Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bunny Shopping ~

I've been out shopping for Bunnies ~ since this is the best time of the Year to find lots of Bunnies in the Stores. You know how they "rush" the Holiday Decor months ahead. Surprisingly ~ I didn't find any Bunnies that I "couldn't live without" in TJ Maxx and usually I end up with a whole shopping cart full of cute Bunnies. Don't worry ~ I made up for it over at "Tuesday Morning" and found so many darling little bunnies for my collection.

This handpainted Porcelain Country Bunny (pictured above) is on their website ~ so if you don't have a "Tuesday morning" in your area ~ you can order him online. He's made by Kaldun & Bogle, stands 20 inches tall and is the perfect home accessory for Spring. You can hop right over here to order one for your Cottage.

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