Monday, September 27, 2010

Handmade Halloween Cards ~

Fall is here and Halloween will be here in about a Month. We have a few Handmade Halloween Cards and Tags on our website with LOTS more on the way. These tags (featured above) would look so cute tied to Trick or Treat bags. Hop right over here for these Handmade Halloween Tags. Free shipping for Halloween Cards and Tags.

This is the prettiest Halloween Greeting Card ~ which is Handmade with a Vintage Image and lots of lovely embellishments. Just hop right over here to purchase this Card (free shipping).

We're busy designing more Halloween Cards and also Christmas Cards. I looked last year for pretty Handmade Christmas Cards ~ but couldn't ever find any I liked. So ~ I'm going to design a few Elegant Cards for Christmas that I would enjoy sending and/or receiving ~ maybe you'll LOVE them too.

Free Freight for Pretty Paintings ~

For a limited time ~ we're offering free shipping for these two Gorgeous ORIGINAL Paintings!! You can hop right over here to purchase them ~ but you'd better hurry.

Blue Bunny Toile Painting by Kelly Rightsell ~

I LOVE all of Kelly Rightsell's artwork. This Bunny Canvas is so adorable and is available in the Whimsical Walls section of our website. We're offering this Canvas print at the lowest price on the web with FREE shipping (for a limited time). You can hop right over here to read all about it. We have this item in stock and available for immediate shipment.

Bunnies had a Busy Weekend ~

We had such a crazy busy weekend. Baby Bunny had a HUGE Research project due today ~ so she spent a lot of time this past week working on it. She had golf for most of Saturday ~ which was lots of fun. Yesterday we went to Church and then to the Beach. I need a long weekend to recover from this past weekend.

Tonight ~ Baby Bunny has another Basketball Game. Her team is playing much better ~ but they really need to win their Game tonight. They lost by one point last Thursday night ~ so sad. I like this action shot above ~ which shows Baby Bunny (who's almost 14 now) with the ball. She's the one wearing the white uniform ~ #31. Sometimes ~ I just can't watch ~ especially when she's "shooting foul shots". I'll try and take some pics tonight and post them in the morning.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sweet Shabby Chic Tags ~

We've listed a few additional Sweet Shabby Chic Tags over in "Peter's Papier Place". They are all original Collage Tags made using vintage lace and various embellishments. You can hop right over here to view all of the tags.

LOVE this Tag that is pictured above. It says ~ "At the Shore of Serenity" and has so many exquisite details and pretty embellishments. That is right where I'd love to be right now ~ at the shore of serenity instead of "drowning in drama and disarray".

We had a crazy busy weekend ~ golf, basketball, church, library, laundry and school projects. Baby Bunny (who's almost 14 now) is doing a research project on Thomas Jefferson. Oh and she told me tonight that she'd love a truck for her 16th Birthday. She doesn't want anything "big" for her 14th ~ just a pickup truck for her Sweet 16. Guess I'd better start saving now.......... at least she doesn't care if it's new or not. A used "beat up" truck is fine with her. However, it's not just the cost of the Truck ~ but also the car insurance and another Teen needing gas $$.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Playmobil Birthday Party Set 5511

I've decided to list this RARE and EXTINCT Playmobil Birthday Party Set on my website ~ Bunny Chic Boutique instead of on Ebay. You'll find it listed in "Jackolope Junction" on BCB ~ since this Playmobil Set is as rare as a Jackalope. This is where I'd like to mention how exorbitant Ebay fees are right now ~ they're absolutely ridiculous. So ~ we've reduced the price (in half) from what we were selling it on Ebay and it's available by hopping over here. It's currently in stock and available for immediate shipment ~ but there is only one left so you'd better hurry.

New Items to All Items ~

We're still working like crazy on the website and have so much to list. My new Assistant is only working 3 hours per day and I really need her 24/7. This section of the website (New Items) was making me ~ well crazy. I know that there must be a way to have new items listed ~ so that the newest items show up first on the "New Items" page. However, my Items were showing up in A - Z order instead of the newest item showing first. I think if I change it ~ that it would also change ALL of my website Categories and I don't want that for each Category. I do love hosting with Pappashop ~ but IMHO (in my humble opinion) there "Help" section needs "Help" and lots of it.

So ~ we made the image (featured above) this afternoon since we changed the "New Items" Category to "All Items". I really LOVE this Vintage "Boy with Bunny" image. The expression on the little Bunny's face is priceless and makes me laugh. The little Boy is telling the Bunny about all of the Bunny Chic Boutique items from A - Z. What do you think? Cute or too much and way over the top?

Border Fine Arts Beatrix Potter Tale of Ginger and Pickles Tableau

Border Fine Arts Beatrix Potter Tale of Ginger and Pickles Tableau

This Beatrix Potter Tableau is extremely rare and highly collectable. It is available on our website by hopping over here. There were only 2000 of these figurines made and this one is number 195.

Monday, September 13, 2010

NASA Song Contest ~

There will only be two more Space Shuttle Launches and then ~ sadly ~ that's the end of the Shuttle Program. NASA is having a Song Contest to pick the two songs that will be played as the "wake-up" songs for the last two Shuttle Missions. As of 10/01/10 ~ there will be approx. 8000 Space Shuttle Employees laid off. I have lots of friends and family members who might lose their jobs as of 10/01. The Economy in this area is already bleak and with eight thousand unemployed shuttle workers ~ it's definitely going to get a lot worse. Hopefully ~ they will all be able to find other jobs at the Kennedy Space Center.

So ~ back to the contest........ NASA has a website where you can vote for the last two "wake up" songs that will be played for the last two Space Shuttle Missions. There are 40 songs to choose from ~ songs that were previous "wakeup songs". As of today ~ the theme Song from "Star Trek" is in the lead. I've been voting for several of my favorites like ~ "Fly me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra. Audrey Hepburn's Moon River is currenlty in LAST place. Just hop right on over here to cast your vote and view the "standings" to date.

I'm anxious to read this new book about UFO's by Leslie Kean. She was going to write a book dispealing the "myths" of UFO's. However, after 10 years of extensive research and numerous interviews with pilots ~ she's convinced that we're not alone.
"Throughout the Book, she presents irrefutable evidence that unknown flying objects—metallic, luminous, and seemingly able to maneuver in ways that defy the laws of physics—actually exist."

On a personal note ~ Baby Bunny (who's almost 14) lost both of her Basketball Games last week. She has two games this week and hopefully ~ her team will win at least one of them. And ~ Beach Bunny is sick again with a lingering cough. I just hope she can go to school in the morning. She has so many difficult classes including Physics ~ don't want her to miss any of the "notes" from that class. Maybe she'd enjoy reading the UFO book and it might even help her with her Physics class.

Space ~ the final frontier ~ these are the voyages of..............

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fairy Tale Princess Halloween Basket

This is the most adorable Halloween Tote Basket made by Pam of Sew Gracious. I love this fabric by Michael Miller featuring fairy tale princesses, stars, castles, hearts, and tons of glitter. It is the perfect tote for Halloween or to store candy in year round. Actually, this tote would look adorable as room decor/ storage for your posh bunny princess. Hop right on over here to check it out.

Please note: This fabric by Michael Miller has been discontinued and is difficult to find.

~ 3 New Paintings ~

Three gorgeous ORIGINAL paintings added to Bunny Chic Boutique. They're truely stunning paintings and would look fabulous with any decor. I'll let the paintings do the talking. For all the details about the Rosebud Dress Painting ~ hop over here.

For all the details about this Cherry Blossom Dress Painting ~ hop over here.

For details about this Fleur de lis Crown Painting ~ hop over here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Over the Moon~~~

I am simply over the moon about offering Shabby Chic Gift Tags on Bunny Chic Boutique. I'm thrilled that a Fabulous Artist (here in Florida) is not only allowing me to sell her artwork ~ but she's also creating a few designs for us to sell exclusively on our website. This Shabby Chic Tag (pictured above) is made from vintage fabrics, lace, a vintage perfume label, dash of glitter, ribbon and roses. You can hop right over here ~ if you'd like to purchase this beautiful Tag. We have a lot more OOAK Gorgeous Shabby Chic Tags to list ~ so please check back often.

Dragonfly Garden Comforter Quilt ~

I'll be adding lots of items to "The Briarpatch" Section of my website ~ so check back often. This is a BRAND NEW adorable handcrafted (Full Size) Quilt Comforter made by "That's Mine" and is entitled "Dragonfly Garden". It features lots of appliqued Dragonflies and Flowers on it. The size is 76 X 86 inches and needs to find a "good home". It has been drastically reduced ~ is in stock and ready to ship. I purchased it for Baby Bunny to surprise her ~ but she's now decided that she doesn't like pink or flowers. Can you imagine any bunny that doesn't like pink? AND SomeBunny related to me too!! Just hop right over here ~ if you're interested in purchasing this pretty pink quilt. It's brand new ~ still in the original package.

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Products and Cinderella Correction ~

We've added a few cards to the Bunny Chic Boutique website. I LOVE this Paris Chic All Occasion Card (pictured above) and it's a Fabulous addition to our "Peter's Papier Place" and also to the "Le Lapin in Paris" Section. It's handmade, hand stamped and oh so Chic. You can hop right over here for the details and to purchase this Tres Chic Parisian Card.

This is another Card that I simply adore. It says ~ "Sending You" on the front and then inside it says ~ "Encouragement". I enjoy sending cards to my family and friends and this is the perfect card for SomeBunny who needs a little Encouragement. You can purchase this card by hopping over here.

Cinderella Correction:

I made a mistake in an earlier post and featured the wrong picture of Cinderella's Bippity Boppity Boo Necklace. This is the correct image (above) and you can purchase this lovely Necklace by hopping right over here.

This Beautiful Necklace features Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystals and a Soldered Pendant that says Bippity, Boppity Boo. If Cinderella had it all to do over again ~ THIS is the Necklace that she would wear to the Ball.

Beatrix Potter Tableau Figurine by Border Fine Arts

We just added this adorable Border Fine Arts Tableau of Peter Rabbit and his friends to the Bunny Chic Boutique website. It is a simply stunning figurine and extremely rare. You can hop right over here for more details.

This depiction from Beatrix Potter "Tale of Ginger and Pickles" was handmade and handpainted. It was designed by artist, Richard Wawrzesta. This Tableau is number 195 of a limited number of 2000 and has a Certificate of Authenticity.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shabby Chic Clipboard

This is a handmade Shabby Chic Clipboard featuring Scrapbook Paper by Dena Designs. It also has various types of ribbon at the top. We have also added a ribbon at the top to attach your pen or pencil ~ so that you never lose your writing instrument again. The ribbon for the pen (found in the upper right hand corner) is attached to the clipboard with a heart button and a pink rosebud. The clipboards measure 9" x 12".
We've just added this pretty Clipboard to our website ~ just hop right over here to purchase one. There are several additional themes that we're working on ~ Animal Print, Masculine and various other shabby chic designs. Please let us know ~ if there is a specific design that you would be interested in purchasing.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Halloween Tags ~ Handmade

Aren't these Halloween Tags absolutely adorable?? I just listed them over on the Bunny Chic Boutique website ~ just hop right over here. They would look so cute tied to a little candy treat bag for a friend or maybe to brighten a neighbor's day. Thanks to Margie for another Fun and Fabulous design!!

Basketball, Golf and Ice Skating ~

Basketball Season starts next week for Baby Bunny's Middle School Team. She's so excited and can't wait to start playing again. Her Team has been practicing every day for several weeks and hopefully they'll win a few games this year. Baby Bunny (who's almost 14) is pictured above ~ she's the girl on the left (wearing red) jumping for the ball. This is a picture from last year ~ but I love this image ~ even though they lost that particular game. Mr Bunny says ~ "She's very Coachable and she's Tall" ......"You can't teach Tall".........

Since she has Basketball Practice or a Game every night during the week ~ she has to take her Golf Lesson on Saturday. We LOVE the Golf "Pro" that she's taking lessons from ~ just so glad that she loves him too. He has really improved her game and next Year ~ she'll try out for the JV Golf Team. She had to make a choice this Year ~ since the Middle School Basketball and Golf Seasons were at the same time. I think she'll enjoy it even more ~ once the weather cools down just a tad. I know I'll enjoy it a lot more if it's under 90 degrees.

Tonight she wanted to go Ice Skating with her friends. Since she really doesn't know how to Ice Skate ~ thought it might not be the best time to risk breaking a bone. I asked her ~ Did she really wanted to spend the Basketball Season sitting on the Bench watching everyone else play? We spent a nice quiet evening at home.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cinderella's Bippity Boppity Boo Necklace

Doesn't this Gorgeous Necklace look just like something Cinderella would wear? It looks even better in person and is perfect for a Posh Bunny Princess or an Elegant Rabbit Queen. I just added it to our Bunny Bling section over on the BCB website ~ just hop right here for more details and to purchase it.

Bippity Boppity Boo features Genuine Swarovski Cyrstals, Pearls, Sterling Silver and a Soldered Pendant. It was designed and handmade by the incredibly talented Lindsey Erickson.

There is lots of sparkle and tons of magic encompased in this exquisite design. If Cinderella had it all to do over again ~ THIS is the Necklace that she would wear to the Ball.

AND ~ I wanted to feature Cinderella's Coach on here again. For some reason ~ I just can't get enough of this sparkling graphic......

Vintage Tablecloth Cosmetic Bag Clutch

I LOVE this little Cosmetic Bag and/or Clutch made out of two different Vintage Tablecloths. It was designed and handmade by my friend Tracy of Tracy B. Designs. She's an amazing textile designer and all of her items are meticulously made. She uses lots of vintage and various other Fabulous Fabrics.

This purse (featured above) is from Tracy's "Tattered Totes" Collection, which features re-purposed fabrics, buttons and trim in fresh and functional ways. It's perfect for cosmetics, cell phone, camera, IPOD or your basic essentials. Great to use for travel, or as an "organizing bag" to place inside a larger purse.

Tracy's "Tattered Totes" are OOAK (one of a kind), extremely popular and sell out quickly. So if you're interested in this lovely design ~ hop right over here. It's the perfect addition to Bunny Chic Boutique's "Green Bunny Market" section.

Fall Handmade Notecard ~

Isn't this Fall Card Beautiful? It's now available on my website ~ by hopping right over here. I absolutely LOVE Handmade Cards ~ there's just something about them that SCREAMS to the recipient: "This is Handmade ~ because you're worth it". Once you start giving and receiving handmade cards ~ it's really difficult "to go back". Heartfelt Thanks to Margie of the Jersey Shore for making a few cards for my Bunny Chic Boutique website. "Hoppy Fall" to you all!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bunny Princess and Frog Prince ~

I LOVE this Bunny Princess!!! It's the Wall Art that I purchased for my Bedroom redecorating Project. It is quite large and coordinates perfectly with the other Bunny Princess/Frog Prince items in the Room. I also puchased a Bunny Lamp from them (Whimsical Collections on Etsy) ~ but need to take pictures of it. I couldn't be more thrilled with this Bunny Princess, the Frog Prince or the adorable Bunny Lamp. You can hop right over here to see all of the other Lamps, Chandeliers, Wall Art and Tassels that they have available. They have every theme you can think of ~ Circus, Western, Paris, hippos, butterflies, etc.

This is the Frog Prince Wall Art that I have hanging next to the Bunny Princess. I also purchased this from Whimsical Collections and love the way it looks in the Room. These were the "finishing touches" for my Room and really add a little whimsy to the pink/green Lilly Pulitzer Bunny Rabbit decor.

Turquoise Bracelet and The Briarpatch

There is just something about this color combo of Turquoise and Red ~ I just LOVE the two together. AND ~ this Bracelet design by Alexandra95062 is simply Stunning!!! It will be listed on the website ~ BCB this afternoon in the Bunny Bling section. This Sterling, Turquoise and Coral Bracelet (pictured above) is the only one I have in stock. Link to Panache Bracelet on my website ~ just hop right here.

Alexandra is such an incredibly talented artisan and always has the most Fabulous designs. You'll also want to see some of Alexandra's designs on Ebay ~ she's having a sale so be sure and hop right over here.

This is a new Category to the Bunny Chic Boutique website. What do you think about this graphic that I made last night at 1:00 a.m? Well ~ I started on it at 8:30 pm and changed it about 100 times. I might even change it again ~ but not for a few weeks. I have a few other graphics to create and some that I want to revise before I start tweaking this one AGAIN.

I needed a Category to put a few items that didn't really fit anywhere else. Some of the items are slightly damaged ~ maybe the outside box is torn or maybe I purchased them on sale and want to pass the savings onto you. Think Sale!! What does a Bunny love besides a Sale ~ The Briarpatch. So ~ the slogan for this Section of my website is:

EveryBunny loves The Briarpatch!!! And you will too.......