Monday, September 7, 2009

One Fatal Error is too many ~

Looks like I'm going to end up hand writing all of my "messages" for a while. How many fatal errors can one have in a day? Well, just one fatal error is way too many ~ but four fatal errors is RIDICULOUS!! First ~ all of my emails were returned with fatal errors and I was accused of sending spam mail so now I'm blocked/banned from emailing. At least I can receive emails ~ just can't send them out right now. After reading several "help" sections on my email account ~ I found out that I can request to be removed from the "blocked" list. I'll know in 12 hours if they removed me from the "black" blocked list or black hole where all my emails are currently residing.

Then ~ Beach Bunny had a paper to print that was due tomorrow (of course). So, my BRAND NEW printer was giving error messages and her document was printing with light lines on it. I installed a new ink cartridge (which aren't cheap) and it's still not working but there is a new error message to contact CS that the ink pads are old and need replacing. What ink pads?? It doesn't even mention anything about ink pads in the Owner's Manual ~ so I'll have to contact Customer Service in the morning.

Then ~ just found out this afternoon that my website has a MAJOR internal error that I don't even know how to fix. Of course, since it's a Holiday weekend ~ I'll have to wait until Tuesday before I can contact CS. I've read lots of the help sections on my host's website ~ but still can't find how to fix it.

Then ~ I needed to run a quick errand to get Milk for Breakfast and a RED light came on saying that my tire pressure was low. I'm hoping that I don't have a nail in my tire and that it isn't flat when I rush out of the house in the morning. At the very least ~ I'll have to put some air in the tire because it does look low.

I think maybe I should be living back in the Victorian Era ~ when technology didn't rule EveryBunny's life. Would I be happier? Probably not!!! There are so many modern conveniences that I just couldn't live without. Hopefully ~ it won't take all day to repair all of my errors and that they're not really fatal.

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