Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Hoppy" Valentine's Day ~

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~ "Hoppy" Valentine's Day ~

We had a very "Hoppy" Valentine's Day and enjoyed a delicious Luncheon at my Mother's House. Then we had Olive Garden takeout for Dinner tonight and so I didn't have to cook at all today ~ LOVE that. There isn't any School tomorrow ~ so we'll get to sleep in. LOVE 3 day weekends!! I just wish that it would warm up a few degrees ~ Hurry Up Spring!!

I decorated each and every room for Valentine's Day. Unfortunately ~ some of my pictures didn't turn out. Tiffany sent me quite a few things ~ including some red wooden hearts. I originally had them in a "Silver" Basket ~ but they look even better in a white oval bowl. I'll try and take some more pictures ~ including some of the other Gorgeous things that Tiffany sent me. I've made a large TJ (Tiffany Jane) display on top of one of my Dressers. It looks very magical and whenever I walk by ~ it always makes me smile.

I had tons of fun decorating for Valentine's Day. I love the way the picture above turned out ~ looks kind of artsy. I've had the Victorian frame and was trying to decide where to put it. The adorable fabric flowers were made by tracybdesigns and the "vase" is a Tommy Bahama Rum Bottle. I thought that the vase of flowers would look great inside the frame. DON'T try this at home!!! The vase/bottle was precariously balanced on the bottom of the frame for this photo session. Guess I didn't push the frame back against the wall ~ because an hour later the Frame fell and broke into FOUR pieces. I super glued it back together and it REALLY looks old and rustic now. *sigh*

I tied a strip of beaded garland and one of my Bracelets with swarovski crystals around the neck of the Rum Bottle. Then ~ I filled it up with some red and pink heart confetti.

I used two different table runners ~ white battenburg lace and also a runner with appliqued red and pink hearts. Then I sprinkled red and pink heart confetti on the cake plate and the table runners. I LOVE the cake plate because you can change the fabric ribbon to match the different holidays or your decor.

The Valentine's Day Card is from my friend Terri in CT. She sent me a Book by Anna Griffin and that cute Valentine Card (pictured above).

This is the "White Rabbit" that was made by Jennifersdols. He looks so adorable sitting in an Antique footed crystal bowl that I purchased from the Estate Sale next door. The white lights look very festive and much better in person. I wrapped some of the red and also white beaded garland around the lights.

Valentine's Day Card made by Cherryjn.

And another Card by Cherryjn with the little cupid on the right. That is a crystal perfume bottle on the left that we use as a pen holder.

The "Card Men" that we always have on display for Valentine's Day. I just added some red and pink buttons to the center of the bowl.

These are the Cherub Candlesticks that I mentioned in a previous Blog posting. I thought about selling them on Etsy or my website ~ but I've decided to keep them. They look so adorable sitting on our piano and I just happened to have these Red Heart candles.

This cute mailbox looks much better in person ~ it was also made by cherryjn.

I bought this Silver Basket at an Antique Store. The Lady told me that it was Sterling ~ but after polishing it for a couple of hours ~ I really think that it's silver plated. I still like the "lines" and the moveable handle. The base has a few places that are discolored ~ but I just wrapped some red beaded garland around it.

One more day and I'll be switching my Blog Banner over to a Spring Banner. Tiffany did the most amazing job on my Spring Blog Banner ~ it's absolutely GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to install it ~ although I'm going to miss my Valentine's Banner.

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