Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mr. Bunny Goes to Washington ~ Again!!

Happy 4th of July EveryBunny!!! I've been so busy that I just this morning put out these Bunnies and Flags. We use them as decoration for every patriotic Holiday.

I gave Zoe a quick bath early this morning and put on her special outfit. She loves getting all dressed up and dances around. We're teaching her to walk on her hind legs and she can take about 4 steps. She'll do ANYTHING for a treat ~ except pick up her toys.

AND ~ Mr. Bunny goes to Washington ~ Again!! They called him on Thursday afternoon and he flew out Friday morning ~ right now he's somewhere in Washington, D.C. at an undisclosed location. Actually ~ he told me where he was I just forgot and thought it sounded more mysterious and secretive to describe it as "an undisclosed location". LOL

He belongs to a Medical Disaster Assistance Team ~ in his spare time. They provide medical support after Hurricanes or any other natural or manmade disaster. They set up in areas where the infrastructure is compromised and bring all of their medical equipment, supplies, food, WATER and air-conditioned tents with them. It's similar to the TV Show "Mash" ~ except they don't have an operating room, etc.

His Team was invited to the Presidential Innaguration because they were expecting large crowds and just case of a terrorist attack. That's the Team picture that they had taken while they were in Washington, D. C. He was concerned that it would be freezing in January and then this weekend the heat was a concern. However, both times he's a lucky Bunny and is working inside the "Command Center" somewhere in Washington, D.C. He's the only one from his Team that went this weekend and he'll be flying home in the morning.

I've been a busy bunny taking pictures and working on my Ebay listings. I also took before and after pictures of my stacks of Books and Magazines ~ just don't know if I have the nerve to share it on my Blog.

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Terri's ThreadArt said...

Zoe looks like a high priced model!!!