Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Bunnies are giving me Gray Hares!!!

~ Beach Bunny and Baby Bunny ~

My little Bunnies are giving me Gray Hares!! Why can't they just get along. I've decided that they enjoy fighting and maybe they're just doing it to make me crazy. Tonight at Dinner they fought over Broccoli ~ which should make me "hoppy" because up until a week ago Beach Bunny wouldn't even try Broccoli. Now they're arguing over who has more Broccoli on their plate. Honestly ~ I never even dared to dream that this day would come. They thought that I was smiling because I had lost my mind ~ but I was just thrilled to see them gobble down Broccoli like it was Chocolate Cake. When Beach Bunny was a toddler ~ I read a Book about picky eaters and it said to continue putting vegetables in front of your picky eater and they'll finally eat them. Just goes to show you how stubborn Beach Bunny is ~ it only took 16 years of "introducing" Broccoli to her before she tried it.

Yesterday ~ I met with the 7th Grade Counselor to "plot out" Baby Bunny's future. We had to anwer a Questionaire that asked questions like:

"What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?"

I know that they're trying to get them to think about their future ~ but she's only 12. She also had to select her Career ~ I encouraged her to put down a Ballerina or Astronaut or even Indian Chief. She was of course mortified by my apathetic attitude toward the Questionaire and she selected Architect. I just wish they would let them be kids and not put so much pressure on them to decide their Career now. Of course ~ I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up and maybe if I had made a choice in 7th Grade ~ I'd actually have a Career today.

Then ~ Beach Bunny informs me that she's decided that she doesn't want to go to College. She's figured out exactly what will push me over the edge and get the biggest reaction from me and this is it. However, I didn't react this time and remained extremely calm. Her plan is to get a job somewhere and she'll just live in a Beachfront Condo (naturally). She thinks College is just going to be too hard for her. So, I explained to her how it wasn't much more difficult than the Honors Classes that she's taking now and that she would REALLY enjoy living in a Dorm and living the College Life. I'm hoping that this new School that she's attending will motivate her to WANT to go to College. Last year ~ all of the Seniors at this School went onto College.

She asked me what I majored in ~ which was Business. Then ~ she asked me what I remembered from my College days. Well, it was a really long time ago and what I remember the most is all the fun I had. AND I remember "Supply and Demand" from my Economics Class. I wanted to attend Univeristy of Florida ~ but my Father wanted all of his Daughters to go to "Girls only Colleges". So, 2 of us went to Agnes Scott and 2 of us went to Wesleyan in Macon, GA. I don't think he realized that we would still be around lots of boys. Well, I'll keep praying and try not to worry ~ I'm sure God has HUGE plans for her (just hope they include College). I know anything is possible ~ especially since she's eating Broccoli now.

I saw this funny Video the other day about Colleges/Universities and really enjoyed it. Father Guido Sarducci's theory is that five years after College Graduation ~ you can only remember about 5 minutes of knowledge. Don't know if that's true for EveryBunny ~ but I'm living proof that it's true for me. Of course, the "life lessons" that I learned were priceless and would fill volumes of Textbooks. (Hope my Mother doesn't read my Blog today). I didn't show this Video to Beach Bunny ~ I'll show it to her AFTER she Graduates from College.

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