Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Survived Vacation Bible School ~

We survived Vacation Bible School last week and we all actually had a great time. The little boy that had given me so much trouble the first day was extremely well-behaved for the rest of the week. In fact ~ he wanted to take my picture on Wednesday "to remember me". Later I found out that he had put my picture on his cell phone as his background/wallpaper. Although I was flattered ~ it didn't seem appropriate so I was able to persuade him to change the picture of me to a group of his new Bible School friends.

My job title for the week was "Shepherd" and I was responsible for "herding" my group of 26 children from one "Station" to the next. The Stations were Music, Crafts, Science, Bible Store Time, Snacks and Games. Of course, I was expected to assist the leader at each Station. At the beginning of the week ~ it was a lot like herding cats instead of sheep. However, by the end of the week ~ they knew where they were going and I can proudly say that everyone survived and we didn't have a single lost sheep or cat.

The picture above is not of our Church ~ although our Church had it's Birthday last week and is 125 Years old. This is LaGrange Church which is located a few miles north of us. My Great Great Grandfather helped establish and build LaGrange Church in 1869. It is located in Titusville, Florida and is the oldest Protestant Church between St. Augustine and Key West, Florida. The original Church is still standing ~but only has special services throughout the Year ~ especially at Christmas.

My Great Great Grandfather ~ William S. Norwood (pictured below) was also the first school superintendant for Brevard County in 1880. My Great Grandmother ~ Lena Norwood Mitchell is on the back row ~ second from the left. This picture of the William S. Norwood family is displayed in the LaGrange Church.

Oh my goodness ~ I can't even imagine having 13 children. It's all that I can do to take care of two little girls.

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