a bird or bunny on over to prettyinpink320. I know she'd love to design a Trendy and Chic Handbag for you. The Handbags and Backpacks featured on my Blog are just a small sampling of the Fabulous designs that she's made. Of course, all images used in this Blog Posting are the property of Pretty in Pink Designs and were used with her permission.

You'll also want to visit her Blog ~ Pretty in Pink Designs. She's such an amazingly talented designer and also a professional photographer.

We Survived Vacation Bible School ~

We survived Vacation Bible School last week and we all actually had a great time. The little boy that had given me so much trouble the first day was extremely well-behaved for the rest of the week. In fact ~ he wanted to take my picture on Wednesday "to remember me". Later I found out that he had put my picture on his cell phone as his background/wallpaper. Although I was flattered ~ it didn't seem appropriate so I was able to persuade him to change the picture of me to a group of his new Bible School friends.

My job title for the week was "Shepherd" and I was responsible for "herding" my group of 26 children from one "Station" to the next. The Stations were Music, Crafts, Science, Bible Store Time, Snacks and Games. Of course, I was expected to assist the leader at each Station. At the beginning of the week ~ it was a lot like herding cats instead of sheep. However, by the end of the week ~ they knew where they were going and I can proudly say that everyone survived and we didn't have a single lost sheep or cat.

The picture above is not of our Church ~ although our Church had it's Birthday last week and is 125 Years old. This is LaGrange Church which is located a few miles north of us. My Great Great Grandfather helped establish and build LaGrange Church in 1869. It is located in Titusville, Florida and is the oldest Protestant Church between St. Augustine and Key West, Florida. The original Church is still standing ~but only has special services throughout the Year ~ especially at Christmas.

My Great Great Grandfather ~ William S. Norwood (pictured below) was also the first school superintendant for Brevard County in 1880. My Great Grandmother ~ Lena Norwood Mitchell is on the back row ~ second from the left. This picture of the William S. Norwood family is displayed in the LaGrange Church.

Oh my goodness ~ I can't even imagine having 13 children. It's all that I can do to take care of two little girls.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm so HOT ~

I can't believe how hot it is here today in Sunny Florida ~ or should I say Sorching Florida. Our temp at 3:15 is 100 degrees!! We're right over there on the East Coast of Florida and we're at 100 degrees ................

WITH a heat index of 111 degrees AND I wanted to bake some Coconut Cookies this afternoon. I guess we'll just have a HUGE bowl of Ice Cream instead. When the weather cools back down into the 90's ~ then we'll try my new Coconut Cookie recipe and post it here for you.

This is a picture from the Church Camp that Baby Bunny (who's 12 now) attended last week. It's an image of the sunrise over the Lake with the Cross in the foreground. She had so much fun and is already planning to be a Camp Counselor in a few years and spend her ENTIRE Summer there. I'm hoping that she changes her mind ~ we missed her so much.

The Bunnies and I are volunteering at our Church's Vacation Bible School this week. Baby Bunny is working with the preschoolers. Princess Bunny and myself are working with the 5th Graders and we have 27 kids. It's rather exhausting ~ but so much fun.

Well, except for an incident where 2 boys both claimed ownership to a cool looking University of Florida Baseball Cap. It reminded me of the King Solomon Bible story where the two Mothers both claimed that the Baby was theirs. Okay ~ so not really the same at all ~ but still a difficult situation. Of course ~ with 27 kids ~ I couldn't tell you what anyone was wearing and who came to VBS with that hat on. I had a feeling that I knew who was telling the truth ~ but wanted to make sure. I know one of the boys really well ~ since he goes to our Church and I had him in Sunday School. The other boy doesn't go to our Church ~ but I didn't want to take sides and make him feel bad. So, the new boy finally admitted that it wasn't his hat ~ after a few direct questions. I really didn't expect anything like this at our first day of Bible School. Hopefully ~ he'll learn something ~ but in the meantime ~ I'm going to keep my eye on him (and leave my purse in the car).

Speaking of purses ~ I'm listing a few things on Ebay starting with this Perlina Fushia Backpack (with free shipping). You can hop over here for this NWT leather Backpack. I did some research the other day on the difference between using the word purse as opposed to handbag. I've noticed most designers use the term "handbag" and found out that the two words are interchangeable ~ really no difference. To me ~ purse just sounds dressier than handbag ~ but I prefer a Backpack ~ so this entire issue is moot. Of course ~ I can remember my Grandmother referring to her "purse" as a "pocketbook". That really takes me back to the good ole days.

I have TONS of "Back to School" clothes that I'll be listing this week. I'll try and post on this Blog when I list something and here's the link to my Ebay Store. It's taking me FOREVER to get the listings on Ebay ~ mainly because I probably need therapy for my perfectionism. The listings are ONLY for 7 days ~ but I work on them like they're going to be on Ebay for eternity.

Also wanted to give you a Fairy Tale Jewels update ~ I resigned from Fairy Tale Jewels in February to focus my attention on my Family and my website (Bunny Chic Boutique). I miss being a Rep for Fairy Tale Jewels ~ but I had way too many carrots on my plate. The Fairy Tale Jewels website is still open 24/7 and has so many Gorgeous Jewels. You can hop right here to purchase this adorable Noah's Ark Bracelet ~ which is the perfect accessory to wear to your Vacation Bible School event.
Stay Cool ~