Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Style and Book Purses ~

My Style can be summed up in 3 words ~ Ralph Lauren, Cotton and Sleeveless. I have a closet full of sleeveless shirts and most of them are Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts. Of course, I don't wear anything but Cotton (in Florida) and luckily Denim is Cotton. I bought lots of Ralph Lauren Oxford Button Shirts for the little Bunnies too.

Unfortunately ~ since these shirts are associated with "my style", the bunnies have decided that they want their own cool style. What could be cooler than a Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirt? ~ literally these shirts are "cool" in every sense of the word.

So, I'm selling all of their shirts on Ebay. We have different colors and several different sizes ~ some NWT (new with tags) and some are EUC (excellent used condition). I couldn't even find them on the polo website ~ so guess they're not currently available. It's such a classic style ~ hope they don't discontinue them. You can hop right over here to my Ebay Store ~ if you're interested.

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to share my before and after pictures of my STACKS of Magazines and Books. Do I really want the Clean House TV Show knocking at my Door? How many Bunnies would they let me keep or would they want ALL of them for the Yard Sale?

In the meantime, I found these adorable Purses (Handbags) on Etsy. Isn't this the most clever idea? If you LOVE Books and you collect handbags or know SomeBunny who does ~ isn't this the perfect gift? You can hop right here to see this cute purse.

This is the inside of "The Wizard of Oz" Purse. The money doesn't come with the purse ~ I don't think. I travel so light these days and this is a great size for an evening out or a quick trip to the Store.

Wuthering Heights handbag ~

Inside view of Wuthering Heights ~

Alice in Wonderland ~

I think I have read every Nancy Drew book and some of them twice. Hop right here to get this adorable Nancy Drew Purse.

Inside view of the Nancy Drew purse ~ looks like it's extremely well-made.

Do you have a favorite book? The Sellers that I have featured here on my Bunny Blog will make a custom purse for you out of almost any book. You can send it to them or they will track it down for you.

~Where does my money go?? That's where my money goes!! ~

Do you remember the old Mitch Miller song ~ "That's where my money goes"? Well, MY money goes to buy my Beach Bunny Gas for her car. If you'd like to hear the song ~ just hop right here ~ it's entitled I've got Sixpence/I've been working on the railroad/That's where my money goes" all in one song.

This is what I told Beach Bunny the other day and yes ~ she rolled her eyes at me.

"I've got nopence to spend and nopence to lend and nopence to last me all my life."

AND ~ to make it worse ~ I sang it to her. My little bunnies don't like my style or my new theme song.


FishStikks said...

Wow! I adore those little book purses, incredibly adorable!

Your blog really has a fresh sweet air about it, quite lovely!

Tina- said...

such cute handbags!
inviting you over to my 500th post give away