Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Baby Bunny!!

Baby Bunny with her friend ~ Bailey
Happy 13th Birthday to Baby Bunny!!! She's now a Teenager ~ although she's been "practicing" being a Teen for months now. Last week ~ she said I was being a "Control Freak" just because I asked if she had brushed her teeth and washed her face.

She got a new cell phone, money, gift cards, 2 pairs of jeans, a purse and 2 hoody sweatshirts. We went to out to Dinner and Beach Bunny even made her a Birthday Cake. I think she really enjoyed her 13th Birthday.

We're having another Birthday Party for her and she's invited a few of her friends. I wanted to have a Beach or Pool Party ~ but she was concerned about the weather. One year we had a Pool Party but it was rather cool and so no one wanted to go swimming. This year her Birthday Party will be indoors ~ I'll post more about it later.

As luck would have it ~ I didn't have the right batteries for my Camera ~ so I didn't get any pictures on her actual Birthday. I was rushing around (not paying attention to what I was doing) and put regular batteries instead of my rechargeable batteries in my battery charger. It was quite a mess with battery acid everywhere. I'll get Beach Bunny to help me take pictures at the party that we're having with Baby Bunny's friends.

So ~ on the morning of her Birthday ~ I thought I'd give Baby Bunny a special gift. I had an expensive ring that I'd been saving for years ~ but couldn't remember if I'd given it to her before or not. Well, she opened it and said "Isn't this the same ring that you gave me last Christmas?!!??" LOL It was so hilarious and extremely tacky on so many levels. Not only had I re-gifted but I re-gifted to the SAME person AND I had left the price tag on the ring. LOL At least it gave her something to talk about ~ she told all of her friends..... "My family is soooo Cheap they regifted my Christmas present to me again on my Birthday." Well ~ I wanted to give her a special gift that she'd always remember ~ I just would rather it not be memorable as a regift. I think I'll wrap it up and give it to her again THIS Christmas. LOL

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lynn said...

Jayne, that is hilarious. I absolutely laughed out loud. In fact, my little 13 year old daughter just woke up and I read it to her, and she agreed that it sounded just like something I would do. Oh, and the control freak comment, boy have i lived that one over and over!