Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Confessions of a Fabric Fanatic ~

My Sister from Atlanta was in town last week to enjoy our Fall weather which was in the 90's. We went Fabric and Furniture shopping and had Lunch several days while she was here. I have become the biggest Fabric Fanatic ~ I really don't know what's wrong with me. I can resist buying shoes and clothes ~ but I become possessed when I step into a Fabric Store. My Sister has started making quilts and she wanted to visit some of our local Quilt Shops. She loves the Batik fabric ~ which isn't really my fav. ~ so I can resist the Batiks anyway.

I thought the Halloween fabric (pictured above) was so adorable. It's called Scary Night by Laurie Godin and is made by the Northcott Fabric Company. I also purchased a few fat quarters of rosebud fabric which satisfies my craving for purchasing fabric ~ without buying a whole yard. I really need to get my sewing machine out of storage and make sure that it works before I buy another scrap of fabric.

This bright and colorful fabric (above) is called "I Love You Zoo" by Kari Pearson and Quilting Treasures. Since I purchased two yards of this Zoo fabric ~ I think I'll put one yard for sale in my Etsy Shop. Just need to take a few more pics in the bright sunlight of the various animals featured on this fabric.

AND this fabric (pictured above) is called "Black Swan". I knew the second I saw it that it would look ultra Fabulous in our Living Room. Fortunately ~ it was on sale because it's rather pricey. I hope I have enough to make a small curtain for our Bookcase. I know it sounds odd to make a curtain for a Bookcase ~ but we have two bookcases in our Living Room and the smaller one looks better with a mini curtain. Don't worry ~ I'll take before and after pictures and you'll agree that it needs to be covered up.

This last week went by so quickly. My Bunnies took turns staying home from school and I just got all out of sync. When they're home ~ I can't play my tunes really loud or put my feet up and watch "my stories" ~ feels like they're always spying on me. LOL

Beach Bunny has Bronchitis ~ well that's MY diagnosis. The Doctor thinks that she has Asthma ~ but her cough sounds a lot like SomeBunny with Bronchitis. Regardless, she's much better and she's (hopefully) going to school in the morning.

Then ~ Baby Bunny injured her Ankle at her School Basketball Game last week and her team lost again. She only has 3 more Basketball games and she's hoping that her ankle will be well enough to play this coming week.
Hope your Monday is Marvelous!!!


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
just popin in to say hi and catch up on my blogs.
hope all is well

Anonymous said...

Jayne welcome to the 'she who has the most fabric wins' club haha! Books & fabric are my addictions - I guess it could be worse. I just added a batik bag to my shop btw.

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The Perfect Trio said...

Hi again! It's been a LONG while....

I'm a fabric fanatic too! I think if I stopped buying fabric now I would never run out!!! :o)