Sunday, March 2, 2008

The "B" Word on a Sunday??!!

The first time I saw "Gone with the Wind" was with my Sister Mary in a Movie Theatre in Macon, Georgia. There were very few people in the Theatre and the gentleman sitting in front of us got up and changed seats when I cried because the Horse fell over dead. He thought I was crazy for being so upset about the Horse ~ when they had showed a huge Battlefield of dying Soldiers. The Horse falling down just looked more realistic to me and I knew the men were actors. LOL I was so young and thought it was the greatest Movie ever made (well except for the horse dying)!

Then, several years ago I watched it again. However, I only watched a portion of the lengthy Movie because I fast-forwarded through all of the sad and unpleasant scenes. Why was it my favorite Movie again? It has War scenes, little Bonnie dying, both of Scarlett's parents die, the horse dies AGAIN, Rhett leaves, etc. etc. ~ gloom and doom. Of course, I still love Scarlett's spirit and her gorgeous outfits ~ so I really enjoyed watching this Video and I hope you will too.

Please note: this Video was dedicated to Kayleigh's Mother ~ not mine.

Sorry about the "B" word in this Video ~ but it IS the name of a Female Dog. It's just a good thing that my Mother doesn't read my Blog. Not only did I miss Church today ~ I have the "B" word featured on my Blog today. Shameless!! However, I did listen to Alan Jackson's CD ~ Precious Memories this morning (after I watched this Scarlett O'Hara Video a dozen times).

I'm putting these on my website today. Aren't they too too adorable? They are handmade hair clips and of course, I LOVE this one ~ a Bunny hair clip. The bunny eyes are genuine Swarovksi Crystals.

These Hair Clips will also be on my website ~ a dragonfly and a butterfly. I'll try and get them on the website today or maybe tomorrow. "After all ~ tomorrow is another day!!" Scarlett O'Hara

I've decorated my Blog with some adorable "Blog Tag Graphics" made by Trudy over at Wild-Oak-Design. (Thanks Trudy ~ I LOVE them!!)

There is a new category on my Blog entitled, "Bunny Tales" where you will find some (interesting?) Books. These Tales are a few that I've read or have on my reading "wish list". I won't have "Bunny's Books" on Sundays but check out my Bunny Tales Bookcase for some "light reading" and/or Books with lots of pictures. I'll be adding more Titles but if you're looking for deep thought provoking literature ~ you're on the wrong Blog.

I'm working on a special Blog posting for Thursday ~ it's Park's Birthday!! Hopefully, he'll like it ~ I'll just remind him that he has a wonderful sense of humor.

May Easter Bring Thee Many Joys!!

~ Bunny Blessings ~


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Clare said...

Hi Jayne,
The clips you have pictured are absolutely adorable! I wish you the best of success in your boutique.
Clare from
My Little Sunshine BoWtique