Thursday, February 14, 2008

Show and Tell ~ The Good, the Bad and the Lovely!!

Show and Tell

I'm thrilled to be a part of this fun event which is held at Kelli's House each Friday. This is the first in my Series entitled "Every Bunny has a Tale".

~ The Good, the Bad and the Lovely! ~

The Good or "Life with Park and Jayne" ~

Shop Jayne Shop. See Jayne Shop. See the cute Bunny! Buy Jayne Buy! Look Park! Look at the Cute Bunny! Park says, "how much and where?" Jayne says, "$6.00 and the Garden." Park says "Yes Jayne Yes!" Jayne can keep the cute little Bunny. Good Buy ~ Jayne ~ Good Buy!!

The Bad ~

Oh my how this year has flown! I bought these Impatiens Flowers almost one year ago and never planted them. Isn’t that bad? It seems like it was just last month that I guessed at how many Trays of Flowers I would need to put around our Oak Trees. However, since I miscalculated and had several Trays of Flowers left over ~ I decided I would use them in Flower Pots around our Back Door but never got around to it. Sadly ~ all the other flowers around our Trees are long gone, but amazingly this Tray of neglected Flowers still remains. Hmm…sounds like some type of Science Experiment. Guess it’s really not that Bad after all.

The Lovely ~

Impatiens Flowers are so lovely and one of my favorite. It’s so nice to have a little color in our Front yard at this time of Year. They look Lovely from a distance ~ especially when you’re driving by @ 35 mph. Of course ~ the daily walkers can get a nice long look at the Good, the Bad and the Lovely.

Thanks for letting me share and next week will be Part 2 in the Series entitled "Every Bunny has a Tale."


jennifer said...

I REALLY like your site. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos - Jen

Hootin' Anni said...

How sweet!!! And I must say....I LOVE your blogs bright, so "Spring-like" and colorful.

My Show N Tell is shared. Hope you can drop by for a few minutes' visit today.

genny said...

Bunny site i love it and nice story. Thanks for showing...Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Cute, thanks for sharing.

Penless Thoughts said...

Cute! I love impatients and plant them, in mass, along our front sidewalk each spring.

Tracy said...

impatiens are so pretty! The bunny is cute, too!

Constance said...

Your post gave me a good chuckle! I like your sense of humor! Sadly, I have done the same thing with flowers too but they never lasted as long as yours!

Jennie said...

I think we've all done that with plants at one time or another - best of good intentions and all that. Would I be right in guessing you're a big fan of Beatrix Potter too?!

frstyfrolk/Cyndi said...

Hi Jayne,
I am pleased to announce you are a winner in my One World, One Heart drawing by the “Violets Are Blue” Random Number Generator. Please send me you mailing address to send your “ Winning Hat Magnet and A Fabulous Sachet”.

Smiles, ByLightOfMoon/Cyndi

I also believe you made the Valentine on the right! AM I correct?

Jewelgirl said...

Welcome! Lovely bunny. I really
like your header it is so pretty!

Barbara H. said...

That's a cute bunny, and the flowers are gorgeous. I am longing for spring days and blooming flowers around here.

Ragamuffin Gal said...

You are one of my winners in the OWOH drawing. Please send me your address where I may send you ~ your vintage Valentine!
Many Blessings,

Linda said...

Love your header...very pretty. Your bunny story was sweet, look forward to next week.. Linda

MammyT said...

Thanks for sharing. Your bunny looks right at home in the lovely impatiens.

Anonymous said...

You have a really pretty site. I love your bunny he's cute.


Sarah x

Kelli said...

I love impatiens and your bunny is adorable! Welcome to show and tell Friday!

FrostingsNSparkles said...

OMG, ROFL "Shop, Jayne, shop! That is so funny, you're very clever :) Love your blog, I'm so happy to have found it thanks to the OWOH :) Your bunny is really sweet

cookie said...

Hi Jayne,
I'm so happy that you have joined Show and Tell Friday. I enjoyed reading your first post and seeing your beautiful little garden bunny with your impatients.
I'm lookint forward to your next installment.

Happy Weekend,

Connie Marie said...

We have impatients in our homes during the winter, they grow so well in a sunny window. My kids always would pick the little pods of sweetness on the sides and eat them when they were little. I always loved to see them revive completely after I forgot to water them so long that the stems ended up on top of the table they were sitting on, but they would pop right back up soon after being water! They are so hardy and so beautiful.
I enjoyed your share today.

Natasha Burns said...

How cute Jayne!!!
Love the impatiens - I grew a heap of them in pots at the door and went away for a month in the middle of summer - nobody watered them and they are all dead now : (

i'll go get more because yours look so lovely!!