Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shop on Thursday ~

I found these adorable Martha Stewart Retro BUNNY Kitchen Towels over on Etsy. She has a few left that are flowers and a set of Towels with cute bears ~ just hop right here.

Since I need a schedule and also have a difficult time figuring out which day it is ~ these are perfect!! AND ~ I get to shop on Thursday (which is today by the way)!! So, I'm loving my new schedule ~ however, I'm dreading what's on the schedule for Saturday......

I've been making an extremely lengthy and impossible list of things to do each day. I think I just need to simplify and "listen" to the Bunnies.......

I actually LOVE to iron and mend ~ it's such a great sense of accomplishment.

Once I finish de-cluttering our "Cottage" ~ I won't even mind cleaning. It's so much easier to clean when everything has a home. That's the problem now ~ we have a lot of "homeless" items. My goal was to de-clutter a room a day ~ but have decided that a room a week is a more realistic goal.

I tried to enlist Princess Bunny's help ~ but she said "I like our house just the way it is and don't want to change anything". Of course, she said this with a sly smile and I quickly realized she just doesn't want to help. I think she'll change her mind ~ if she wants more gas $$ to go to the Beach. You know ~ I should probably change her name to Beach Bunny.

These shabby chic tags are Gorgeous. They're made from fabric and are the perfect size ~ you can get a set by hopping over here. She also makes lovely fabric notecards.

Hope your day is "Hoppy". I'll be sorting through Magazines and Books ~ maybe I'll take before and after pictures.

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Terri's ThreadArt said...

This is a great post Jayne! It's SO true ~ just follow the picture on the towels each day!!! You know seriously ~ until a few years ago I did have a chore for each day of the week and it worked really well.
MMMM ~ maybe I might give that a shot again!
Love ya! Terri