Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm so HOT ~

I can't believe how hot it is here today in Sunny Florida ~ or should I say Sorching Florida. Our temp at 3:15 is 100 degrees!! We're right over there on the East Coast of Florida and we're at 100 degrees ................

WITH a heat index of 111 degrees AND I wanted to bake some Coconut Cookies this afternoon. I guess we'll just have a HUGE bowl of Ice Cream instead. When the weather cools back down into the 90's ~ then we'll try my new Coconut Cookie recipe and post it here for you.

This is a picture from the Church Camp that Baby Bunny (who's 12 now) attended last week. It's an image of the sunrise over the Lake with the Cross in the foreground. She had so much fun and is already planning to be a Camp Counselor in a few years and spend her ENTIRE Summer there. I'm hoping that she changes her mind ~ we missed her so much.

The Bunnies and I are volunteering at our Church's Vacation Bible School this week. Baby Bunny is working with the preschoolers. Princess Bunny and myself are working with the 5th Graders and we have 27 kids. It's rather exhausting ~ but so much fun.

Well, except for an incident where 2 boys both claimed ownership to a cool looking University of Florida Baseball Cap. It reminded me of the King Solomon Bible story where the two Mothers both claimed that the Baby was theirs. Okay ~ so not really the same at all ~ but still a difficult situation. Of course ~ with 27 kids ~ I couldn't tell you what anyone was wearing and who came to VBS with that hat on. I had a feeling that I knew who was telling the truth ~ but wanted to make sure. I know one of the boys really well ~ since he goes to our Church and I had him in Sunday School. The other boy doesn't go to our Church ~ but I didn't want to take sides and make him feel bad. So, the new boy finally admitted that it wasn't his hat ~ after a few direct questions. I really didn't expect anything like this at our first day of Bible School. Hopefully ~ he'll learn something ~ but in the meantime ~ I'm going to keep my eye on him (and leave my purse in the car).

Speaking of purses ~ I'm listing a few things on Ebay starting with this Perlina Fushia Backpack (with free shipping). You can hop over here for this NWT leather Backpack. I did some research the other day on the difference between using the word purse as opposed to handbag. I've noticed most designers use the term "handbag" and found out that the two words are interchangeable ~ really no difference. To me ~ purse just sounds dressier than handbag ~ but I prefer a Backpack ~ so this entire issue is moot. Of course ~ I can remember my Grandmother referring to her "purse" as a "pocketbook". That really takes me back to the good ole days.

I have TONS of "Back to School" clothes that I'll be listing this week. I'll try and post on this Blog when I list something and here's the link to my Ebay Store. It's taking me FOREVER to get the listings on Ebay ~ mainly because I probably need therapy for my perfectionism. The listings are ONLY for 7 days ~ but I work on them like they're going to be on Ebay for eternity.

Also wanted to give you a Fairy Tale Jewels update ~ I resigned from Fairy Tale Jewels in February to focus my attention on my Family and my website (Bunny Chic Boutique). I miss being a Rep for Fairy Tale Jewels ~ but I had way too many carrots on my plate. The Fairy Tale Jewels website is still open 24/7 and has so many Gorgeous Jewels. You can hop right here to purchase this adorable Noah's Ark Bracelet ~ which is the perfect accessory to wear to your Vacation Bible School event.
Stay Cool ~


Alex said...

Great to see you blogging again! And, we're freezing over here on the West Coast...wanna come visit?

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Oh the memories from VBS! Kool Aid, Cookies and Crafts and the hope that there may be a cute boy that is new to the church in your group! I do remember one year ~ I was so touched by VBS that I spent the rest of the summer holding Sunday School classes on my front porch. I made this boy that had a crush on me walk all around the neighborhood for stdents. I think he got about 4 kids to come and listen ~ hehe! I can still see the pained look on his face as he walked up and down the street!