Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Faith, Hope and Love ~

I LOVE these Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelets with Faith, Hope and Love stamped on them. They are the Giveaway Prize for today in the Cinnamon Sticks Boutique 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Event. Hop right over here to see this Gorgeous Bracelet and to read about the Fabulous Giveaway that's going on this week.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our Halloween Decorations and I Won a Giveaway!

Canela over at the Cinnamon Sticks Blog is hosting an ultra Fabulous Giveaway and I won one of the daily prizes!! I'm so excited!! I won the Cherry Frosting Lip Balm (pictured above) from Vintage Bella . Of course, the odds were in my favor since I qualified for 4 entries ~ I blogged about the Giveaway, left a Blog Comment, follow the Cinnamon Sticks Blog and put the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Button on my Blog.

This is the adorable Necklace that will be in the Grand Prize for the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. It was designed by Rita over at Mammabellarte. Please make sure and visit the Cinnamon Sticks Boutique Blog to enter her Fabulous Giveaway ~ Day 3 will be on Monday.

I wanted to decorate our House for Halloween on the 1st of October. Guess when I actually decorated ~ yes, today the 18th of October is when I finally pulled out our Halloween Decorations. Since I'm rather late with everything ~ I just put a few things out.
The Painting above is rather large and looks even better in person. It was painted by Sylvia of Follow the Moon Art over on Ebay. There are so many details and I love the Witch and Black Cat walking through the Pumpkin Patch with the Haunted Houses in the Background.

This is another adorable painting by Sylvia where she painted on a thick piece of wood and it has a touch of glitter on it. I put this one in my Kitchen Window ~ seems that I spend most of my time in the Kitchen. No ~ I'm not cooking just watching TV in there. Maybe if we took the TV out of the Kitchen ~ I'd learn to cook..... probably not ~ I'd just spend more time in the Living Room.

Sylvia painted these pumpkins on a "salvaged" board and it looks so cute hanging on one of our doors.

This is Ghostly Mansion and it makes the perfect table centerpiece. Heather Goldminc is the Artist who designed this House Full of Ghosts. It's part of the Blue Sky Clayworks Collection. I also have about 6 smaller ghosts from this collection and I placed them around the house.

We put this large inflatable Tigger in our Yard every year. Last year someone tried to steal it ~ so I'm waiting until much closer to Halloween before we set it up. It's Tigger in his Vampire Costume and it lights up ~ so scary!!!

AND ~ Sew Gracious over on Etsy has some of her Halloween Totes on Sale. Isn't this Retro Halloween Tote "too cute"? All of her designs are "sew" adorable!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cinnamon Sticks Giveaway ~ Day 2

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas ~ so you know what that means. The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway over on Canela's Blog (
Cinnamon Sticks) has started and today is Day 2. Each day Canela features a different Artist/Designer and has a "small" Giveaway. Then on the 12th Day ~ there is a HUGE Giveaway with 12 Gifts. Hop right over here to read all about her Fabulous Giveaway.

You'll also want to see all of the lovely jewelry that Canela makes and has available in her Etsy Shop ~ Cinnamon Sticks. It's not too early to think about Christmas gifts and Canela's designs are so popular ~ you need to shop early and often.

The Artist featured today on Canela's Blog is Rita of Mammabellarte. Wait until you see the lovely Necklace that Rita is offering for the HUGE Giveaway on the 12th Day of Christmas. Hop on over to the Cinnamon Sticks Boutique Blog to see it and enter to win today's giveaway ~ Pumpkin Butt Lip Balm or Cherry Frosting Lip Balm from Vintage Bella.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cocoa Beach, Florida ~ 100 Years Ago

These 3 color pictures were taken by my Daughter ~ Beach Bunny for an assignment in her Photography Class. They are images taken at the Beach ~ Cocoa Beach, Florida to be exact. She took them a couple of weeks ago with her little "point and shoot" camera.

Cocoa Beach, Florida ~ October, 2009

Cocoa Beach, Florida ~ October 2009

The black and white photo (above) was taken in 1909 ~ exactly 100 years ago at the same Beach ~ Beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida. It's difficult to see the Ocean ~ but you can see my relatives in the forefront. I was so excited that they marked the back of this photo with the date, place, etc. We have too many photos of people and places that we don't recognize and there isn't any information written on the back to give any clues.

That's Margaret Mitchell Wallace and her son ~ George Wallace with their friends in the picture above. She was always referred to as "sweet Aunt Maggie" and was my Great-grandfather's Sister. Then ~ my great Aunt Margaret (my grandmother's Sister) was named after her...... Margaret Cameron Mitchell. Are you bored yet?

Just thought it interesting that I recently found this old picture of Cocoa Beach, Florida that was taken exactly 100 years ago. Of course ~ the Beach still looks exactly the same but haven't the clothing styles changed......

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fujifilm Instax Camera Giveaway ~

Angie is having a Fabulous Giveaway over on her Blog ~ Angelica Grace Designs. Hop right over here ~ you might win this Cool Fujifilm Instax Camera. You don't need a Blog to enter ~ just make sure to leave her a Comment so you'll be entered in her Camera Giveaway.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Handmade Halloween Cards ~

Update as of 10/18/10 ~ Handmade Halloween Cards are available ~ just hop right over here!!!!

I'm going to make some Handmade Halloween Cards using the cute fabric above and the images below. Of course ~ I'll add glitter and ribbon ~ must remember that "less is more".

I found a great website offering these images for free ~ just need to find that web link again.

My website is still down due to some internal security issue with the Server. I'm really surprised that it's taking so long to resolve the problem.

Beach Bunny is on a Field Trip with her School to Rollins College in Orlando and then Lunch and Shopping at the Mall at Millenia also in Orlando. I hope she gets to have Lunch at the Cheesecake Factory ~ it's my fav. This is a list of just a few of the Stores located at this Mall:

Louis Vuitton, Coach, Chanel, Gucci, Burberry, Brighton, Jimmy Choo, St. John, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, David Yurman, Juicy Courture, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tory Burch, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and the list goes on and on.

After looking at their website ~ I now know why Mr. Bunny never took me there. I should have volunteered to chaperone her Field Trip.

In Spite of ~ OR ~ Because of

Baby Bunny (pictured on the left above) is doing much better and will be going to school on Wednesday. She's had a very mild case of Swine Flu (H1N1) and has spent the day resting.

I LOVE this picture of both of them when they were much younger. In the blink of an eye ~ they're 10 years older and now I have two teenagers. Neither one of them ever went through the terrible twos ~ they were saving it ALL up for the "terrible teens" stage.

My Mother has been telling me for Months these "pearls of wisdom" ~

"When your children are grown ~ you'll never know if they are happy and healthy, etc., in spite of ~ OR ~ because of something you said or did."

"Just do your best and make sure you do what's right each and every day ~ that's all you can do and pray ALOT."

So ~ last week we had tons of Drama with Beach Bunny. She was so far behind with her school work ~ since she had missed a week of school when she was sick. She was extremely discouraged and her solution was that she'd just drop out of school. *sigh* It was really difficult to remain calm when I was screaming inside. There is such a fine line between being encouraging and pushing your child too hard to the point they want to give up. I did make it clear to her that quitting was NOT an option ~ she just needed to do her best and work really hard. I really don't remember what I said ~ I was just trying really hard not to escalate the situation.

Fortunately for her, she's extremely smart and all of her Teachers are willing to help her get everything caught up. They also are giving her two weeks to make up the assignments and tests that she missed.

Thankfully ~ today was a great day for her at School and she's almost completely caught up with her makeup work. She turned in the English Paper that she worked on this weekend and got a really good grade on it. I'm hopeful that she'll eventually decide that she wants to attend College ~ after all.

I remembered that the Cosby Show had done an episode where Theo decides that he doesn't want to go to College. His Father then gives him a lesson in Economics. I found it on youtube and enjoyed watching it again after all of these years. I'll show it to Beach Bunny tomorrow ~ maybe she'll enjoy it and learn something.

This is Beach Bunny years ago with our pet Bunny ~ which ran away after about a week. She was the only one that the Bunny would go near and this is the only picture we have of our (mean) little Bunny. My girls both want to get another Bunny ~ but I prefer Bunnies/Pets that don't make a mess.

There are just countless reasons why they should give a more detailed "instruction manual" when you leave the Hospital with a newborn. I had more guidance and instructions with my new car. AND my new Washing Machine ~ I couldn't even operate it until I read the Manual and watched the lengthy Video.

I'll continue to pray and maybe I'll find some books at the Library that can offer some advice. For now, I'm just counting all of my many blessings ~ especially my two Sweet Teenage Bunnies.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

H1N1 and Bunny takes a Tumble Down the Stairs

My website ~ Bunny Chic Boutique has been down all weekend ~ hence the "missing" background here on my Blog. I had forgotten that the background images are being hosted on my website ~ once BCB is back "online" ~ my Blog will be colorful again.

Baby Bunny (who's almost 13) has tested positive for H1N1 or Swine Flu and has been sick all weekend. It's been a rather mild case of the flu ~ well except for the high fever and the fact that she passed out and fell down the stairs this morning!!

I thought that she was doing much better this morning and was even contemplating going to Church. It's such a blessing that I decided not to leave her alone ~ since I would have been at Church when she fell. She was going up the stairs ~ got over half way up and started feeling dizzy. I was on my way to help her and got to the top of the stairs just in time to watch her fall backward down about 8 steps. It was awful to watch her fall down the stairs ~ just like a rag doll. She had blacked out so she didn't tense up and try to catch herself. Luckily ~ she's fine and only has a few bruises on her arm, hip and left side of her face. She was only "out" about a minute ~ but it felt like 20 minutes. We'll have a follow up at the Doctor's office in a few days ~ but she's feeling much better.

These are a few shots from one of Baby Bunny's Basketball Games. She's the one in the red uniform and they got "crushed" in this game.

My friend from Church took these great pictures ~ thanks Peggy!! Her daughter was playing on the other team.

I wish I could get Baby Bunny to stand up straight. I thought maybe after she saw this picture she would realize that she needs to work on standing up straight. I considered having her practice walking around our house with a book on her head. Obviously ~ I need to get creative because I've probably told her at least 1000 times to "please stand up straight". She's rather tall at 5'8" so she slouches to be at eye level with her friends and me.

I can remember my Grandmother having us practice our posture with books on our heads, our handwriting, work on our table manners and other various elements of etiquette almost every Saturday afternoon. Of course that was before the internet or the availability of 900 TV channels. I found my Grandmother's Etiquette Books ~ 3 Volumes actually which were written in 1921. I'll have to scan some of the pages and post them here on my Blog ~ they're really very interesting. "Courting" was sooooooooo different back then and if you went to a Bachelor's Apartment for Afternoon Tea ~ you HAD to be accompanied by a Chaperon.

The following is a short excerpt from The Book of Etiquette by Lillian Eichler:

"The rewards of etiquette are too numerous to recount.......... If you study the rules of good conduct, and follow good form in everything you do and say, you will become courteous and kind and well-mannered. Etiquette will attract people to you, make you and your home a center of social activity. But most of all, it will make you respect yourself. And that is more important than riches or fame ~ for self-respect is the only thing that brings true happiness."

"Etiquette is an art ~ the art of doing and saying the correct thing at the correct time ~ the art of being able to hold oneself always in hand, no matter how exacting the circumstances. And like music or painting or writing, the more you study it, the more you apply yourself to its principles, the more perfectly your own character is molded."

More to come.....

"When to Bow in Public" ~ "How to Raise the Hat" ~ "The Eccentric Dresser" ~ "The Charm of Correct Speech" ~ "Automobile Etiquette" ~ "Gaudiness Versus Good Taste" ~ "Calling Cards"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Save the Date 4 Cupids Charm Giveaway ~

Please Save the Date ~ 10/24/09 for a Holiday Trunk Show and Giveaway over on Joy's Blog ~ Cupids Charm. You don't want to miss this Fabulous Event when she unveils her new designs and there will also be a Giveway on that date.

She has so many Gorgeous Jewels on her website ~ Cupids Charm. I LOVE this sweet and charming Necklace which is made out of a piece of "broken" Haviland china. This design is a "one-of-a-kind" ~ so you'd better hurry and hop over here ~ if you're interested. I don't know how much longer I can resist buying it and adding it to my Cupids Charm collection of jewels.

Isn't this "Good Witch" Pendant Necklace adorable?

AND ~ this is the reverse side of the "Witch" Necklace. You can wear this side to warn EveryBunny that you're having a bad day.

Just hop right over here to see all of her Gorgeous Jewelry and hop right here to visit her lovely Blog. Don't forget to also visit her Blog ~ Cupids Charm on 10/24/09.

Carnival Glass Iridescent Oval Bowl

I'm actually quite pleased with the way the above pictured "developed". You know how 99% of my pictures aren't worth "publishing" ~ well, this image is the exception. This Carnival Glass Iridescent Oval Bowl has never been used and belonged to my Grandmother. It has been stored in the original box since she puchased it many, many years ago.

I've decided to sell it and you can purchase it from my new Etsy Shop ~ by hopping over here. Carnival Glass is highly collectible and this Bowl would be a lovely addition to any decor year round.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Painting with hand painted Roses ~

I LOVE this "Rose De Provence" Painting with the handpainted pink roses ~ it's Tres Chic. Just click on the picture above to see the lovely details up close. I purchased this Pretty Painting at an Antique Store ~ but don't have anywhere to hang it. The Walls of our Bunny Cottage are completely full ~ so I decided to sell it on Etsy. You can hop right over here to purchase it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Brahmin Handbags and 365 Days of Handbags~ 2010

I'm so "Hoppy" that they've made a 365 Days of Handbags Calendar for 2010. I was so worried that maybe this Calendar Series would be discontinued. A lot of my favorite things have been discontinued ~ like my pretty shade of nail polish, Reynolds colored plastic wrap, Bath and Body Works Creamy Coconut Body Wash, Michel Hula Girl Coconut Lotion and "Memories" scented Candles ~ just to name a few items.

I've really enjoyed my 365 Days of Handbags Calendar this past year ~ it has brought me so much joy and I'm looking forward to this new edition for 2010. Hop right over here to Amazon ~ if you're interested in purchasing one of these unique Calendars for only $10.39.

Speaking of Handbags and discontinued items ~ Brahmin has discontinued my Toasted Almond Backpack (pictured above). I've only used it once and was seriously considering selling it on Ebay. Now that it's discontinued ~ I don't think I can part with it.

I think it's such a Gorgeous Backpack and looks so Chic ~ even if it wasn't featured in the 365 Days of Handbags Calendar.
This is one of the new designs by Brahmin.
I also like this Gorgeous Brahmin Handbag (pictured above) ~ it's a classic timeless design.

AND ~ I loved this one with the leather roses. So Chic!! I wanted to get it just for the roses.

Now ~ they have the leather rose bundle available for purchase ~ so you can add it to ANY purse.

These leather roses are available in SEVEN different colors ~ black, red, pecan, grape, taupe, khaki and truffle. Hop right over here to the Brahmin website.
They have lots of Gorgeous Accessories over on the Brahmin website ~ like this Cosmetics Bag (pictured above).
Isn't this an elegant Wallet? Surprisingly ~ it holds lots of credit cards and money (if I had any). AND ~ I get tons of compliments (it's even more gorgeous in person).

AND ~ it's so thin.
I LOVE this key ring that is actually a little handbag ~ too cute!! Hop right here to visit the Brahmin website.