Monday, January 11, 2010

Adorable Vintage Bunnies ~

LOVE this Vintage image ~ isn't that Bunny's face so sweet and absolutely adorable???

AND this Bunny is so cute holding the Baby Chicks ~

I found these Vintage Bunny images over at The Graphic Fairy. Today I was going to make some Valentine's Day Cards ~ but my hands are still frozen. So ~ I might just start on a few Easter Cards.

First ~ I should probably take down our Christmas Tree ~ but it's freezing (literally) in our Living Room. It's just so difficult to do anything when you're wearing thick gloves, 3 layers of clothes with a Winter Top Coat and fluffy Bunny Slippers. That's what I was wearing INSIDE our house ~ which is now officially colder inside than it is outside. Our downstairs Heater isn't working properly and so I decided to turn it off completely. It was 26 degrees last night and I think that I could have left a glass of water in our Living Room last night and it would have frozen. Thankfully ~ we have heat upstairs so we've been staying upstairs and then wearing ALL of our Winter clothes when we go downstairs to eat. I considered fixing a Table upstairs ~ which seemed fun and whimsical at first ~ but then quickly decided it would be too much trouble. Only a few more days and then on Thursday it will be warm again ~ so I'll be thawed out by the weekend.

Hope you're staying warm and please don't worry ~ Spring will be here soon..............

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