Monday, February 1, 2010

Bunnies at Stonehenge ~

Baby Bunny's school project last week was a "visual" of Stonehenge. She worked for days making the "Stones" out of clay and then she painted each and every stone grey. Then she made Stonehenge by gluing each stone into place. It looks much better in person and of course looked better when she turned it in. The white spots that you see are where the "stones" have come unglued. There weren't any white spots when she turned it into her Teacher.

She received a grade of 100% and learned lots of interesting facts about Stonehenge. We watched the National Geographic special entitled ~ Stonehenge Decoded, which was really interesting. Thankfully she started early on this project ~ because it took her forever to make and paint all of those stones. I wish we could have found some grey clay here locally ~ but our only Craft Store closed.

I tried to convince her to use a border of bunnies (pictured above) around the box as a background. Unfortunately, she absolutely refused to put them on her project. Aren't those bunnies adorable though and they would have given her project "depth and dimension". Stonehenge is in England ~ England is the Birthplace of Beatrix therefore, I think that Bunnies should have been part of this Stonehenge visual. She probably would have received a grade of 200% if she'd used the bunny border die cuts.

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