Monday, February 4, 2008

Fabulous New Blog Design!!

I LOVE my new Blog Design!! Thanks to Trudy at Wild-Oak-Design who designed this Fabulous Blog for me. You must check out her website ~ where she offers an eclectic array of Designs in a myriad of Styles.

She also designed my Website ~ as well as my Ebay Store, Auction Templates, Business Cards, Logo, Banners and the list goes on and on. Trudy is very meticulous and works tirelessly until every pixel is perfect. She really puts her Heart & Soul into all of her Designs.

I'm so very Blessed that our Paths have crossed ~ both on a professional AND especially on a personal level. I just wish that she lived down the street from me instead of "down under" ~ in Australia. Check out her designs here and while you're on her website ~ don't forget to leave a Comment on her Blog for the One World/One Heart giveaway.

Next on this Bunny Blog will be my much anticipated "giveaway" for the One World/One Heart Event. In the meantime ~ you can check out my website (Bunny Chic Boutique) here. We still have tons of trendy & chic items to put on there ~ so don't forget to "bookmark" us.

Please leave a Comment & let me know what you think about this Blog Design!!


newcreationart said...

I love the background and badges. There's just a bit too much in the banner for me. I'm more of a minimalist. Trudy obvoiusly worked hard to incorporate the things that you like most. She did a wonderful job.

Signature Vintage said...

The blog is gorgeous! I would expect no less from Trudy, the angel!!! Congrats on your beautiful design!

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

Your design is beautiful...Trudy does fabulous work! She designed my friends website:-)

Best Wishes,

GreenishLady said...

Yes, that is a very pretty blog design! I came by to enter your OWOH draw, and then went off to check out your archives, only to find you've just started your blog! Welcome to the world of blogging!

Bridget Larsen said...

What a lovely prize you have, I hope you will drop by and place a comment in my blog and be in the running for my prize

Mya said...

Love the colors they remind me of spring. Please add me to your drawing. Thanks for visiting mine.

cookie said...

Your blog design is wonderful. I really like the different designs together in the background. It reminds me of a beautiful quilt.

Betzie said...

Hi Jayne,
Just wanted to tell you I love your design! Just beautiful! I love bunnies too.
I already bought an ebay template from Trudy last night. Looking forward to using it soon.
Thanks for the link!

goddessvessel said...

Please add me to your list for the drawing my contact info is
"Walk in the way” is my link on the love train to my giveaway I added yosee more of my work here