Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fabulous Banners for Valentine's Day ~

(click on picture to enlarge)

I'm so thrilled with my new Valentine's Day Banners that Tiffany made for my Bunny Blog and for my Etsy Shop. She's so incredibly talented and works tirelessly to make sure that EVERYTHING is pixel perfect. She also made two additional Banners for Spring that are simply Stunning ~ you'll see those the day after Valentine's Day.

You can visit Tiffany's website by hopping right here and hop over here for her Beautiful Blog. She has pictures of her Christmas Tree and it's one of the prettiest trees I've ever seen. If my tree looked that Gorgeous ~ I would probably leave it up year round.

This is the amazing Altered Art Journal that I purchased from Tiffany's Etsy Shop. I love the way that she added so many images and vintage treasures. Everything that she designs (digital and papier) is made with tons of love.

This is just one of the many adorable pages within my new Altered Art Journal by the Fabulous Tiffany Jane Marshall.

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TiffanyJane said...

Oooo what a Fabulous post for little 'ol me! You are so sweet to post pics and links to my sites...Thank YOU, for being so Kind, Sweet & Generous...truly a rare jewel among friends~