Monday, November 23, 2009

Almost EveryBunny is Welcome ~

I forgot to show you this "Button" that Tiffany Jane made for me. Isn't it adorable? And ~ she has some new Blog Banners over in her Etsy Shop ~ just hop right here to check them out.

Everybunny is Welcome here at my Bunny Chic Boutique Blog ~ but not at our Bunny Cottage.

Friday night we had to call 911 because SomeBunny was trying to break into our Bunny Cottage. We'll call him "John" ~ just for the sake of this "Tail". It seems that he was at the wrong address and thought he was at a Brothel ~ a Bunny Brothel. I guess he was confused because I have so many "nude" Bunny Statues in our Yard. The sign on our door says ~ Welcome to the Bunny Cottage..... NOT ..... Welcome to the
Playboy Bunny Mansion.

Seriously ~ Baby Bunny and I were like two scared Rabbits. "John" just kept ringing the door bell and trying to open the door. Thank goodness we have a wonderful Alarm System (Brinks/Broadview Security) and a ferocious Watchdog. Several policemen arrived here in no time.

The 911 Dispatcher was so kind and helpful. I really need to write a letter complimenting her to our Police Chief. All too often ~ people just take the time to complain and don't ever send letters of thanks. That extremely competent Dispatcher went above and beyond. Anyway ~ Baby Bunny saw "John" and got a fairly good description of what he was wearing, etc.

Fortunately ~ the policemen didn't believe that I looked like a "Madame". At the time ~ I was relieved that they didn't arrest me for the "World's Oldest Profession" ~ but now I'm a little offended. They didn't have to say it was totally ridiculous. Who looks amazing at 2:00 am???Long story ~ but it seems that there is a "Whorehouse" west of the (railroad) tracks that has a similar address. LOVELY!!!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, My! And I thought the snake in my living room last week was exciting. You win! lol

TiffanyJane said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I would of be horrified!!!!! I am so glad yall are ok and the police got there quickly!! My heart dropped when I read this!!!!
On another note....You cracked me up....and I am sure you do look amazing at 2am! :)

I'm glad yall have an alarm system!!
Stay Safe!!
xo Tiff

TiffanyJane said...

Well Jayne...I was so caught up in your terrifying incident with "John"...I forgot to Thank You for mentioning my blog button and etsy!! Your tooo SWEET!!!!
xo Tiff