Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've been dreading this Day ~ 7/23/09

I've been dreading this Day ~ 7/23/09 ~ for over a year. Today is the day that the Lease ended for my SUV. I was so concerned about what type of car Mr. Bunny would get for me this time. Four years ago ~ we couldn't afford the SUV that I had fallen in love with so we leased it. Mr. Bunny asked me at the time if we could afford it and I looked him straight in the eye and said "Yes". Well, that is "Yes ~ if you don't mind not having food, lights or water". I don't think he heard the last part.

So, for the last year I've been trying to decide what type of Car/SUV or Truck ~ that we could afford and that I would LOVE to drive. I've been seeing the car pictured above driving by our house several times a day. Of course, I considered it a sign that this should be my new car. Mr. Bunny said ~ we can't afford that it's probably $100,000.00. Well, it's $107,900.00 to be exact ~ can you believe that it's that expensive. How did he know how much that car cost? He didn't even want to go and take a test drive in it.
AND ~ these leather seats are an additional $3,500.00. I told him that I would get a job at TJ Maxx so that we could afford this car. He thought that was hilarious and said that a shopaholic shouldn't work in a Store ~ much less in TJ Maxx. He's right yet again ~ I would owe TJ Maxx so much money each week. It would be like an alcoholic working in a Liquor Store or a gambler working in a Casino. I would actually save him tons of money by NOT working in one of my favorite stores.

So, we found another SUV that I LOVE that cost a tiny fraction of the BMW M6 pictured above. My new car has all the options that I wanted and we can actually afford the payments this time. I'm not a spendthrift after all. My Mother always called me that and I never really knew what the word meant. I could tell by the tone of her voice and the way that she said it ~ that it wasn't a compliment. I finally looked up the meaning of Spendthrift ~ One who is extravagant and spends money recklessly or wastefully. I knew it was the opposite of frugal ~ but had no idea they would have my picture next to the word ~ Spendthrift. I prefer to be called Extravagant ~ it just sounds more sophisticated!!


pretty*in*pink*designs said...

Jayne, I'm happy you found something worthy of driving in your price range! I myself love that Maserati in your latest post ;) Even so, I'm driving around an 11 year old mini van. I purchased it with 20K miles and have been cruising smoothly ever since. We 'folks' in MN don't get too extravagant with our vehicles cuz within 4 years they are all rusty underneath!

Terri's ThreadArt said...

haha ~ you are SO funny! I always pretend my convertable seabring is a Maserati!
Congrats on the new car!!!

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Too Funny Jayne!
Enjoy your new SUV :O)