Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blue, Yellow and a touch of Green ~

I LOVE this fabric which is the P. Kaufmann Cottontail Blue Toile Fabric!! Our Kitchen is blue and white with some yellow and a little green ~ so I thought this bunny fabric would look adorable as Kitchen Curtains. Mr. Bunny was against it and although I love this print ~ I decided to go with......

This fabric (pictured above) is the Waverly Imperial Dress in Porcelain. It looks gorgeous in our blue and white kitchen ~ even though it doesn't have any bunnies on it. Guess I could applique a few on there ~ wonder if Mr. Bunny would notice. So, after I had ordered the fabric to make the curtains (and we have 5 windows and two doors w/windows in our Kitchen) ~ I found curtains made from this fabric online. If you're looking for this fabric ~ email me and I'll sell you a yard or two at a great price.

I found these little bunnies on Etsy ~ arent' they cute? They're little battenburg lace bunnies and you can see them by hopping right here. I'm not sure about sewing them onto our Kitchen Curtains ~ but they'll look sweet wherever I decide to put them. I'd love to sew one on the back pocket of Mr. Bunny's Jeans or on the back of one of his dress shirts. LOL

Then ~ I found these Gorgeous napkins over at the Purple Flower Fairy's Etsy Store. She's having a sale right now and has so many Shabby Chic, Paris Chic and Chippy Chic items in her Etsy Store. I really do LOVE these napkins and there are 6 of them ~ two of each design. They're a soft linen and feature a hem stitch with the lovely embroidered flowers. They match our dishes perfectly......

I got these Palermo dishes from Pier One Imports many many years ago. The ones pictured above are available over on Ebay right now ~ just hop right here. This Ebay listing isn't mine ~ I wouldn't part with my set of Palermo.

My good friend Alexandra just listed these Fabulous Beads over on Ebay. She makes lampwork beads as well as absolutely Gorgeous Bracelets. You probably remember when I did a Blog post featuring some of her designs ~ if not ~ just hop here. I check her store every morning and was excited to see some yellow and blue ones listed today~ so I had to include them in this post. Her Ebay listing is for these 40 beautiful beads (pictured above) and the starting bid ~ a ridiculously low $9.99. Please hop right here to see them "up close and personal".

Today is the perfect day for a Picnic ~ so I hope your Day is Yellow and Blue with a touch of Green. A bright Sunny Day with a clear blue sky and soft green grass ~ that is what is wished for you today.

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