Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Blog Banner ~

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I was really hoping that Tiffany would design a few Thanksgiving Blog Banners. So ~ I was thrilled when I saw this Blog Banner in her Etsy Shop last night. I just HAD to add it to my collection ~ isn't it absolutely PERFECT!!!

I'm one lucky Bunny to have crossed paths with the lovely and amazingly talented Tiffany Jane Marshall of "Beyond the Vintage Path". She has a few Fall Blog Banners in her Etsy Shop and she's also selling some of her beautiful rubber stamps on Ebay. I don't know why I'm telling you this ~ since I was going to bid on them myself........ She's always been so kind and generous to me ~ so that's why I'm sharing this information w/you. Bid high and often.......

This Bunny Blog is so precious to me ~ even though I don't Blog daily. (Some days ~ I just don't think Any Bunny could possibly be interested in our life here at the Bunny Cottage) However, I've met so many incredibly wonderful people through my blogging. During this Season of Thanksgiving ~ I'm so truly thankful for all of my blessings ~ but especially for all of my Blog friends.

To be rich in friends is to be poor in nothing. (Lilian Whiting)

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TiffanyJane said...

Awwwwww, Thank YOU so much for posting my banner and links!! You are toooo kind!!!!
It's MY pleasure that you like my offerings....I too have met some really genuine, kind people {as yourself!}