Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hold the Lemon ~ Please!!

Have you seen the Commercial where the Mom opens the door for her Children with her Foot? I've been known to do exactly the same thing and have even used my coat sleeve, napkins, a shopping bag ~ anything to avoid touching the door handle. Yes, I'm a Germaphob!!

In Restaurants ~ I'm a Waitress/Waiter's worst Nightmare because I always have a whole litany of special requests ~ Dressing on the Side, No Onions, Light Sauce, Extra Butter, Extra Sour Cream and please NO lemon in my Tea. I try to make light of it by saying ~ "I'm on a Diet, please hold the Lemon" or "I'm saving room for Dessert, please hold the Lemon."

So, literally 4 out of 5 times when the Server brings my Tea ~ there is a huge Lemon Wedge in it. Sometimes, they'll even put 2 or 3 Lemon Wedges in my Tea and everyone else at the Table only has 1 Lemon Wedge. My Husband's Theory is that I have so many special requests that they can't possibly remember them all. However, they do remember something about Lemon in my Tea and so they put extra Wedges in there. Since I never have the nerve to send it back ~ I simply remove it while Park is saying ~ "A little Lemon won't kill you."

I was so shocked when I saw this Video and will now adamantly avoid Restaurant Lemon Wedges ~ with this scientific evidence as corroboration. What else have I "missed" that could be full of Disease causing Bacteria?

I think I will brush the Dust Bunnies off of my Cook Books and we'll start having quiet Dinners at Home.

Here's something to brighten your Day ~ meet "Bunny Sunshine." She is a plastic bag holder and the newest addition to my website. You can read more about her by hopping over here. I featured her Sister ~ Betsy Ross Bunny ~ in my Blog yesterday. They are both hand made in New Hampshire and are perfect for organizing plastic bags, sewing supplies, arts and crafts, etc.

Update ~ I've decided to rename my series of short stories that will be featured each Friday for Show and Tell at Kelli's House. The Series will now be entitled: "Every Bunny has a Tale" (Why didn't I think of that before?) I have enough Bunnies to feature a different one each Friday for at least a Year ~ each one of them has an interesting Tale to tell.


Rice said...

Yep that's really gross. You might want to 'develop' some allergies or 'be on medication' that interacts with different food items. My husband and I are both on medication where citrus interacts with them, the waitstaff are usually more careful about these things if there is a medical reason. Just a suggestion. : ) It's not just you with the lemon BTW. For years I have requested no lemon, I just don't like it, and ended up with it anyway. It's much less likely to happen now with a medical reason to avoid it though. Makes me think they were just trying to annoy me. Hmmmm...

Betzie said...

That is too funny about the lemons. I didn't watch the video though, since I like lemon with my water! LOL Sometimes I think ignorance is bliss.
Will try to remember to hop by and hear your bunny tale! Sounds like fun!