Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why didn't I go to Paris???

All my Bunnies have gone out of town for the weekend and all day I wondered aloud ~ why didn't I go to Paris this weekend?? Then I would LOL (laugh out loud) like a crazy old rabbit ~ cause there are countless reasons why I didn't go to Paris. I was so busy getting the Bunnies ready for this Holiday weekend ~ that I didn't make ANY plans for myself. Of course ~ I couldn't afford to fly to Paris, Texas much less Paris, France. AND I won't even travel to Orlando by myself ~ much less fly overseas to another Country. Regardless ~ it was fun to dream about it and maybe one day ~ I'll just take off on an exciting Adventure ........ and go shopping in Orlando. I have to start out with small baby bunny steps (hops).

Instead of traveling to an exotic location ~ I worked on my new Etsy Shop. I've been trying to decide what to do with all of my Cards, Tags, Labels, Logos, etc. that have Bunnykins Boutique printed on them. Then ~ yesterday I decided I'd just list a few things in my Etsy Shop so that I can use everything that has Bunnykins Boutique on it. It looks rather easy to sell on Etsy and so I set up a few "sections" in my Shop. I'm just going to make a few crafty things and sell some of the items that I already have "in stock". I was surprised that the definition on Etsy for Vintage is anything at least 20 years old ~ which is anything before 1989 (seems like only yesterday). I had tons of fun setting up the sections ~ here's the breakdown.

Baby Bunny Bunting

Beatrix Pottery/China

Bunny Bling

Crafty Cottontail

Flopsys Fabrics

Le Lapin in Paris

Mopsys Boutique Bags

Peters Posh Paperies

Vintage Rabbit

The Briar Patch

You know the Story about Brer Rabbit and The Briar Patch ~ in it he says "you can BBQ me or skin me Mr. Fox, but whatever you do please don't throw me in the Briar Patch ~ anything but the Briar Patch." So ~ of course Brer Fox throws him in the Briar Patch right where Brer Rabbit was born and raised. It's always been one of our favorite stories along with all the other Brer Rabbit Tales. That's the idea behind the Section in my Etsy Shop entitled ~ "The Briar Patch". Where is the most "favorite-ist" place for a Bunny Rabbit ~ in the Briar Patch naturally. So, that's where all of my Sale items will be ~ cause EveryBunny loves a Sale!!!

My tagline/slogan is:

Bunnykins Boutique ~ where it's always Spring!!!

I've already started taking pictures of a few products and it's going to be so much easier on Etsy than listing on eBay where you have to use HTML. Although ~ there will be a few items that don't meet the Etsy criteria and they'll have to be on my website or in my eBay Store.

I know exactly what you're thinking ~ why is she opening another site when she already has two existing "sites" that need tons of TLC? There is a "method to my madness" ~ I AM in the process of sprucing up my website and revamping it ~ so it's currently "down" for maintenance ~ but will reopen soon. As far as eBay is concerned ~ well the fees are still quite high and it's really a buyers market over there right now (in my humble opinion). I'll be listing items in my eBay Store that I can't list on Etsy.

Many years ago ~ we were driving through Georgia and I saw this Statue of Brer Rabbit. We just HAD to stop and take a picture of it. It's located in Eatonton, Georgia which is the birthplace of Joel Chandler Harris who was the Author of the "Uncle Remus Tales" starring Brer Rabbit.

Maybe I'll go on a road trip back to Eatonton and visit the Brer Rabbit Statue again ~ especially since I just found a FABULOUS place to stay. It's the Ritz Carlton at Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia ~ which is about 30 minutes from downtown Eatonton. They have Champonship Golf, relaxing Spa, a shimmering Lake and quiet tranquility. The tagline/slogan for the Reynolds Plantation is ~ "life as it ought to be". They also had a Hunting Lodge years ago on the original Plantation called "Linger Longer". LOVE that name ~ Linger Longer and their slogan of "life as it ought to be" is perfect. Here's the link to the Ritz Carlton at the Reynolds Plantation ~ just hop right here. They even have Gorgeous Lakeside Cottages that you can rent. You've got to check out the pictures of the Suites, the Lakeside Cottages AND the Presidential House. I'm so "there".........

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Oh Jayne how exciting an etsy shop - where is the linky? BTW have you seen the Moda Hushabye Bunny fabric yet? I instantly thought of you :)

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