Sunday, February 17, 2008

Decorating on a Dime ~ Literally a Dime!

~Bunny's Bedside Books ~

Sunday is a day of Rest, Reading and Reflection. I have always loved Books and wish that I had more time to relax and read. The stack of Books on my Bedside Table was out of control so while I was organizing them this afternoon ~ I took a few pictures.
My Husband suggested that we redecorate our Dining Room and turn it into an Office/Studio for me. I think he's worried because my Bunny Chic Boutique "Fluff" is starting to spill over into the rest of the House. He's trying desperately to contain my "Bunny Fluff."

So, I've been collecting books and getting ideas of how to organize our Dining Room so that we can still use it for occasional Dinners. Oh and my Budget for this fabulously redesigned Dining Room/Studio is ..... a Dime! I'll have to get very creative and extremely organized so that I can use my existing furniture and utilitze my jars, baskets, etc. for storage containers.

The Book on the left has gorgeous pictures of some amazing Design Studios of some Fabulous Designers like Dena Fishbein, April Cornell, Debbee Thibault and Sara Toliver. The Book on the right has some excellent storage ideas and shows you how to create a functional, inspiring space that lets you focus on crafting not clutter. "Where Women Create" and "Organizing Your Craft Space" are both by Jo Packman. Check your local Library ~ they might have these books available.

This is a picture of inside the "Where Women Create" Book and it features Dena Fishbein's Studio. Isn't it TDF and absolutely Gorgeous?!!

This is a picture is from the "Organizing Your Craft Space" Book and it features all types of clever storage ideas that I would never have thought of. I LOVE Books with lots of pictures and very little writing ~ so these are two of my favorite.

For my new Studio, I'm going to use our existing China Cabinets for my art and office supplies. I have so many unique baskets and tons of vintage jars ~ so I might be able to stay under Budget. I've generously offered my ENTIRE Redecorating Budget to my Daughter ~ if she would help me pack up everything in our China Cabinets. She's a tween now and so you can probably guess how excited she was to help with this "little" project. I should probably take before and after pictures ~ so that you can see the miraculous transformation. Yes ~ it's going to take a Miracle!!

Isn't this the cutest purse? It's the Posh Pink Poodle Princess Purse and I've just listed it on my online Boutique ~ Bunny Chic Boutique. You can check out this adorable purse by hopping here ~ but don't delay, I only have one in stock.

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