Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Rose at Dawn ~ Broke by Noon!!

A-Rose at Dawn ~ Broke by Noon!! That's the name of a Nail Polish by OPI and also my new "Theme Song". It's an updated version of my previous theme song which was "Before it's earned ~ our money's all been spent" which is from the Sonny and Cher song entitled "I Got you Babe".

I've been having so much fun over on the Opi website "trying on" all of the different shades of Nail Polish. They have a new feature where you can "try on" the colors on a hand that you design. You can select the length of the fingernails and the skin tone ~ then you can try on over 200 different nail polishes. It's almost as addictive as "Spider Solitaire" ~ but more productive (maybe). Here are just a few of the names of their nail polishes ~ Conquist a dorable Color, Party in my Cabana, Baguette Me Not, Kiss on the Chic, Royal Flush Blush, Cozu-melted in the Sun.

This one is called "Lincoln Park after Dark" and is one of their most popular nail colors.

These two (pictured above) are from their DS line and have tons of sparkle. They have actual diamond dust as part of the ingredients. Can't wait to try one of these shades with the added sparkle.

I've been wearing the same shade of mauve colored polish for years ~ but I'm ready for a change. However, I can't quite get used to the darker shades or black polish on my nails. The fashion magazines say that the "new black" for Fall is green ~ but we'll see if that catches on.

There are a few things that I just can't live without and nail polish is in the top 5. I've worn nail polish almost my whole life and can give myself a manicure (basically just paint my nails) in under 15 minutes. I've been using Mod Mauve "Express Finish" by Maybelline (pictured above). The first coat really does dry in 50 seconds ~ then within 10 mintues the second coat is usually dry.

For at least 5 years ~ I wore Whimsy Pink by Loreal until they discontinued it. During that time ~ I received countless compliments from friends, family and even strangers on the street about my nail color. It was also a mauve/pink shade and looked really great with my skin tone. EveryBunny always wanted to know what the name of my nail polish was. Since I quit wearing it ~ NoBunny has even mentioned my nail color. Of course ~ I'm no longer "in vogue" since I'm not wearing a dark colored polish.

Don't forget to hop over to the OPI website and try on some nail polish. I'm going to be daring and buy a few "wild" shades and maybe I'll give a review. I might even start receiving compliments about my nail color again.

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