Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gifts from OWOH Giveaway

I had so much fun participating in the One World ~ One Heart Giveaway Event and visited so many interesting Blogs. I was the winner of several Gifts and would like to share with you a few of them. I've listed them in the order that I received them and I can't thank these three ladies (Chris, Barbe and Cyndi) enough for being so generous.

Isn't this Spooky "Haunted" Birdhouse a Scream? It is meticulously made and has so many unique features. I wish you could see it in person ~ since my photos just don't do it justice. I know that Chris over at Prism Trail spent many long hours designing and assembling this Fabulous OOAK Birdhouse.

The colors that she used were orange, black and purple. It even has wallpaper on the interior walls and a spider hanging on the front. She even made a Black Bird out of polymer clay for the perch on the front of this amazing Birdhouse. I've put it on the shelf right next to the Doll that Santa brought Alexandra for Christmas a few years ago.

Alexandra's Doll is from the Hollywood Movie Classics by Madame Alexander and represents the Movie ~ The Birds. I thought it so appropriate to put my new Haunted Birdhouse next to Tippi from that Scary Movie ~ The Birds. Those are three little black birds (with feathers) attached to her head, arm and coat. This doll makes me laugh every time I see it. Alexandra (who has never seen the Movie) thought it was a really bizarre gift from Santa. Maybe one day I'll let her see the Movie and then she'll appreciate the Doll a lot more.

Barbe Saint John spun this GORGEOUS Yarn for me. I wish you could see this amazing Hand Spun Yarn in person ~ the colors are so vibrant. It took my breathe away when I opened the package from her. She also sent a hand made card with a sweet little bird on it and included two Snickers. How did she know that Snickers are my favorite Candy?

This is one side of this Beautiful Yarn ~ aren't the colors just TDF!!

This is the other side of this colorful hand spun creation. Hop over here to get some of her Gorgeous Scrappy Cats Yarn!! She also has some really cool Yarn and Jewelry on Etsy ~ check it out here.

Cyndi from By Light of Moon sent this adorable Hat Magnet which she made with tiny hearts fabric. In addition, she included a sachet with a lovely Victorian image on it. She has an Etsy Store and you can purchase one of these cute Hat Magnets by hopping over here. Thanks so much Cyndi ~ I love this bright and cheery Hat!

May Easter Bring Thee Many Joys!!
~ Bunny Blessings ~


Scrappy Jessi said...

you are a lucky girl! i can't believe you won 3! so great!

Saints and Sinners said...

oh yes you are!!! I love that haunted bird house!!!!!!

taking pics of the yarn is SOOOO hard!!! I can never get it right myself-no matter how pretty the look in pics, they look alot better in person.

Im glad you liked it!

ladybug said...

I have been BUNNY BlESSED!

I got my wonderful clip board in the mail (along with other goodies!!!)
I just love it! I think it is beautifully done and it is such a joy to hang on to, to hang things off of and just to have! Thank you so much!


molly jean said...

Jayne, your OWOH gift from me is now in the mail!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Your wins are wonderful!! The birdhouse is really cool, and the Tippi doll goes so well with it! I love Halloween, how great are those! The magnets are wonderful, so cute!!