Sunday, November 29, 2009

Which would you rather???

Which would you rather....... wear? This Ralph Lauren Black Dress ($150.00) ....... OR
Would you rather wear this Ralph Lauren Nautical Dress for a mere $1298.00???? That's right this dress (pictured above) is over $1,000.00. Maybe ~ if you needed a "flag" dress for an afternoon sail on your Yacht. No ~ sorry even then I wouldn't wear this dress. I would Rather wear the Ralph Lauren Black Dress ~ pictured at the top of this Posting.

Can you believe that the Black Dress is only $150.00???? Seems like a steal compared to the "flag" Regatta dress. They also have a pair of "Regatta" shorts for $598.00.
I like the skirt a little better than the dress ~ maybe because it's longer in length. However, it's still quite "high" at $998.00 (just under a $1,000.00). Oh ~ the many many things I could buy with a $1,000.00.

Seriously ~ they do have some great deals on the Ralph Lauren polo website and they're offering "free shipping" for a limited time. Just hop right here ~ if you're interested in the Black Dress.

AND ~ remember when I blogged about this Gorgeous Brahmin Wallet? I was planning on purchasing it as a gift to myself on my Birthday. Well, it's no longer available and I'm not "Hoppy" ~ but don't worry I'm sure I'll find something else. Guess they sold out of them. I'm calling the Company first thing in the morning and will let you know the status.

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TiffanyJane said...

I am a "black dress" kind of girl!!
That's part of the fun of the hunt for me is to find something like that and not pay a fortune for it!
Wow, those others are very unique, but expensive!!!
I bet they will get more of those pretty wallets in!
Tiff :)