Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm Only Looking Forward ~

When I was 6 ~ I thought that I had major problems. The School Days were long and difficult for me ~ with lots of drama. I had to ride the High School bus, since I was the only Elementary Student in our neighboorhood and of course, my bus stop was the last one. So, I had to climb up on the bus and try to find a seat ~ with these really tall High School students watching me and making comments about my clothes, etc. After a few days ~ one of the Students started saving me a seat near the front of the Bus and that made the ordeal much easier.

See the lovely bruise on my forehead ~ that was the result of being "jumped" by a few 6th grade girls and having my lunch money stolen. Our Maid ~ Josephine ~ told me "the next time they hit you ~ fall to the ground and pretend like you're dead.......then they'll leave you alone." She was right ~ but after that I always brought extra money to school so I'd be able to eat lunch.

Last week was such a "bad news" week. It seemed like every single day brought more bad news and heartache. I spent most of the week in bed ~ it was warm there and I could effectively "dwell" on my the latest drama. So ~ today I decided that Josephine's advice doesn't apply in my current situation. I need to quit playing dead and get on with living and enjoying my life.......

So, I'm only looking forward ~ last week is ancient history. I'm blessed with a very short memory.

May your joy be as long as a Rabbit's Ears and your Sorrow as short as his Tail.

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