Saturday, November 21, 2009

Handbags or Shoes ~ Decisions, Decisions....

And another year is just about over ~ so it's time to get a Calendar for 2010. Should I get 365 Days of Handbags or.........

365 Days of Shoes OR perhaps I should just get both of them ~ since I can't decide.

Before I started using the 365 Days of Handbags ~ I used to always purchase the 365 Days in Italy. This Italy Calendar usually sells out quickly ~ so if you're interested you need to order one very soon.

The pictures in the Italy Calendar are Gorgeous and of course ~ there is a different picture each and every day of the Year. These three Calendars (pictured above) are Wall Calendars and are quite large with lots of room to write your appointments and reminders for the week/month.

Decisions, Decisions ~ I think I'll get the Handbags Calendar again this Year.

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